Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Pope's Rabbi

The new trend seems to be for society's non-Jewish rich and famous to have their own personal Rabbi.

Granted you must have a certain amount of standing and given amount of wealth, but if you do, there IS a Rabbi for you, even if you are not a Jew!

It is sort of unclear what the relationship is between the Rabbi and the local oligarchy, but it seems to be almost akin to that of Darth Vader to Emperor Palpatine (with the Rabbi being Emperor Palpatine).

Yeah, there seems to be something at stake here when 'listening' to the advice of 'your Rabbi.'

Big wigs are referring to 'their Rabbi' with the same regularity they used to refer to 'their lawyer' or 'their mechanic.'

Madonna has a Rabbi.

Christina Aguilera has a Rabbi.

In fact, any great person involved in Kabala seems to end up getting one.

But also other personages not involved in it at all.

Lebron James has his Rabbi.

Rush Limbaugh has his Rabbi.

George W. Bush has a Rabbi.

And they all say they pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION when the Rabbi speaks.

So it comes as no surprise when it suddenly becomes clear the POPE has one too!

Rabbi Abraham Skorka of Buenos Aires is an old friend / slash / advisor / slash / mentor to Pope Francis.

Has been ever since the Pope was a Cardinal in Buenos Aires.

So close is this spiritual 'mentor' to the Pope that the Father of the Church keeps a photo of this Rabbi on his desk!

The two close 'friends' even wrote a book together called 'Heaven and Earth' which concentrated on 'the dialogue between Judaism and Catholicism,' (whatever that means).

And about the Pope, Rabbi Skorka exclaimed, “His commitment with the Jewish people is total.”

Which would help explain why the Pope has not lifted a finger to help out the Palestinians who are presently being slaughtered by Israel.

And why should he?

The Jesuits (the order to whom the Pope belongs) have been a Marxist-infiltrated, Jew-dominated order of occult priests within the Catholic Church for centuries.

This is probably why they have been banned and expelled from as many countries as the Jews themselves.

Jesuits were the ones behind the pushing of Marxism to the poor of the Third World while encouraging 'revolution' (Marxist revolution, that is) in those same countries.

So it IS a great tragedy for the Catholic Church that a JESUIT has usurped the 'Throne of God' (and has surrendered the judgement of the Papacy to a Rabbi).

Having your very own Rabbi is becoming the new status symbol.

Actually, the practice is quite old.

Henry-VIII consulted with his council of Rabbis prior to separating England from the Catholic Church.

Oliver Cromwell had his takeover of England financed by his own personal Rabbi, Manasseh ben Israel.

It's always been popular to have Rabbis tell you what to do (and make the financial connections).

Its 'hip' and it's 'in.'

Once you get your own Rabbi, you have 'arrived.'

You don't even have to be Jewish to have one of these 'mentors' at your side.

But let's turn the tables, shall we?

Inversely, I would like to know of just ONE Rabbi who has a Catholic Priest, a Buddhist Monk or any priest from some other religion as his personal advisor.

Didn't think so.

It's a one way street, I suppose.

And anyway...

...what would you think of me if I told you I have a weekly appointment with my 'Imam' every Friday?

Would you suppose Islam somehow plays an important role in my life...that is...if I am not an out and out Muslim to begin with?

Yet somehow, the great people of the world consulting with 'their Rabbi' brings up neither doubt about their religious affiliation nor questions about who holds inordinate influence over them.

For these people, consulting with a Rabbi has become as normal as consulting with a lawyer.

So I don't know.

It's the new normal, as they say.

And if the very same Pope has a Rabbi...

...shouldn't you get one too?

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