Friday, January 31, 2014

America's Last Role: Weak, Degenerate and Ready to Collapse

America is presently playing the role of the 'weak, degenerate, bankrupt government about to collapse.'

“Weak...Degenerate...Bankrupt...Government...About to Collapse”

How's that for a title?

History is theater.

Governments play a role while the puppet masters direct the play from behind the scenes.

The role of 'weak, degenerate, bankrupt government about to collapse' has been played in many forms by many nations throughout history all under Illuminati direction.

Bourbon France, Tsarist Russia, Weimar Germany, Nationalist China.

Each in turn DID collapse, yielding to a Marxist Dictatorship of the worse sort.

This is the stage WE are in right now.

Our nation bankrupt.

Our money worthless.

Our foreign policy in shambles.

The American government despised from abroad and within.

A clueless leader in charge.

The question is: What follows after the collapse?

And the answer is always: Infighting, War and Dictatorship.

The French Revolution devolved into civil war then Napoleon and the Napoleonic Wars.

The Russian Revolution evolved into civil war, then wars in Eastern Europe.

Weimar Germany degenerated into bloody street fighting, then Hitler and WW-II.

Nationalist China collapsed into War, Civil War (for once the order flip flopped) and then the Korean War.

How much different could those destinies be from our own?

Obama, who thought (along with many others) that he would be the new messiah is turning out to be a dud.

If the establishment had Obama all planned out as a success story, then the least they could have given the guy is some SUCCESS.

The way you 'bring up' a leader is having him spearhead this or that program and having the programs SUCCEED from the very beginning.

Instead, what they gave the poor Obama is Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Snowden and now Obamacare.

I am sure the man has been informed he is NOT destined to be a success story.

Instead what he is looking like more and more is a 'Kerensky' type figure, an incompetent, hesitant, treacherous figure put there to help bring the whole system down.

(Kerensky was the Russian 'democrat' who helped put the Bolsheviks in power, then conveniently left the country when the purges began).

So nowadays, it seems the world (if not the clueless everyday American) is waiting for the 'rotting giant' to collapse.

The skeletal framework of the collapse is already there:

-Chinese and Russian troops being allowed into the country

-Concentration Camps

-the Army being trained in urban warfare against the American people

-Chinese ports are being constructed in the western coast of Mexico, complete with rail and highway connections to the border.

-the officially discontinued NAFTA Superhighway connecting the BORDER with the rest of the United States

-the cataloging of EVERY American along with political orientation

Put all this together and what I see is the outbreak of a civil war followed by complete political, social and economic collapse...followed by the entry of foreign 'peace keeping' forces under the banner of the United Nations.

I could begin to speculate about new strong leader emerging out all this – a true dictator ala Stalin, Hitler or Mao, but why bother?

Our industrial base has already been dismantled and exported to China.

Our Armed forces have been castrated by the ending of conscription, disarmament and the conversion into a small, light counter-insurgency force.

Not much any new Hitler or Stalin could do with any of that.

So what I see is simply a trampling.

A planned crushing of America through collapse, chaos, war and occupation so as to make sure no remnant of our country remains following the process.

The rest of the world?

Who cares?

Japan and Europe are defenseless.

The Muslim world is dependent on Russia and China for all their weapons.

See who is starting to look like the winners?

WW-III is starting to look like something preceeded by a lot of hype, but which will be over very quickly...perhaps with a few Third World cities or albatrosses like Detroit destroyed by nukes.

But the end of humanity?

Nah... this just is the beginning of the stomping of humanity.

The New World Order thrives and exalts itself not only on its control, but on its abuse.

There won't be much left to abuse and control if you turn the globe into a cinder.

Like I said before, if they destroy everything they won't be able to control humanity with orbital space left inaccessible to satellites by war junk, or the 'data centers' at Langley, Fort Meade, Utah, Belgium and London left smoking craters.

“That would lead to LOSS of CONTROL!”

Oh no!!!

The very control these freaks crave so much would come to an end.

So I don't see the annihilation of Europe or America happening during WW-III.

If everything was going to be destroyed they would not be pushing for Agenda-21, cameras on every street corner, new data centers, Google and the spy grid.

This is the plan for a growing techno-prison, not a post-nuclear wasteland.

But what we could have is collapse and occupation.

That's right.

The total destruction of the United States of other means (isn't that the way they always do it?).

I see chaos, collapse and occupation rather than H-bombs, devastation and oblivion in our future.

Anyone stressing the 'end of the world' scenario is probably a chicken little preparing the population for total disarmament and subjection to a world government 'in a peaceful world.'


The American Government is putting on its costume and make up for its great upcoming role of weak, degenerate and bankrupt government, ready to collapse.

This is happening with both external and internal help as all the little puppets play their respective roles in the collapse of our country.

What the collapse will bring will most likely be collapse followed civil war, further collapse and eventual occupation by international 'peace keeping' (Communist) forces as what is left of a broken up America is prepped for absorption into the New World Order.

Is this why the ex-Federal-Gopher-Sheriff Departments are now encouraging Americans to take up arms against 'gun confiscators.'

Got nothing against giving it to the gun confiscators, I just don't trust people who talk out of both end of their mouthes.

But...hey,its good news and bad.

Good news:

we get to live (most of us, anyway).

Bad news:

we lose our country and become enslaved to the New World Order.

I remain defiantly optimistic, but am taken aback by the number of Sheriffs Departments, Police Departments, Governors State Leaders all presently still OPENLY SIDING WITH NEW WORLD ORDER POLICY through fusion centers, spy camera networks, violation of basic constitutional rights of the citizenry.

I repeat my sarcastic remark: “Are these the people that are going to lead us in our new civil war?”

Well, if they have been obediently following Illuminati policy so far...

...and that policy now requires the destruction of America through Civil War...


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