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Radiation NOT from Fukushima

Something isn't right with the Fukushima presentation.

I call it a presentation because we have been presented with a certain chain of events that is supposed to explain the radioactive spike on the West Coast (and elsewhere) and its causes.

If there is anything I learned from 9/11 is don't believe everything you read....or hear....or see.

That's because everything can be manufactured and presented to you as fact by a monolithic (and apparently international) media.

In 9/11 I was taken in by the onion -peel of lies like everyone else, COMING BOTH FROM THE ESTABLISHMENT AND CONSPIRACY MEDIA.

First it was the terrorists who took over and crashed the planes.

Then it was the the pilots who had been brainwashed...or pilots who were not really commercial pilots but expert pilots nevertheless.

Then it was that the planes had been taken over by remote control and crashed into the buildings.

Then weird things started coming out...about passengers and crew making impossible (at the time) cell phone calls from the air.

...about 'terrorists' who turned up well, alive and quite law-abding in Saudi Arabia.

...about the nearly impossible flight path of the airlines (with or without remote control)

...about there being NO EVIDENCE of plane crashes in the Pentagon or in Pennsylvania.

Now we SAW the planes hit the World Trade Center Towers.

However the physical evidence of planes having actually crashed into the two towers is also...nil.

Not one wallet, one suitcase with personal effects, not one ID card, not one wheel, not one corpse...and more disturbingly, not one turbine from any of the jets.

In other words (play disturbing music here) NO JETS HIT THE TOWERS.

That's right.

The mind recoils at this.

B-b-but HOW?

We SAW it on TV.

Yes...TV showed you something that was supposed to represent reality.

All the over-acting and the screaming, complete with voices of witnesses narrating the events as they happened struck my as patently false.

Later my suspicions were confirmed when YouTube videos started coming out showing video discrepancies – the jet's nose exiting out the other side of the building, the wings gliding in and melding with the tower – all symptoms of CGI – computer generated imagery.

So after seeing this I felt pretty bad. Mostly because I had been taken for a ride.

I felt stupid...and outraged...I had been lied to and taken for a ride.

Even today, most of the conspiracy community still believes that two planes actually hit the towers.

(If you still do, then I invite you to do your own research)

Needless to say, just like anyone who suddenly 'wakes up' I felt deeply disturbed (even though I had already 'woken up' a long time ago).

This was a new awakening.

The awakening and the realization that we could no longer believe what we saw, heard...or perhaps even experienced.

The mechanism of deception had reached new heights.

Reality had been completely warped.

The World Trade Center and the Pentagon was simply demolished by explosives – no planes hit any of the buildings – the footage was manufactured by Computer Generated Imagery.

As I said before, I was completely disturbed.

Completely disturbed that my reality could be completely manufactured and that I could be so completely deceived.

That is my case to you before I introduce the subject of Fukushima.

But before we proceed we must analyze the phenomenon, or better said, the 'scenario' of what has been happening, reaching a climax with Fukushima.

You have to realize that the New World Order is a construct, based on lies, built on deception, and making use of falsehood to fabricate reality.

Also, keep in mind we are already ¾ into the New World Order...and the mechanisms of deception have already been activated.

And what will the New World Order be?

A mechanism of delusion, make believe and deception ad infinitum.

It has already started.

But before we continue let me stress one important point: the things we are supposed to believe are constructed as a 'scenario' – a story we are supposed to believe – and events that occur happen as a build-up to that 'scenario.'


Deep Water Horizone April 2010

The scenario being implanted began on March, 2010, with the sinking of the sinking of the South Korean frigate 'Cheonan.'

Even though the incident was blamed on a North Korean submarine, no submarine was ever tracked, monitored or even detected.

Even though a North Korean torpedo was blamed for the catastrophe, the 'parts' found and said to be part of a North Korean torpedo did not match any torpedo in the North Korean arsenal.

North Korea denied any involvement (and had no incentive to carry out the sinking).

Scenario: Destruction From the Sea.

This is the subconscious basis for the future scenarios connected to this concept.

The following month, April, 2010, the Deep Water Horizon, a deep-drilling oil rig operated by British Petroleum through a contractor (any time a contractor is involved, it indicates a cover-up of responsibility) suddenly blows up and unleashes an uncontrollable oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico.

We all know what an oil spill is.

We know it can be catastrophic.

They have happened before many times.

But this was the second greatest oil spill in human history – 700,000 tons (surpassed only by the epic California Lakeview Gusher oil spill of 1910 – 1 million tons) and, incredibly, BP said there was no way of stopping it.

My antennas went up when a visual aid was provided by BP of the underwater gusher put on the internet 24 hours a day and daily on TV.

What a splendid visual aid!

What type of corporation would provide a visual aid saying 'look at just how badly we are failing!'

Makes no sense.

No sense unless you want to plant the notion in the heads of people that “the entire Gulf of Mexico is drowning in oil!!!”

Not only does it make BP (courtesy of BP) look bad.

Not only does it pooh pooh the much ballyhooed Theory of Peak Oil.

But it spreads panic.

The entire scenario had 'scenario' written all over it.

As mentioned, we were in the 21st century and man seemed unable to stop an oil gusher (gusher sealing is a 150 year old science).

So they could not would not stop the gusher, and not only did not stop it, but filmed it and showed it off to the entire world on television.

Pure theater.

The spill was bad enough, but BP exacerbated the disaster by using tons of Corexit, a 'dispersant' 50 times more toxic than the oil itself.

Corexit made IT along with the oil descend to the bottom of the Gulf (out of sight, out of mind), killing all manner of sea life residing there.

What followed the purposeful non-stop contamination of the Gulf not only by oil, but by chemical dispersants resulted in the massive fish die offs and the destruction of the Gulf fishing industry.

Later, theories emerged that a submarine might have torpedoed the Deep Water Horizon.

If there is anything I learned from 9/11 is that things MIGHT be the way you think they are...or they might not.

The Cheosan could have been sunk by a (non-North Korean) submarine, or it could have been sunk by a bomb.

The Deep Water Horizon could have been torpedoes by a submarine or it could have been blown up by a bomb.

What's important is the basis of what is happening: danger from the sea.

Cheonan sunk at sea.

Deep Water Horizon blown up at sea.

And then there is Fukushima.
Fukushima was weird from the beginning.

I saw the reactor blow up on TV.

The question is what caused it to blow up.

In a nuclear reactor, the only thing that could make it blow up is a build up of steam.

Just one problem – no steam cloud.

Which was weird.

Later Jim Stone, an ex-analyst for the NSA effectively proved that the reactor compartment that blew up...had no reactor!

The Reactor-4 compartment not only had no reactor but had its dome removed (proven by photographs) and was open for repairs prior to it blowing up.

Conclusion: visual evidence indicates the Fukushima reactors were blown up by explosives, not pressurized steam.

Later it turned out an Israeli 'nuclear security' company called Magna BSP was left to 'install' security equipment at Fukushima.

Suspicion immediately fell upon Magna's over-sized cameras which were incidentally installed in the blown up reactors a month before.

Shades of 9/11 in which an Israeli company had closed off entire floors of the World Trade Centrer for remodeling.

Conspiracy mecca owner Jeff Rense went ballistic at Jim Stone's claims, proceeding to condemn him right off the bat without (and this is key) seeking to disprove any of his theories and banning conspiracy author Henry Makow for daring to support Stone.

For the record, Jim Stone is hiding for his life and NOT ONE of the many conspiracy pundits out there has picked up on his theories, on him...or his facts.

Not one.

That would spoil the 'scenario' wouldn't it?

But I am asking you to use something besides the media inputing information into your mind, I am asking you to use logic and common sense.

The Fukushima explosions were no conventional in a place where no conventional explosion could take place.

The suspicious activity continued.

All the way from the non-chalant attitude of the Japanese government to the limited evacuation area to the lack of DEATH from the so-called nuclear reactor explosions.

In other words, the Fukushima disaster seemed false from day one.

Later it turned out that even the Fukushima 40 suicide workers who volunteered to enter the plant...are still alive!

If Fukushima was indeed a Chernobyl-scale disaster, then a quarter of Japan would have had to have been evacuated, followed by immediately contamination in adjacent countries – Korea, China and Taiwan – none of it happened.

What did happen was a whole lot of hype on how 'the world was going to die.'

Let's backtrack a bit, shall we, and look at one of the major fish killers in the world: the US Navy.

The US Navy regularly puts out calculations of how much sea life it is going to kill in its upcoming 'live fire naval exercises.'

Off the East Coast or West Coast, wherever the exercises have happened.

Get it?

Loss of masses of sea life is EXPECTED during the realization of US Navy exercises.

Right after the 'naval exercises' conclude, the dead sea life shows up.

Just how the Navy kills off masses of sea life during these 'exercises' is beyond me, but right after tons of dead fish begins to wash ashore right on cue.

The fish and whales show no sign of trauma whatsoever, they are just dead.

Explanations have been given regarding the use of Navy high-power sonar and its effect on sea life, anf this may or may not be a complete explanation.

Could this be an explanation for at least a portion of the dead sea life (both fish and mammal) washing up on our shores?

The other aspect is radiation.

It is definitely there.

But it's there in weird ways, weird amounts and weird locations.

Dr. Christopher Busby, a chemist and director of Green Audit Limited and a visiting professor at the School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Ulster was a guest on the Alex Jones Show January 7, 2014. saying amounts of radiation showing up ARE WAY TOO HIGH to just be coming off Fukushima.

So yeah, the radiation is there but the logic and the math does not add up.

Air crew flying off Alaska have reported hair loss and other symptoms of radiation poisoning so the radiation is there 30,000 feet above Alaska.

The Carrier USS Reagan sailors were affected by radiation poisoning.

In my opinion, they were more likely affected by ingesting desalinated radioactive water than air radiation.

Navy ships actually draw their water from the ocean, desalinate it and treat it briefly before using on board their ships.

The thing is they can't remove radiation from the water.

The Reagan's crew is probably getting its radiation poisoning from the water.

Water which was most likely contaminated by the rumored nuclear explosions off Fukushima to trigger the tsunami at the Japan fault line.

The rumor of nuclear bombs being detonated underwater is spreading – hear of the rumor that nukes were actually detonated off the coast of South Carolina?

Before continuing, lets go over the radiation showing up.

Arizona was caught having the most radioactive milk in the country.

How is it that Arizona milk became the most radioactive in the country before that of Hawaii, Washington, Oregon and California?

Let's use some common sense here.

Radiation spikes are showing up in the Midwest, the South and the East Coast, skipping over entire states to show up as a spike in others.

Meanwhile the spin-mongers are hyping up Fukushima as the beginning, the present and the end this whole situation.

My point is this:

Fukushima is radioactive....

...but it is not the sole cause of all this radiation!

Now it gets a little complicated because the establishment is using the real and the unreal, concern and panic, fact and factoid to put a spin on how you should view the crisis.

A simple way to pick up on fear mongering is that it is way over the top.

If anything, the 'sky is falling' panic mongering being put out with Fukushima as a background is all of this.

“The Pacific is suffering from the collapse of entire species!”

“The West Coast is dead!”

“The Pacific is dead!”

“The entire world is dying!”

“If two rods touch together, its goodbye Japan!”

“The rods are being handled by drunk vagrants!”

All these nonsense statements, many coming from 'experts' who are later proven to be impostors are designed:

    1)to focus the public mind on Fukushima INSTEAD OF THE OTHER CAUSES of radiation poisoning
2)create an anti-nuclear panic in preparation for the abolishment of nuclear power

Meanwhile across our country, strange (yet coordinated phenomenon) is happening like hundreds of Black Birds falling dead from the sky in Arkansas...repeatedly.

Bees are dying off (this started way before Fukushima).

In fact a lot of these die-offs are happening across the world, many out of the path of any and all radiation from Fukushima.

Is it also a mere coincidence that MOST of our nuclear power plants (including my local Palo Verde -the largest nuke plant in America) are LEAKING SIMULTANEOUSLY?

Why is that?

Mere coincidence?

Let's just remember one thing.


And from all appearances they have begun to carry it out:

-radioactive fluoride in our water

-chemtrails in our skies

-dangerous vaccines for us and our children

-toxic food

- toxic GM crops

-networks of emitters microwaving every inch of our living space

-ELF Smart Meter emitters astride every home

-toxic medicine and medical treatment

-collapse of a viable health care system


…and now radiation.

If you step back and look at the increasingly radioactive state of our living space, you can begin to see it merely as the next step in the ever increasing toxicity of our environment.

In fact, the radiation is just one more factor poisoning and debilitating the population in order to facilitate death.

Which leads us to the crucial issue which is really important:

Where is the additional radiation coming in from?

Take your pick.

At this particular moment in time I don't know.

Even though several places of origin become obvious.


Our nuclear power plants are leaking.

Our nuclear disposal issue has become a problem – has the illegal disposal of nuclear waste begun?

In the third world they bury imported nuclear waste just about anywhere in exchange for a payoff.

As already mentioned, we have become very much like the Third World here, with accompanying levels of corruption.


Our nuclear power plants are all suddenly leaking (and in Europe too).

This is too much chance and coordination for it to be mere coincidence.

Obviously the 'leaking' of our nuclear is a pre-planned affair which is not only happening on a regular basis, but is regularly covered up.


A more polite term might be undersea nuclear testing, but that term is not used for obvious reasons.

The big one is said to have happened off the coast of Fukushima and triggered a tsunami...which served as the justification for the Fukushima plant sabotage.

A second one is said to have happened off the coast of South Carolina. If this is true, then expect radioactive fish as well as fish die offs in Europe and Africa from the effects this second undersea nuclear detonation.


The standard New World Order way to deliver contaminants is chem-trails.

They spent 15 years spraying these chemical contrails in order to imprint their normality on the public mind and trying to convince everyone that these phenomenon are normal. So with the dumbed-down public no longer alarmed, the phenomenon of continuously sprayed CHEM-TRAILS over our heads has become an accepted fact of life.


They can put ANYTHING in those chem-trails....including radiation.

Having been caught red handed putting biological and chemical contaminants in the air...and gotten away with it through total media control, why should they not insert radiation into the picture?

Radioactive contrails would certainly explain all the radiation spikes going on all over America and even Europe, because Fukushima certainly doesn't.


So my conclusion is this:

Fukushima was a false flag operation designed not only to punish Japan for collaborating with Iran's nuclear industry, but as false marker for the deliberate contamination of the world with radioactivity.

True to form the establishment and pseudo-conspiracy media is pushing “the entire Pacific is DEAD” sky-is-falling scenario, and, of course, blaming it squarely on Fukushima as North America and other parts of the Northern Hemisphere become dangerously radioactive.

The important part is that they keep blaming it all on Fukushima, when in fact several nuclear experts have already stated the amount of radiation appearing, the location and even the radiation markers don't match Fukushima.

So what they are doing is continuing their depopulation program by adding radiation to the environment and blaming it all on Fukushima (and future nuclear plant accidents).

More than likely the radiation you are absorbing is coming directly from underwater nuclear detonations (which are contaminating aquatic life) and radioactive contrail spraying (which might account for all the dead birds and bugs starting to appear).

The appearance of radiation in our environment marks the beginning of the endgame in the Illuminati population reduction program.

Once more...


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  1. Sounds all very plausible and truthful indeed! Keep up the good hard work on pulling down the curtain of these evil men. God will be their judge...