Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ass Backwards: Our New Twisted Concepts

Recently some new concepts have been entering the public mind and have been accepted as common sense and common knowledge.

Unfortunately these new concepts have it all ASS BACKWARDS.

They make no sense at all and seem to emanate from the rotting orifices of the Illuminati mind, not public law.

Let just say I am writing you from a state – Arizona - that has put away a law abiding citizen for 10 YEARS WITHOUT PAROLE FOR MOUTHING OFF AT A POLICE OFFICER.

How did that happen?

It's all a matter of semantics.


You see, the 'law' now says that mouthing off at a police officer constitutes 'assault.'

Connect this to another law that says that assaulting a police officer will carry an automatic sentence of 10 years without parole and...wallah!

One more law abiding American dispatched to the gulag.!

Answering back or cussing at a police officer does NOT constitute assault.

'Staring' angrily at a police officer does NOT constitute assault.

Resisting arrest does NOT constitute assault.

Blowing soap bubbles at police during a protest doest NOT constitute assault.

You just connect all these 'assaults' to automatic sentencing and you've got a bonafide functioning gulag archipelago police state.

Any jury member instructed by a judge on this mind-warping nonsense should throw the whole case out the window.

Get your 'assault' concepts straight you 'legal' bureaucratic assholes.

Get a fucking grip over yourselves.


Another favorite in our ever growing police state is to make all participants and accomplices in a given crime responsible for all the damage and deaths caused by that crime.

It sounds reasonable on paper.

But in practice the whole concept quickly degenerates into the ass backwards idea that it is.

This new 'legal concept' makes the partner of the thug who killed the cashier responsible for the cashier's death too.

Good enough...two thugs put away for the price of one.

Unfortunately when you start bending the laws of physical reality, reality quickly begins to turn into something nightmarish.

Let's go back to the thugs at the cashier.

ONE of them killed the cashier, the other did not.

ONE should pay the price for murder...the other should not!

If this gets in the system's Judge Dredd appetite for taking out the trash...too bad!

There is a reason we must ground all proceedings on physical reality and common sense.

Once you start grounding your reality in a fantasy, then everything starts going down the toilet real fast!

The guilt-by-association concept has expanded with gruesome consequences.

Recently, a cop ran over a fellow cop who was laying spikes during a high speed chase.

The woman driving the chased car was charged, found guilty and imprisoned for life for the MURDER of the cop who was run over.


The woman murdered nobody, the incompetent buffoon driving the cop car did that.

So where does this guilt-by-association end?

Suppose you are an unarmed civilian running away from a cop and the cop shoots at you, hitting innocent bystanders instead.

YOU are guilty of the 'murder' of those bystanders, not the mad dog cop.

To me it just looks like a legal way for the police to lay all casualties of their behavior at the door of an innocent.


More recent in the 'feel good' law passing is the concept that police dogs are police officers and are legally treated as such.

Brief reality check here: a police dog is a tool of the police officer, not a police officer.

So any damage done to a police dog (you know, in desperation as it tears off your arm) is treated as it is done to a police officer.

So we have more keystone cop cases like the following:

An unarmed citizen fleeing from the cops gets a police dog sicked on him, the roid crazed cops then think they see a gun and fill the citizen and the dog full of lead.

The dog dies. The civilian is crippled for life.

The crippled civilian is then dragged before a court and accused (with a serious face) of murdering a police officer (the dog...which the cops killed by accident).

The crippled loser gets life.

See how reality goes down the tubes quickly when you start violating it?

Another recent case had a scared citizen screaming at a police dog when it started growling and approaching him.

The police department decided to charge the unfortunate with disrespect of cop and possibly assaulting a police officer.

Off to the pokey!


This particular piece of mind fuck goes only to the 'trained' police officers who receive this subsidized 'training' from the Federal Government.

The training goes like this: 'You are in danger at all times from anybody. People are crazy. Anybody regardless of age, gender or relation to you can KILL you...EASILY!'

The 'training' then goes on to describe how a pencil, a butter knife, nail files...and even the ever present human finger can be used to KILL you!

So what you have are a bunch of paranoid, scared stiff roid-saturated officers who want to avoid being KILLED at all times of their miserable careers (or just want to kill, period).

And they do this by KILLING other innocent people.

There are actual police walking around up there (with high powered guns) that actually believe a pencil can kill them (I guess this makes school a lethal weapon open carry zone).


Hand in hand with the above concept and brand new this Christmas is this new legal toy: police can KILL you upon suspicion of hostility.

That's right.

Hostility leads to violence....and violence leads to police any indication of hostility could be a precursor to death of a police officer.

So...the police can KILL you for being hostile.

Which is pretty legal because 'legally' you have already 'assaulted' them with your mean stare and hostile tone.

Yup, it's a killer cop world and the cop can now legally kill anyone for any reason.

Sociopaths of society, join the police force now!


The day of the cute naked baby picture are done and gone.

This is because now your friendly neighborhood Walgreens photo developer can turn you in for CHILD PORN for taking a naked picture of your baby.

Even half-naked baby pictures are reported.

(Nice time to reintroduce the Polaroid)

Of course, the suspicion (and today suspicion is enough to lead to indictment and indictment is enough to lead to condemnation) is that you take naked pictures of your BABY because you are sexually turned on by BABIES.

I am sorry, but we are not Illuminati.

Planting the seed that just about anyone walking the sidewalk could be a HORRIBLE MONSTER is a necessity in a society that seeks to track, control, restrict and lock up just anyone.

This accusatory finger has become longer the more society sinks into totalitarianism.

Cop shows like CSI emphasize that anyone could (and is) a horrible beast, so we need platoons of helmeted troops with machine guns kicking down doors escorting the detectives (remember when Columbo did all this by himself?).

The key is to make everyone suspicious...and searchable...and questionable...and trackable...and detainable...and condemnable.

The real reason is control, not an elevated sense of morality, which our government has less and less of each day.


So it all makes sense when the government reminds you that if you see anything you should say the police or FBI.

This opens the gate to random accusation, escalation and execution of American citizens.

Like the guy caught cleaning his guns in his garage by a SWAT team and killed because a neighbor saw him doing it...and said something.

Or families caught with shirtless children playing in their back yard by a neighbor who saw something and said something.

Or just plain suspicious people, you know, who don't smile and keep to themselves.

See anything, say the authorities...who will over-react....and will probably end up killing somebody.

Hey, you gotta break a whole lot of eggs to make the New World Order omelet.


This cowardly mantra has become the national flag justifying our descent into tyranny.

We CAN'T have the same freedoms we had before because times have changed.

Terrorists want to KILL us.

(Never mind that these terrorists were created by the CIA in the 1980's and are still financed and coordinated through the CIA by way of Saudi Intelligence).

Times have changed.

Freedom and Privacy are obsolete.

Yet its funny how as the concept of trading Freedom for Security has increasingly taken hold, the government has become more private (secret) than ever and the concept of government as trustworthy has officially increased as well (at least as far as the media is concerned).

After all, we wouldn't put all our freedoms in the hands of a murderous and corrupt institution, would we?

The Freedom for Security concept has become an ever increasing and never ending gradual abolishment of all our human rights.

Beginning with naked x-ray pictures at the airport, graduating onto genital groping, continuing with checkpoint/detention points and finalizing lately with interrogation, forceful blood and DNA draws at those same locations at gunpoint, our rights and freedoms have descended to that of cattle.

Freedom for security

Nowadays you are 10,000 times more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist.


Uh...yeah, it's dangerous to the Illuminati.

That's why the Federal Government has spent billions trying to indoctrinate police departments into believing that anyone bringing up The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Founding Fathers, or, God forbid, the American Revolution is a probable terrorist.

Git 'im!

You gotta be corn hole stupid to swallow this shit, but, apparently, many of our cops (who I hesitate to call Americans) apparently are!

These missing-chromose shit-for brains apparently really DO believe what Federal Facilitator tell them about all 'dem terrsts, the Con'stution, Bill'a Rights and Fun'din' Fathers.

Of course, all this talk about the Constitution (according to them) is brought about by people wanting to be terrorists, not just confronting a criminal takeover by government by stating legal facts.


If your name cannot be found on the Internet (I just learned) you are considered suspicious (and perhaps of 'person of interest').


You keeping your privacy now MAKES YOU SUSPECT!

But it doesn't stop there.

Your refusal to share personal information also makes you suspect at places like Walmart, Walgreens and your local grocery store.

What? No Preferred Customer Card? Don't want a Preferred Customer Card? Paying with cash?

Uh oh...time to press the secret button under the counter.

Get it?

Privacy has been labeled as something suspicious and even criminal!


No consideration to the MILLIONS of personal data file stolen every year?

No consideration to rampant and out of control identity theft?

Not by the morons at large.

Apparently if you don't trust Corporate America and want to keep you personal information private you are suspected of being some sort of terrorist criminal.


At least this is what most people believe...even though 35 of the 50 states have laws exempting you and your kids from vaccination...just because you say so.

Let me get into this a bit.

Look up 'Vaccine Exemption' state by state or using the name of YOUR state.


There are 'Medical Exemptions,' 'Religions Exemptions,' and exemptions for Other Reasons, Personal Beliefs, Other Grounds, Parental Objection, Moral, Philosophical or Personal Grounds and Moral or Personal Convictions.

That's right.

Vaccination is NOT mandatory.

But every year schools and colleges scare parents and students into getting vaccinated by saying or insinuating they have no choice.

They play of words is simple: 'if you don't get vaccinated you can't attend school...and if you can't attend school you are violating the law...and we call the authorities.'

They conveniently forget to mention you can request to have a VACCINE WAIVER filed in your kids records at school which EXEMPTS your kid from vaccination (but makes keeps your kid from attending school during times of out break – which hardly ever happen...if ever – and even if it does, your kid then gets to partake of a superior home-schooling education for a while).

In extreme cases, in extremist states where only religious exemption is allowed, the parent will have to proclaim him or herself a member of Christian Science (called Christian Scientists) and request religious exemptions.

So what is the problem?

Just do it!

Believe me, no one is going to start attending your local Christian Sciene congregation to make sure they see you there.

This leads me to the follow up topic on this matter:


That's right, with all these new plagues they are busily creating in laboratories, refusal to partake of a (probably contaminated) vaccine makes you into a criminal.

We aren't there yet, but the busy body lobbyists and legislators are working night and day to make vaccine-refusers into criminals...or worse.

When the next 'plague' breaks out, you can bet it is going to be spread by vaccines (modern hygiene levels make this almost mandatory).

So it is in your best interest to refuse vaccination for yourself and your loved ones.

However, the spin is that in times of 'outbreak' vaccine refusers are not only criminals but national security risks.

This is because when you refuse vaccination, you can become sick with whatever the plague is and spread it to others.

This makes you (are you ready?) a national security risk.

That's right, a national security risk, just like any terrorist, to be treated with 'extreme prejudice.'

Superficially, the new outbreak laws give someone refusing the obligatory vaccine the 'right' to be quarantined.

Practically, they will take you (and your family) down, strap you down and give you the shots as you kick and scream – there, you have been forewarned.

But the most criminal aspect of this belief goes a lot deeper than the vaccine needle.

Basically a population that has not right over what enters their bodies...has no right over their bodies.

Get it?

The minute you give in to this 'you must be vaccinated' nonsense YOU LOSE CONTROL AND POSSESSION OVER YOUR OWN BODY.

That's right.

You don't see me legally poking my cock into people at random without their consent – this is legally called rape.

And if we acknowledge the phallic similarity of the syringe needle to a cock, then vaccination is nothing less than BIOLOGICAL RAPE.

That's right, the insertion of foreign objects and fluids into your body.

Make no mistake, forced vaccination amounts to biological rape – this is why vaccination is officially voluntary...but this fact is kept secret from a population purposefully kept IGNORANT of its vaccination rights.

In other words the concept of no choice vaccinations is a LIE.

You have every right to refuse vaccination for you and yours under any and all circumstances in spite of all the ignorant zombies out there saying otherwise.


If this were true, why are the United States, Japan and Europe increasing immigration levels just to have enough people to do all the work their Gross National Products demand?

Of course, the over-population myth is a lie.

The world is due to lose population (and to keep losing it) within the next 40 years.

The problem is the Illuminati want to diminish the importance of human life because they are set to start killing quite a few of us within the next decade, and they don't want the human sacrifices to look that bad.

So 'there's too many people' they tell us.

If it feels crowded where you are just now, its because the suburban and outlying populations are being concentrated in the cities.

Any travel along the outward boondocks in any other state will bring you in touch with dying population centers populated by senior citizens and resembling virtual ghost towns – this is all that's lef t of small town America as the population is coaxed economically into the cities.

THIS is why we seem to be living in coditions of the cities, not just in America, but around the world.

But speaking of geriatrics.


This is the law of the ant colony, and is fit for a society coming to resemble one.

Old people are just trash to be disposed of like used tissue.

Never mind that we might actually LEARN something from their experience and their wisdom.

Nevermind that through DECADES of doing something they might actually have become very good at it.

Never mind that everything we enjoy today THEY have built, constructed, set up and established so that we might enjoy them today.

Never mind that after a lifetime of work and sacrifice these people are entitled to a comfortable retirement (so they can more often than not serve as the co-parents of their grandchildren).

Never mind that they are the only ones with paid off houses that their now homeless and destitute children and their children can shelter in during these hard economic times.

Senior citizens are parasites!

The establishment salivates at the mouth at how we can put all of them to sleep...permanently.

Death panels, over-medication, euthanasia, exposure, disconnection from life support, all are fair and fabulous ideas when it comes to the genocide of the elderly.

'Kill granma so we can hire ten teachers' says Bill Gates.

Cute how the establishment combines folksy, warm and fuzzy comparisons when it comes to getting rid of the folks!

Social Security isn't even an entitlement, remember?

The system MADE them pay into it, so they could start getting it back after they retire (most of them will pass away before getting it all back).

But the government insists on calling social security pensioners 'parasites.'

If you ask me, the true PARASITE is the government we have today.


Forget the open fusion between the public and private sector (fascism) in which the private sector openly uses government as its tool to FORCE the public to purchase its product.

Forget the TOTALLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL nature of a scheme which FORCES the American public to purchase private corporate product.

It seems not enough Americans could continue to afford health insurance given our exportation of all our industries to China, the declining economy and all, combined with skyrocketing rates by the medical insurance the corporations have gotten together to use big bully government to CHOKE IT out of us.

So many Obama-heads are flocking to Obamacare under the mantra that they can get something for nothing, especially if you are poor (which many of us are nowadays) that they are keeping the Obamacare illusion going.

The brick wall they'll run into will be the LEVEL of care they will actually receive (if any) combined with the co-pays they will HAVE to pay regardless of their state of poverty.

So let the idiots line up for their “Affordable” Care Act.

Meanwhile it is already rumored that Obama has a socialized medicine 'single-pay' European-style socialized health care system all mapped out and ready to pull out of his ass upon the collapse of the Affordable Health Care Act (can't let all those signed up needy Americans down so shut up and pass this thing without even reading it!).

The result is likely to be more socialism, worse health care and more death.


This little peccadillo hasn't made it across the Atlantic yet, but with all things European, it is only a matter of time before it does.

In this case, the citizen is accused of 'defaming' government (which gives the government – much like a corporation – the same status of a person).

Under this 'procedure' the individual is immediately required to present 'proof' backing up his 'defamatory statements' against government.

Failing to do so grants you a prison sentence.

So yeah, its basically a criticize-government-go-to-jail law.

Recent adjustments by the European Court have even made the use of 'evidence with bad intent' not allowable, so that you can't even use EVIDENCE to defend yourself.

And, of course, if you criticize the numbers given for the Holocaust, you go to jail too.

And if you engage in 'hate speech.'

Nice little democracy they are working on over there in the Old World.

So before closing with this ass-backward European concept, again let me warn that European ways make their way across the Atlantic.

Keep an ear out for 'defamation of government' laws, especially as the US Government becomes more corrupt, more brutal and more impotent.


The insidious penetration of ass-backward concepts in society have become the norm to the point of lunacy.

We are a lunatic society...ready to commit lunacy.

Our lunacy is based on the acceptance and belief of ass-backward concepts which are not only patently ridiculous, but dangerous and degenerative, gradually pushing our society down the slimy slippery slope of insanity.

Let's hope our august local state legislators get enough of it together to revers this dangerous trend.

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