Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day of the Nuke

I don't take pleasure on writing on this subject.

Hopefully it is something that will never happen.

But the Illuminati card is there:

detonate a nuke on American soil to put the entire country under a state of emergency.

The detonation of a nuclear bomb on American soil could be the lifesaver that rescues the drowning Obama Administration and supplies new impetus to the declining support for American foreign involvement, especially if it can be pinned on an 'enemy' power like Syria, Iran or North Korea.

But there is a risk to the Illuminati themselves.

If they over-do it and make it too massive, they could very well lose control of a large, deprived, scared, desperate and angry part of the American population – they don't want this.

So if it happens, I believe they will go after an isolated target with enough consequences to put the country in panic mode and open to government dictates but with little enough damage so as not to produce complete chaos.

They don't want mass destruction – they want panic to make us obedient.

Meanwhile, the best we can do is prepare for any and all eventualities.


One has to remember that the physical destruction is not the goal of a false flag nuke attack.

The goal is to place the nation under a state of emergency.

The fallout will cause the necessary panic as the entire country is forced to take measures against radioactive contamination.

Measures against fallout could provide the perfect excuse to put the entire country under Executive control through a state of emergency.


There are several possible targets for a nuke false flag attack.

It would help if the city were already a liability and an albatross (like the World Trade Center was due to asbestos).

It would also help if the city were somewhat isolated, so the destruction and fallout don't cause complete chaos and disintegration of the status quor across large areas of the country – which the Illuminati don't want (true – they like 'order out of chaos,' but only if it is manipulated and controlled by them).

The city would also have to lack valuable military assets (don't want to castrate your own enforcers).

So what are we looking at.

Perhaps a medium sized the middle of nowhere...preferably in decline...with little or no military assets...with little or no corporate and technology assets...from where the fallout can have minimum effect upon the heavily populated areas of the country (like the Northeast).

Based on these requirements, here is the unfortunates list:

-Las Vegas
-in the middle of the desert
-already a nuke testing area
-outside of its Casinos, Vegas is becoming an economic dump
-Gambling cities are not part of the New World Order vision, so the destructio of Vegas would send a clear 'luxuries are over' message

-on the border (easy to sneak nukes across)
-in the middle of a desert
-fallout will travel east across largely uninhabited mountains and wasteland before hitting the plains of Texas
-fallout will most adversely affect the rebellious and malcontent state of Texas, and put it under FEMA controlled martial law

-El Paso
-mostly Hispanic
-a run down, corrupt city
-ultra easy to sneak a nuke in
-its only saving grace (which might spare the city) is that it's a main drug route

-surrounded by open country
-fallout will put the Northeast (most heavily populated region) under FEMA control
-fallout will also affect food supply (making a lot of it unsafe) leading to food shortages

-city consists mostly of despised minorities
-most of the fallout will head towards the Bahamas and open sea
-the city is descending into the dumps
-many no longer consider Miami a cultural part of the United States (it won't be missed)
-taking out Miami will cut the US from the rest of Latin America economically (since Miami is an economic trade and transportation center with Latin America)
-most of the fallout will be blow across the Atlantic into the Bahamas and beyond (doing little damage to the rest of the country)

-Kansas City
-symbolic heart of America
-fallout will affect food supply
-fallout will put entire east coast under state of emergency

-mountains will limit fallout
-surrounded by unpopulated areas
-fallout will affect rebellious Texas, but also the Midwest, South and Northeast, which will receive 'fallout light' due to the mountains

-no military assets
-fallout will be spread out over mountains and unpopulated areas, hitting the Midwest with a light fallout

-Small Southeastern Coastal Cities
-fallout will be carried to open sea
-few if any military assets
-will help put independent-minded Dixie under Federal control
-Savannah, GA
-Charleston, SC
-Wilmington, NC
-Jacksonville, FL

The best preparation for a nuke attack is to be ready.

Fore-planning is everything.
You won't be able to get any fuel once it happens

Take secondary non-rush hour traffic routes into a main highway.

Avoid centralized criss crossing areas.

The important thing is to leave IMMEDIATELY. The roads and highways will fill up quickly with traffic.
Who will pick up the children from school
Who will prep the bug out kit and car
What vehicle will be used
Where will you meet short range and long range


If you cannot leave the area IMMEDIATELY, it might be wiser to hunker down.

The alternative might leave you stuck in traffic while inhaling fallout.

So you might decide to hunker down and wait for the chaos to subside.

This would require you to make your home as fallout-proof as possible
-air filters
-gas masks
-duct tape
-canned goods stockpile
-water stock pile
-Geiger counter

-create a list of things to take with you from home
-allergy masks
-important documents
-GPS devices and maps
-walkie talkies

Get an idea of the prevailing winds in your area (do this NOW by Googling a prevailing winds map and info for your area) so that you don't end up traveling WITH the fallout as you vacate the area.. Of course, your goal is to travel perpendicular to the Fallout, not with it.

It might be a family cabin, or a relative with a guest house. The important thing is you have a place to go to with your family. Find this place NOW.

Keep your vehicle in the shape you would expect if you were to take a long trip.
-spare tire, hoses and tools
-full gas tank at all times

Whatever your preparations may be, the time to prepare is BEFORE anything happens in your locality.

I know it is unpleasant to think about your area being hit by a false flag nuke, but you can't prepare if you unless you DO think about it.

And remember, it might not happen on a weekend. It might not happen at a time the family is all in one place, and you have to plan accordingly.

A full tank of gas, a Geiger Counter, disposable paper coveralls, gas masks, gloves and duct tape have never looked so good.

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