Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jade Rabbit a SCAM for the Jaded

I awaited somewhat excitedly for the first images from the Chinese lunar rover (copied from our own Curiosity rover, of course) in the hopes that the Chinese would be 'out of the loop' and we would get to see some of those 'lunar monuments' conspiracy theorists say have been blanked out by NASA...

...or perhaps even a real Moon landing with real footage of the Moon (since we decided to film our own Moon landing in a movie studio in 1969).

Alas, the Chinese are not 'out of the loop.'

They are as in on it as we are...or the Russians.

What I saw was obviously staged footage of this Jade Rabbit Moon rover entering an obvious movie set.

Nothing against the Chinese or they space program...but now that I see they are simply an added bunch of scammers just like the rest, I am very disappointed.

What China showed us was a cheap special effects session.

I started getting a bad feeling when the footage was a delayed-frame-by-frame deal familiar to people who used the first web cams.

I mean, the footage of Neil Armstrong descending on the Moon back in 1969 was smooth and fluid...and that was 44 years ago!

But I guess technology took a step backwards and now all we get are cheap frame-by-frame shots.

And the scenery didn't help either.

No stars in the heavens, of course. Not one.

Not one single point of light, however faint, to even suggest Jaded Rabbit is anywhere besides a movie set.

Then there was the lighting.

Obvious set lighting.

The entire CENTER part of the field of view is well illuminated - clear up to the horizon.

However the two sides of the frame are dimmer.

What trick do you think the Sun does to illuminate a single swath of light down the center, leaving the two marginal fields dim?

The footage makes no sense and is an obvious fake.

The lighting is concentrated in the center and levels off to the sides.

So much for Jade Rabbit.

A cheap film production for the mentally jaded.

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  1. I remember seeing an episode of the TV show Mythbusters that proved that the moon landing actually happened. They were able to show that the shadows, light sources and such were the result of both sunlight directly from the sun, and the sunlight being reflected off the earth. So are you claiming that China as well as Russia and the United States all faked landing anything on the moon? If that is the case, can you explain how this benefits the Illuminati?