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Why Nations Fall: Infiltration by Spy Agencies

THE major problem in any viable society in the modern era is its takeover by its own intelligence services.

So sensitive is this topic that not one single book has been written the subject...or allowed to be written.

Yet the infiltration and takeover by intelligence assets is THE major cause of social change in the modern world – some would say the major cause of social collapse and reconstruction.

As stated before, the 'eyes and ears of the king' were always there, it's just that they were never given an active all-encompassing role in the society itself.

Normally the 'eyes and ears of the king' simply turned in your information and the guards of the king showed up at your door late at night (sort of the relationship modern day Sheriff departments share with the FBI nowadays).

But in the modern era, the opposite is the case. The inmates have taken over the asylum, so to speak.

It is common custom now to let intelligence assets infiltrate all levels of society – publishers, media personalities, college leadership, police leadership, state leadership and national leadership up to the point where the intelligence services become the actual controllers of a society.

Where has this control taken us?

To the most unlikely and horrid places that we would have never gone save for this control.

This is Intelligence osmosis – the infiltration of society en masse by intelligence assets.

It is THE major cause behind the Russian Revolution of 1918, the Italian Fascism of the 1920's along with the Japanese Militarization and German Nazification of the 1930's.

How did all these societies change so drastically overnight?

Their gradual infiltration by intelligence assets which eventually came to occupy the seats of government, press and law enforcement made it all possible.

The 'Sealed Train' from Germany should have been surrounded that day it pulled into St Petersburg and machine gunned.

Mussolini should have been arrested along with all his Black Shirt hooligans and done some time in prison for their bullying.

Japanese 'colonels' displaying non-conformist and insubordinate behavior should have been removed from their command.

Hitler should have done a cool ten years for his role in trying to remove the Government of Germany (I wonder what my government would give me if I tried to do the same thing today?)

Of course, none of this happened because a government was created whose leadership positions were staffed by intelligence assets who welcomed, sustained, encouraged and ultimately empowered these 'revolutionaries.'

Such is the mechanism of 'change.'

This is why the Kaiser of all the Germans and the Czar of Russia were told by their respective pithy Prime Ministers that the war (WW-I) would happen whether they approved of it or not.

Of course, the asset-occupied legislatures, newspapers and government bureaucracy were all standing by ready to make it happen.

Hitler is probably a good case in point.


A probable product of Rothschild loins, a bisexual or homosexual bon vivant enraptured with art world haunting the streets and cafes of Vienna.

It is difficult to imagine that such a man would be placed in such a position of power, but empower him they did (it often seems lineage is more important in assuming positions of power than any actual ability).

During the Great War Hitler 'hid' in the rear echelon by way of a choice position as a messenger boy, favored, protected and condecorated by his Jewish superior officer.

Anyone with any military experience knows that if one wants to really fight the enemy for the fatherland in the front lines (as Hitler claimed he wanted to do), it is the easiest thing in the world to be put in the trenches. In fact, it is mostly unavoidable that you WILL be sent there.

So what Hitler did (probably already as an intelligence asset) is live out the war in the rear echelon.

Once back home, this Austrian infiltrator served as a German Military Intelligence – Abwehr – agent as a 'communist.'

A few years later he suddenly became an ardent National Socialist, pushed out the original leaders and climbed unstoppably to the top.

Yes was this intelligence asset from German Military Intelligence (the Abwehr) who first infiltrated the Communist Party...and then the National Socialist Worker's Party (which he did NOT found, but merely took over) when the winds changed.

And please note that no mention is made of any infiltration of the big banks – this is because the big banks CONTROL the intelligence services (as can be seen by Wall Street's control of our own CIA).

But back to Hitler.

Hitler's Germany was not only a hotbed of infiltration by British Intelligence assets, but by COMMUNIST assets as well.

Hitler himself is said to have been an asset of British Intelligence through the British-Intelligence controlled Abwehr – the premier German intelligence service which began the war under a British Intelligence asset – Admiral Wilhelm Canaris.

Meanwhile, Communist intelligence was not left behind.

Heinrich Muller, head of the Gestapo, was a Communist agent, as was Martin Bormann, Hitler's private secretary.

It was no wonder Nazi plans reached the Russians even before they fell into British hands, most of it in real time.

And it is no wonder Britain has sealed its WW-II records for 100 years – because their unsealing would reveal how far British intelligence had penetrated the Nazi infrastructure, leading to a whole set of uncomfortable questions regarding Nazi behavior and present-day infiltration.

The minute details of how Germany was run into the ground a second time in the interests of furthering world change towards a New World Order will be left for a future entry, but needless to say, the German fighting of WW-II was mismanaged into a total defeat of Nazi Germany.

Which brings us to the more pertinent point – the condition of the present-day intelligence-agency-occupied United States.

Like Russia in 1918 and Germany in the 1930's, the present-day US has been infiltrated and taken over by ubiquitous intelligence assets from top to bottom.

Our last four Presidents have been out and out assets of the CIA.

Many of our talking heads and 'correspondents' on TV are CIA assets.

Many 'publishers' are nothing more than CIA fronts.

Needless to say, many members of House and Senate (and some within the Supreme Court are assets).

(Let me remind you that the CIA as an institution was never sanctioned to operate inside the United States.)

Again, Obama is a bonfide asset of the CIA, in fact, he is generational CIA, meaning his parents were assets, as he is himself, as many elite CIA tools are.

Needless to say, nowadays, you cannot turn around to sneeze without bumping into an intelligence asset.

Generals, publishers, university presidents, governors, sheriffs, police chiefs, post office leadership, even corporate leadership have become assets of US intelligence.

Ever hear of Bill Gates?

And so , US society is being rapidly prepared for collapse and 'change' by all these people who serve their intelligence contacts and handlers..not the American people.

This is why public officials are now acting as if they are pod people from Beta Reticuli instead of the people's representatives and public servants.

The present-day state of the Union is GRIM.

Our President is a CIA asset.

Our Congress has been blackmailed by the NSA.

Many high ranking officers within our armed forces are CIA assets through the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Sheriffs, Police and Police Chiefs serve the Intelligence Community not merely as informers but as wet-op assassins, blackmailers and bullies.

All stops are being removed as to our Constitutional and Civil Rights and the police, government and intelligence establishment are being given carte blanche to do whatever they want.

This is because the intelligence community is not and has never been just a tool of information gathering...but the main instrument of Illuminati control over society.

Freemasonry, bisexualism, corporatocracy and Wall Street all meet where the Intelligence behemoth begins.

It's one those instances where 'there oughtta be a law' (but never is).

Simply put, the law would go something like this:

“If you are an intelligence asset you cannot become a public servant or work in the media”

That would have saved us much of the terminal headache we are suffering from today.

Everything started going out the window with the Cold War, when the CIA was created in 1947 and allowed to run rampant not only outside, but within the United States even though explicitly prohibited by law from doing so.

The excuse of catching foreign agents operating with the United States soon led to the necessity of establishing 'liaisons' with the FBI (our secret police).

And it soon led to the necessity of establishing liaisons with the newly established intelligence muscle – the NSA in 1952 and the Defense Intelligence Agency in 1961.

Needlesss to say, the CIA was the core which directed the other intelligence agencies through its liaison and double-membership personnel.

So you had Generals who were CIA.

You had officers within the other agencies who were NSA/CIA, DIA/CIA, and FBI/CIA.

This expanded along with the police powers of the Executive Branch with the alphabet soup agencies: BATF, DEA, EPA, IRS, etc, all of which were promptly infiltrated, in the interests of national security of course.

The reason why most tyrannies begin to exhibit the traits of an intelligence agency (paranoia, secrecy, covert behavior, spying, arbitrariness, questioning) is that they have been mostly occupied by intelligence assets.

So as a result you have many country Sheriffs departments and city police with entire floors of computers dedicated to stockpiling data on innocent law abiding Americans (the LAPD is notorious for this).

The rot has grown down from the top and reached the ground, so to speak.

The more a nation becomes infiltrated and occupied by intelligence agents, the more it begins to resemble an intelligence agency – the so called 'national security state.'

What you are seeing develop in America today.

The have always used one boogey man or other to scare the population into letting intelligence infiltrate it to the very core.

Today it is the War on Terror, before it was the Soviet Threat.


The threat was always 'soviet assets' inside the United States.

That's right, the same 'Soviet assets' who were given complete freedom to do as they pleased while Congressmen (like Joe McCarthy) who called them out had their careers wrecked or were assassinated while our atomic bomb secrets reached the Soviet almost as fast as they were created or our naval code was delivered to them real time (resulting in the sinking of the USS Skorpion by a waiting Soviet sub).

Oh yeah, we gave up so much but got so much more in return.

So much more loss of liberty, privacy and human rights, all in exchange for what?

Less security and safety?

Sort of like this 'War on Terror' that the intelligence agencies are using to take over the country while the FBI has an office in every country in the world...except Saudi Arabia...from which all the terror is being financed and controlled.

Some at this point might be confused by me saying that the CIA cooperated with the Soviet Union and cooperates with Communists today.

But if you step back a little and see that the very same large banks which control the CIA are the same ones who created Communism, you start getting the picture.

Communism is a tool of the banking elite.

The CIA is a tool of the banking elite.

As Rowan Gaither, head of the Ford Foundation (and banking tool) admitted to the chief investigator of the Congresssional Reece Committee, that the Foundation was operating under directives ordering it to “so alter life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.”

See? No contradiction in mission!

The banking elite's Ford Foundation and the banking elite's CIA are both working for the same bosses and striving towards the same goal.

Check out how they've managed to ship all our industry and build up Communist China while making us a nation indebted to China.

Bloody Marvelous.

So no, it shouldn't come as a surprise when we hear of Russian troops coming in to practice crowd control alongside our troops...or Chinese troops to join with our Marines in crown management in Hawaii.

The plan is a complete merger with those undemocratic nations and not through their democratization, but OUR tyrannyzation.


The United States has inched towards dictatorship (like Rome) through a never-ending series of fabricated 'emergencies' which have led to the gradual infiltration of its armed forces, police forces, governments, institutions and corporations by intelligence assets controlled by the CIA – which is basically a tool of the elite bankers.

Through this process we have become a 'national security state' run by intelligence assets masquerading as our journalists, our mayors, our governors, our Congressmen and even our President. Granted, not all of them are assets, but just enough and in enough key position to make the national security police state a reality.

All this could have been avoided (and can still be corrected) by passing a law prohibiting all intelligence assets from becoming public servants in any way shape or form, accompanied by some stiff penalties (say 10 years in prison without parole) and prosecution of all responsible parties.

It is this irresponsible behavior by and the license granted to the intelligence agencies which is directly responsible for the collapse of the United States into a National Security Police State.

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