Monday, December 30, 2013

WW-III: We Lose

Amongst the plethora of conspiracy theories flooding the web nowadays, few analyze the looming disaster of a Third World War for the Western World.

It could be an option to simply have the West subjected by the military forces of Russia and China.

This entry is based on the belief that Russia is still secretly a Communist power dedicated – along with Communist China – to the defeat and takeover of the West, as made plain by Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, who stressed that the Soviet Union was about to embark in a campaign of 'maskirova' to fool the West into thinking it was weak and democratic while it prepared the final stroke.

Indeed, if we put our finger to the wind, we cannot ignore the way it is blowing.

We cannot ignore the advancing legion of Marxist governments across the world.

Marxism is in an upswing.


Because of the favoritism shown to it by our 'secret Marxists' oligarchy right here in America and Europe.

One has to remember that Marxism was bred in London and financed in Germany before finally being inflicted on Russia.

It spread from there to China, again with our blessings as Marxist assets within our government abandoned Chiang Kai Shek.

Today Marxist intellectuals occupy our universities and our great positions of power.

We have exported all our industry to Communist China and now a Marxist President occupies the White House.

What better time for the Communist to attack?

Not only have our governments been infiltrated by Communist assets (Angela Merkel is ex-Communist AgitProp, the President of France is a Marxist, along with most Latin American and African leaders).

What better time to attack indeed, - the seats of the enemy are occupied by traitors!

That already being the case, the topic of a Communist wallop on the West has been carefully ignored by the conspiracy media.

It's sort of puzzling because the West is OBVIOUSLY being set up for a strategic fall.

The truth is the West is presently subsisting mostly on illusion.

Western military and social intellectuals speak about the 'end of history' and the 'end of big conventional wars' to be replaced by small counter-insurgency wars and anti-terrorism.

The truth is a BIG war can happen at any time...and we are totally unprepared.


To begin with, conscription, military service, the draft, and the like no longer exists in the West.

All the Western Democracies (NATO) have replaced conscription with small volunteer armies.

When war starts, this means they will have little or no reserves with which to fight it.

This means less to America (which is protected by two oceans) than it does to countries like Germany, France, England and Japan, but still the equation can throw the entire strategic balance for NATO and America out the window in case of war.

On the other hand, Russia and China have NEVER ended the draft.

Russia still carries out universal conscription.

Although China superficially has a professional volunteer army, the nation carries out a concealed type of military training which begins in KINDERGARTEN and continues clear through high school and college.

By the end of this 'training' the typical Chinese has the equivalent of a very thorough basic training. The entire Chinese population between the ages of 18 and 35 are considered military assets in time of war and the people know it. Meanwhile Physical fitness requirements are maintained through Spartan Chinese physical education curriculum in schools.

In other words, China is a militarized nation with a huge reserve army ready for deployment.


While the West has been busy decommissioning warships, scrapping combat aircraft and disbanding armored divisions, Russia and China have been building up.

The West has come under the delusion that all it has to worry about is a nebulous 'war on terror' in which light counter-insurgency forces are needed.

As a result, the West and NATO have been DISARMING at an alarming rate.

Everything from aircraft carriers (England no longer has any) to armored and infantry divisions have been decommissioned in order to 'save money.'

In other words, NATO and the US Armed forces have made themselves light anti-guerrilla forces incapable of fighting a conventional war. There are few if any 'heavy' combat divisions anymore.

The symbolic weapon system of the US is now the HUMVEE jeep and helicopters.

Compare all this decommissioning of divisions and matériel with what is happening in Russia and China.

In 1995 Russia had 50,000 tanks.

Now we are supposed to believe that with the collapse of the Soviet Union all those tanks were just left to rust in outside in the elements, not put in careful mothballs.

It would be nice if we sent regular investigative teams to confirm all the rusted hulks (not only of tanks, but of artillery cannons, and submarines)..but we don't.

We just suppose all that equipment rotted.

As for China, the truth is we don't know what China has because of the extreme secrecy of its militaristic national security police state.

We assume its official figures approach reality, but have no way of confirming it.


As we see the Chinese forces participate in one gigantic war game after another with Russian forces on land, sea and air, we in the West assume its all just political theater.

We take all the proclamations of Sino-Russian cooperation in the Pacific in case of war as bluff.

I don't understand the level of delusion that allows us to keep affirming this in spite of Russia's arming of China with advanced combat aircraft, submarines and missiles.

The truth is Russia and China, through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization – not just an economic, but a military alliance...against the US, NATO and Japan.

And while the Russians and Chinese draw ever closer and carryout even bigger war games on how they are going to wallop us...America and its allies are drawing further apart.

The Snowden revelations confirming NSA spying of French and German officials has thrown a wet towel on relations with the Europeans.

In short, our allies no longer trust us.

Our latest commitment to Japan involved a 'maybe' on what action we would take if Japan was attacked by China over the Senkakus.

The bottom line is that while Russia and China align themselves politically, structurally, militarily and industrially for war against us, our own alliances are falling apart.

We have split ways with Saudi Arabia.

We have gone separate ways with Israel.
We have basically abandoned Taiwan.

We are distancing ourselves from Japan and its troubles with China.

We have gained the distrust of the Europeans.

Latin American basically hates out guts.

Africa despises us.

The truth is that while Russia and China are putting solid military, economic and political alliances between themselves and many nations the world over, our alliances are undoing themselves.


And Russo-China are not alone.
They have allies the world over who they not only collaborate with, but who they arm to the teeth and have contingency plans with.

Who are these allies?

Here is a list:
Hard Core Sino-Russian Allies
-North Korea
-several African Countries

Soft Core Sino-Russian Sympathizers

-most of the Latin American Countries
-most African Countries


As if the elimination of the draft and the shrinkage of its armed forces were not enough, NATO has actually INCREASED its area of responsibility all the way up to the Russia, Belorussian and the Ukraine.

NATO is as over-stretched as an over-inflated balloon.

And it stands a good chance of popping if it comes under attack.

In truth, NATO's expansion is based on political convenience and greed, not military physics.

As such, NATO territory is most likely indefensible against a Russian attack through Eastern Europe.


If that were not enough, NATO and the US Armed forces are presently involved in a campaign of political correctness, letting homosexuals serve openly and mixing women up with men in the combat units.

The mixing of open homosexuals and women in the armed forces are proven ways to make combat forces ineffective.

Straights are uncomfortable and mistrust open homosexuals.

Women create friction through emotional triangles, jealousies, sex, pregnancy, rivalism and an over-preoccupation by male personnel about their safety.

The nascent Israeli Army (suffering a shortage of personnel) tried to put men and women side-by-side in the front lines in 1948. The result was a complete disaster. So horrible were the results that Israel presently has a policy of prohibiting women from the combat arms.

Presently Dutch forces, famously staffed by open homosexuals and women have shown themselves to be non-combat worthy in multiple UN deployments.


One would think that a 60-year-old military alliance would have stockpiled enormous amounts of ammunition for the big day.

Alas, NATO has shown itself to be a toothless tiger when it comes to ammunition.

Over and over again, it has been shown when NATO goes to war, it RUNS OUT OF AMMUNTION.

Although ammo problems surfaced in the Yugoslavia adventure, they occurred yet again in the Libyan venture.

NATO actually ran out of bombs in the middle of the Libyan bombing campaign.

It shouldn't have surprised anyone since the US ran out of all those much vaunted smart bombs during Operation Desert Storm.

So if a Third World combat operation like Yugoslavia or Libya starts causing NATO to run out of ammunition, what will a full scale Russian attack do?


All the NATO countries have foolishly signed the Mine Ban Treaty which has caused them to get rid of all their land mines.

Although the US has not signed the treaty, it is prohibited by NATO countries from deploying those mines on their territory.

In other words, NATO has no land mines!

The only weapon which would have given the alliance some hope of stalling a massive Russian armored assault has been thrown out the window.

Once the Russian behemoth rolls through, what will stall it? Barbed wire?


The human mind can justify and reason away just about anything.

Nothing illustrates this concept more that NATO's official reliance on tactical nuclear weapons, should its forces be pushed back.

It sounds very nice and threatening on paper, but their use require the acquiescence of the country on whose soil they are going to be used.

Can you imagine the government of Germany saying “save us by frying us”?

Of course the nuclear decision will never be made (especially when the recent leaders of Germany seem to consist of ex-Communist East Germans).

When the time comes, the nuclear option will prove as useful as the piece of paper it is written on.

The NATO countries would never agree to nukes being used on their territory, even if it means being overrun.


Presently the West is putting a lot of clout in drone warfare.

These over-sized remote controlled toys are politically convenient (no captured pilots, no lost lives, use them whenever you want).

They've been great for kicking sand around in the Third World.

Unfortunately, their shortcomings have been made evident when Iran not only jammed, but took over one of America's most advanced drone...and landed it on Iranian soil!

Doubtlessly it was a Russian team hosted by Iran which 'captured' the drone, but the warning is clear:

Drones will be USELESS against an industrialized military power. They can be jammed and even taken over by the very same remote control process that commands them.

Making war through remote control is a big mistake in which America has invested a lot of money and clout.

It can only be hoped the US will not attempt to go to war against Russia or China using these over-glorified toys.


Chinese and Russian agents have infiltrated American society at the economic, political and military level.

The enemy is already here amongst us - and in Europe amongst them.

We don't know, and seem not only oblivious but totally unconcerned about the number of agents and assets Russia and China have infiltrated into the US.

The last then Russian spies captured by American authorities were quickly shipped to Russia without even an interrogation.

When the time comes, these assets will make themselves useful by carrying out activities like assassinating key people, releasing computer viruses, committing sabotage, setting off bombs and informing the enemy of American preparations.

This is crucial security shortcoming that has been for the most part ignored by America and Europe.


Its not just the Third World and Europe who have been infiltrated by Communist Agents.

For all intents and purposes, our very own Executive seems to have been presently occupied by Marxist assets.

The President is pretty much a confirmed Marxist if his associations carry any weight.

If there is any time to attack the West, it is NOW – when a Marxist agent occupies the White House.

The decisions made will, of course, be all the wrong ones, and will favor the Russians and Chinese.

It might be hard to swallow, but at the very top, we have a Marxist oligarchy in this country.

They put the money down for the Communist Manifesto.

They financed and facilitated the Russian Revolution.

They assisted in the fall of China to Communism and exported all our industry to it.

They created and support Marxism simply because it represents a feudal concentration of power over which they will reign supreme.

As such, they represent a treacherous factor within the United States and probably favor the rise of the powers they control directly – Russia and China.

I am talking, of course, about people like David Rockefeller, George Soros, Nathan Rothschild and their servants along the lines of Henry Kissinger, Zbignew Brzezinski and Bill Gates.


So Europe falls to the Russians and Asia falls to the Chinese.

While Latin America is probably brought in line by a socioeconomic alliance led by Marxist Brazil.

And Africa by a coterie of Marxist African nations coming together.

What happens to America?

It's no secret that the US Presidency is in the hands of a Communist agent.

It's no secret that the US Armed Forces are having SEVERE issues with the present administration and, in fact, are being purged by the President and his staff.

It is unclear what effect this 'purge' will have.

Americans at all levels off the political and economic spectrum are starting to see Obama as a foreign agent with tyrannical pretensions and an enemy of the Republic.

The result could quite possibly be a second US Civil War.

Depending on how ugly and desperate it gets, a Second US Civil War will not only shatter the country and its ability to project military power, but could very well lead to the invitation of Russian, Chinese and Latin American forces to enter the United States by the losing side to help.

The collapse of the United States and the resulting Civil War would provide the ideal circumstances for a physical occupation of America by Russian, Chinese and Marxist Latin American forces.

China is already dividing up the American West like a least on paper.

Russia is openly talking about what it will do with Alaska once it regains it.

Do they know something we don't?

Whatever the case may be, the above scenario is the only one that could lead to the defeat and occupation of the United States as part of the Third World War.

For a more detailed account on how WW-III / 2nd Civil War could develop, please see the link to the entry below:


In spite of all the conspiracy theories out there, the West is ignoring what is perhaps the biggest conspiracy of all: a lightning takeover of the West and its allies by the forces of Russia and China and their allies.

The concept is based on Russia remaining a secretly Communist power allied with the openly Communist China.

As far as war against the Communists have gone, we haven't won a single war against them.

We lost China to Communism.

Our 'liberation' of North Korea failed.

Our invasion of Cuba collapsed.

Our defense of South Vietnam fell apart.

If trends mean anything, the West is being set up for one final defeat by Communism

If the set up is as thorough and as devastating as supposed, the war will be over very quickly and in a very defining manner – the center of power will shift from Democracy to Marxism.

The Marxist minions who will take the reigns of our own government under this new arrangement are already amongst us – many already within the Government itself.

Because no one is thinking about it, an all-out war on the West will take everyone by surprise.

It will give a new meaning to the word 'shock and awe.'

Presently few if any people are thinking about it.

Even those who do think about it see it as some conflict which will be fought in the Middle East or Asia, which they will be able to watch on TV, and which will be fought with professional armies, aircraft and drones...and which we will probably win.

As such, the vision is much too comfortable.

WW-III will impact Europe and the United States directly and in a staggering manner.

For the West has been prepared to LOSE it.

The military collapse of Europe and Asia before the armies of Russia and China, combined with the collapse and disintegration of the United States will open the world up for subjection to the Marxist New World Order which is now taking form.

Indeed, the Third World War will be the final step towards the now clear Illuminati dream of worldwide Marxist Socialism.

The New World Order will be has always been the dream since the days of Karl Marx.

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