Friday, December 20, 2013

Are We Ruled By Witches?

The question has to arise as to whether we are being ruled by witches.

The term Witch, in the traditional use of the word refers to anyone who practices magic, whether male or female.

A witch is simply a practitioner of magic.

In the olden days the Babylonian king did not move a finger without the auguries of his master did the Greeks...and the Romans.

Even amongst the Barbarians Celts we see them being directed by 'Druids' (occult witches) from a power center located somewhere Scotland (as it still does )

And not only that, but it seems the old intelligence services and witchcraft always seemed to go hand in hand (as they still do).

It doesn't take much of a stretch of imagination to notice all the witchery when we recognize that Western Civilization is itself directed by a society of witches called 'Freemasons.'

Dabbling through the pages of history we see Sir Francis Walsingham, secretary to Queen Elizabeth (a lesbian witch) practicing the magical arts even as he ordered the tearing apart of Catholic priests.

Walshingham was an occultist who relied on the auguries of spiritualist 'seers' to sniff out and snuff out the Queen's enemies.

And while your at it, why not utilize a witch as your best agent?

This was John Dee, the Queen's astrologer and confidant, a magician whose divinations led to the abolishment of entire spy plots and who was recruited as Agent 007 (yes, that's where that number comes from) by Walsingham.

Or Sir Francis Drake, a sorcerer and satanist who actively established covens across England.

Or King James-I who actively hunted down nobles who dabbled in witchcraft while he himself engaged in witchcraft, auguries and orgies. And yes, this is the same King James-I who commissioned the King James Bible Christians would swear their immortal souls over.

At this point, it seems that all the witches pogroms were simply mechanism to limit the practice and power of witchcraft to an elite few.

Or how about our very own Benjamin Franklin(British intelligence agent) an occultist and a Freemason who regularly participated in orgiastic rituals at the Freemasonic London Hellfire Club.

Or Aleister Crowly, British Intelligence agent, occult magician and satanist (isn't it charming how all magic always seems to end up at the Devil's door?)

Or the Czar of Russia, Nicholas-II whose wife was the sexual concubine of the court witch, Rasputin, who totally controlled her and the Czar, and whose murmurings dictated Russian policy until he was killed.

Or Hitler, member of the Thule Society, homosexual and practicing witch whose bodyguard, the SS were immersed in black magic.

Or how about Winston Churchill, the Masonic Druid, who used divination in planning out his war strategies (which had a tendency to go terribly wrong).

Or Franklin Roosevelt, the Freemasonic occultist who put the symbol of the Illuminati on the Dollar Bill?

But at least our scientists are free of all this hocus pocus nonsense, aren't they?

Not really.

Check out John Parsons, founder of Jet Propulsion Laboratories (which later became NASA), a member of the Thelema and Ordo Templis Orientis occult societies – a magician and an occultist.

You see, NASA is deeply occultic, and its directors are all Freemasons.

Just check out Buzz Aldrin Neil Armstrong performing Masonic Communion on the Moon exactly 33 minutes after landing and Buzz himself carrying a Masonic flag to the Moon which he brought back to Earth to present to the Grand Witch, the Sovereign Grand Commander of Freemasonry.

Pathetic, isn't it?

The epitome of scientific accomplishment being reduced to two witches practicing magic on the surface of the Moon?

Pretty much sums up the state of humanity, doesn't it?

But let's not stop there.

Checkout the UN's bizzare 'Meditation Room' which has all the appearances of an occult temple. Or the fact that the site of the UN Building was chosen because it had been 'consecrated' with the drenching of the blood from a slaughterhouse which existed at that very same site. In fact, it's an open secret that most UN secretaries are deeply immersed in the occult.

See our respectable world leaders and corporate movers shed all their clothing and partake in occult rituals and orgies at the Bohemian Grove, just like the witches that they are.

Or James Jesus Angelton, the occult director of the CIA who oversaw the Kennedy Assassination and cover-up as well as the pooh-pooing of top Soviet defector Anatoliy Golytsin (while pretending to support him) and his warning that the USSR was planning a phony 'democratization' followed up by a secret infiltration and final attack on the West (which is now happening).
Or MAURICE STRONG, the secretary General of the United Nations Conference on Human Environment and CEO of several huge energy corporations and chief architect of Agenda-21 (which is not reshaping your cities into prisons). Who regularly practices magic, prays to Gaia and builds occult temples across America.

But why continue ad nauseum.

Most world leaders today don't move a finger without the consultation of the local witch (their astrologer).

For some reasons, all the Presidents of France are heavily into the occult (and their horoscopes, of course).

But it's not only them.

Take the Reagans, for example, who were notorious horoscope slaves - Ronald would do NOTHING without consulting his custom-made horoscope first, and was, in fact, rumored to have based the date and setting of the SALT Treaties on the murmurings of his astrologer.

All this witchery takes a very uncomfortable turn when it comes to the Soviet Union and Russia.

The 'Communists' (those exemplars of atheistic science over religion) seem to be the biggest witches of them all!

Not only were General Secretary Gorbachev and his wife, Raisa, occultists, but Gorbachev himself went on to established the headquarters for his Gorbachev Foundation at the Presidio, a former Army base in San Francisco, in which Satanism was regularly practiced and in which Army Intelligence Officer Michael Aquino had an open coven.

And let's not stop there.

The very atheistic, very common sense, very practical KGB was practicing divination (called remote viewing) and witchcraft during the Cold War. The KGB budget towards occult activities dwarfed the comparatively small American CIA projects made famous by the movie “Men Who Stare at Goats.” In other words, the CIA was into witchcraft, and the Soviets were even MORE into witchcraft than they were!

Has the Soviet-Communist-Russian obsession with the Black Arts diminished with modern times?

Doesn't seem that way.

Major General Georgi Rogozin of the FSB (what the KGB calls itself these days) is known as the 'witch in the Kremlin' and is openly seen as an occult-obsessed individual who practices magic daily and sponsors experiments in black magic throughout the FSB.

It was due to his background in the Black Arts that this 'communist' got the honor of assembling a special group of 12 astrologers to divine for President Yeltsin. Today this WITCH is President Putin's right hand man.

So...let's top it all off with a TOTAL witch, shall we?

Hillary Clinton - a occultist lesbian, Marxist witch whose weird decoration of the White House Christmas Tree turned many a head and whose blood lust has recently been exposed when she said “we came, we saw, he died” (after witnessing Ghaddaffi's execution) and whose evil laugh (mostly provoked by subjects of violence and blood letting) chills the spine of anyone who hears it. Just check out this evil woman's laugh on YouTube.

To top it all off, it seems this satanic witch of a woman is the one who is lined up to be our next President!

The rumors say she's been 'given the green light.'

Remember this when the next elections come up.

But to recap.

Not much different from the Kings of Babylon, are we?

Seers, soothers and diviners telling our leaders what to do.

Our leaders practicing magic rituals led by master magicians?

Our top echelon immersed in the occult

Tolkien's 'Witch King' is not just fancy of the imagination.

World Leaders DO use divination in order to decide foreign policy, policy, which I might add, includes wars.

After studying this stuff, one can't help but come to the uncomfortable conclusion the leaders of the world have their ears close to the ground, listening for the murmurings of occult disembodied beings as great advice on where to take the world.

Nothing can go wrong there, can it?

A passage from Revelation 16:13 comes to mind:

“Then I saw three evil spirits, like frogs, come out of the mouthes of the Dragon, the Beast and the False Prophet. They were the spirit of demons performing miracles and signs, going out to the kings of the world to gather them for battle.”

How ready are the 'kings of the world' (through all their divination and witchery) to listen to the advice of these 'demons'?

How attentive are they to these disembodied voices from beyond?


  1. And all of this happens while the same people tell us that God doesn't exist and we are the product of evolution.
    All around the world the secret services have parapsychology divisions to protect the officials from spiritual attacks. In fact parapsychology is in fact the old, renamed, withcraft.
    Yep, we are modern people who left behind the superstitions of the past. The truth is exact the opposite.

  2. Belief in the paranormal, astrology and the occult is no different than a belief in an invisible all powerful being who lives in the sky and communicates with people through burning bushes and stone tablets.

    Also, why does it seem in your posts that any woman in any position of power, is a secret lesbian?

    1. The answer to your question is explained here:

      Lesbians are more corruptible than heterosexual females and they can be blackmailed and kept in line if they are secret lesbians. Preference for lesbian women goes hand in hand with Illuminati preference for bisexual and homosexual men.