Friday, December 27, 2013

The Cartel Drug Runners: FBI, DEA and ATF

I just had to write this today.


Arizona Republic
Terry: FBI Key in Terry Slaying
( page A1 and A6)

During 'Fast and Furious' the DEA 'walked' guns into the hands of the Mexican Cartels by directing licensed Arizona gun dealers to sell more than 2000 guns with FBI buyers using FBI money and letting them cross into Mexico.

John Dodson, a special agent with the BATF is saying that the Mexican bandits who killed Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry (with 'Fast and Furious' guns) were tipped off by the FBI and sent to the border to intercept an incoming shipment of drugs from a competing cartel orchestrated by the DEA.

For his honesty, John Dodson continues uncomfortably employed at the BATF in the position of a pariah, spurned and hated by his bosses and fellow employees. This is the type of reaction an honest patriotic American generates at the workplace these days.

But back to the brothers in crime.

The FBI encourages and facilitates successful criminal operations by informants within the cartels in order to make them rise within the ranks

In other words, the US Government is involved in cartel building.

Sinaloa cartel leaders had a long time arrangement with law enforcement which permitted them to smuggle tons of drugs into the United States and protected them from government prosecution in return for providing information against rival cartels....with which the FBI also had such arrangements.


The FBI, ATF and DEA are involved in drug running and money laundering through the Mexican Border under the excuse of infiltrating the Mexican Drug Cartels.

They are TIPPING OFF the drug cartels.

They are PAYING for the drugs

They are ARMING the cartels.

They are LETTING the cartels OPERATE inside the United States while avoiding litigation.

They are RUNNING THE RACKET under the excuse of building up informants.


How similar the excuse is to the counter-intelligence scam run by the CIA in which it covers up betrayal of information to the Russians (when it is caught red handed) by saying it is running informant infiltration counter-intelligence operations.

How similar it is to the 'terrorist attack' scam carried out by the FBI (when it is caught red handed) by saying it is running anti-terrorist 'drills.'

I am sorry to say this, but the time has come to admit it.

Our government is a criminal operation.

The American Public, deceived for so long and so trustful is finally finding out their mother government is a whore and their father Fed is a hit man.

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