Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mind Controlled Assassin Planted Right Next to Obama

Any great gathering of world leaders, such as what happened Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at the Mandela Memorial in Johannesburg, South Africa is an ideal opportunity for a terrorist attack or assassination of those same world leaders.

There were 90 world leaders present at the Mandela Memorial, including the leaders of the US, Canada, France and India amongst others.

Security at all levels should have been paramount.

Instead, what the 'world leaders' got was a heavily medicated mind-controlled schizophrenic who heard voices and saw visions who got to stand a mere five feet from them.

This was the sign language 'interpreter' Thamsanqa Jantjie, who managed to make a complete fool of himself before the entire world, when, apparently, he was unable to do sign language.

Who is Thamsanqa Jantjie?

Apparently a mentally unbalanced nobody.

The type of person who is regularly labeled a 'nut' after assassinating some famous world figure or other just before the case is closed.

This 'interpreter' was hired a mere TWO DAYS before the event.

All doors were immediately opened to this nut for him to be able to stand within five feet of the most powerful men in the world.

After the deaf interpretation fiasco, the government investigated and what did they find?

That the owners of the 'company' Thamsanqa worked for, S.A. Interpreters, have VANISHED.

And that the government liasons who made it all possible have 'disappeared.'

The national director of the Deaf Federation of South Africa, Bruno Druchen has stated that Thamsanqa “is not known by the Deaf Community in South Africa nor by the South African Sign Language interpreters.

In an interview, Thamsanqa (if that is his real name) admitted he was hearing voices and “seeing angels” as he was interpreting a few steps behind each world leader as he spoke.

In other words, this mind-controlled crazy was mysteriously placed in an ideal position to pull out a gun and kill the world leader of his choice.

If this is the case, obviously, things did not work out.

Did he fail to get handed the weapon after he got past security?

Or Was a weapon not placed within his reach just before the ceremonies began?

Or did he simply fail to get 'the signal' to put him in auto-mode and commit the assassination?

Several possible targets were present, including the politically disintegrating Barak Obama and the communist old shoe hanger on Robert Mugabe.

Obama's assassination would have rescued his image and left him a martyr for Vice President Biden to continue 'the programs' 'in his name' with a clean slate. All would have been forgiven and forgotten, including all of Obama's lies and his inability to prove American citizenship.

Or the target could have been a much less ambitious one - Robert Mugabe - an old communist puppet who has begun pulling his own strings and whom the Communists have been trying to get rid of for quite some time.

Whatever the reason they put a possible mind-controlled assassin within point-blank shooting distance of some the most powerful men in the world remains unknown.

But we can be reasonably sure of one thing.

The assassination attempt failed.


  1. Once again, you're a fucking idiot. I assume you know all this "information" based on the small man who lives in your thumb?? The radio waves being beamed into that fat head of yours by martians, or the CIA or the the Salvation Army Bell Ringer??

    I patiently await your "breaking news" on the current school shooting in Colorado. Let me guess, "FALSE FLAG!!!" "THE GUMMINT GONNA TAKE OUR GUNS" You're an asshole.

    1. For someone who reads this blog "for entertainment" you seem to have gotten very angry.

      Listen, if it has stopped amusing you, don't read it anymore.

      Go watch Seinfeld or something.

  2. Oh it still amuses me. It amuses me that a person with such limited intellectual capacity can even turn on a computer, let alone access the internet. It amuses me that 14 whole people are listed as members of this blog.
    And yes, I have gotten angry. Angry at the senseless violence in our community. Angry with people who don't give one shit about anyone but themselves. Angry at people, like you, who sit behind a computer and spew hate and anger, placing the blame on everything bad that happens on some type of shadowy organization. Guess what pal, shit happens. Random shit happens. It's called life. People die very day. It's not the fault of the Illuminati, or Obama or mind controlled assassins. It's because that's the way life works. The day you die, it won't be because the Illuminati silenced you because you knew too much, it will be because your metabolic process cease to function. Plain and Simple.
    Keep Posting your delusional ranting, I'll keep reading them and laughing my ass off. I will then point out that you are wrong.


    1. John...take the vaccines, take the flu shots, drink the tap water and swallow all the medications you are prescribed...I'm sure things will turn out alright.

    2. The only one who seems to need medications in the conversation is you pal.
      Have a Nice Day.

  3. This John guy seems like an ass. Good thing you're blocking him.

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