Wednesday, February 12, 2014

America: Infiltrated & Controlled By Its Own Spy Agencies

By now you are probably familiar with Representative Michael Grimm's (R-NY) threat to throw a journalist off a balcony.

That's right, a Congressman threatened to kill a reporter on camera.

But these are not the words of a Congressman, or a statesman, or even a politician.

These are the words of a national security police state thug.

You see, Grimm is not a Congressman, but an FBI agent masquerading as a Congressman.

He joined the FBI two years into his 8-year US Marine enlistment.

Didn't know you could do that?

Obviously the incredible becomes the possible in today's out of control national security state.

So this thug joins the FBI while serving as an active duty Marine.


The point is he is not our 'representative,' but a representative of the FBI, our secret police thug force, and he makes this abundantly clear by way of his behavior.

This is the main problem with our society today – intelligence and police assets are masquerading as 'public servants' while remaining agents of the police / intelligence community.

I wrote an article on this a short while back – a very important article– which receive RECORD LOW hits, so I am mentioning the phenomenon one more time.

It seems that the more important the subject, the less interest, or the less access is granted by Google.

Well, I think it is worth a re-mention considering the role it is playing in the very destruction of our country.

In effect, what is happening (has been happening for decades) is the replacement of our representatives, public servants and corporate leaders by police and intelligence assets.

Bill Gates is NSA.

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are CIA.

George H.W. Bush and his son, George W. Bush are CIA.

Obama is CIA.

Governor Jerry Brown (who is turning California into a collapsed socialist police state) is an intelligence asset.

I don't have to venture very far from from my own state of Arizona to point out all the intelligence baggage.

Terry Goddard, ex-mayor of Phoenix with gubernatorial pretensions is an intelligence asset.

Our very own 'America's toughest Sheriff', Joe Arpaio, is a DEA asset with connections to the CIA

Our Governor, Jan Brewer, plays the part of Republican while aligning Arizona squarely with Federally-sponsored E-Verify, Obamacare, Federalized police and now 'a new child protective agency.'

'ENOUGH' exclaimed Brewer just before announcing the new child protection agency.

It's a word these people like to use just before they shaft us.


Like they've been burdened for decades by the unholy abuse of our irresponsible freedom.

It's unknown where the funding for this new child-snatching agency will come from, but obviously there are hundreds of millions of (cough federal cough) dollars suddenly available.

The President of Arizona State University, Michael Crow, is an intelligence asset (for good reason, because the intelligence community and NASA do research at ASU) who likes to 'crow' all the time about his special national security clearance.

Our very own lesbian-in-charge, Janet Napolitano, is a good illustration of an intelligence asset.

From US district attorney – to governor of Arizona – to chief of Homeland Security – to president of University of California colleges (its amazing how many college presidents today are in fact intelligence assets). How's that for a powered stairway to the top? All this position, all this power, all this prestige to a filthy intelligence asset a simple undercover agent for the CIA.

Many famous faces we see everyday on TV are also as the service of the CIA.

Every day I have to suffer through the ugly faces of CIA assets-masquerading-as-journalists David Martin and John Miller.

It was Miller who was the 'first journalist to interview Osama Bin Laden.

They also selected this CIA asset to do an interview for 60 minutes on the NSA chief.

That's like asking Al Capone to investigate the mafia.

Recently they have kicked this CIA employee upstairs with the New York Police and his place has been taken by another CIA asset...who even looks and acts like the old John Miller (which makes sense since they both probably graduated from the same psyops school).

On the other hand, David Martin continues to be the patriotic establishment voice of pro-militarism and foreign involvement on national TV.

It gets no better overseas.

It turns out that Al Sisi, the new military dictator of Egypt is a long-time Mossad intelligence asset, in the tradition of many Third World dictators who turned out to be intelligence assets of one side or the other.

But, again, this is the main point:

We are becoming a national security state because we have been infiltrated by national security assets.

The representatives and public servants of the people are turning out to be assets of the CIA and the NSA, and not of the people at all.

As I said before, a law should have been passed a long time ago to prohibit anyone associated with the intelligence community from occupying any type of public office.

This major neglect has resulted in the infiltration of our society by the CIA / NSA / DIA intelligence community to our detriment.

THIS is why we are turning into a National Security Police State while our police, judges, governors, mayors, legislative leaders and corporate chiefs applaud.

THIS is why the Federal Government regularly uses the local County Sheriff's Department as their personal goon squad. It's because the Sheriff is himself a Federal asset.

THIS is why our public servants are acting like pod people from Alpha Centauri instead of American citizens.

Hear about the New Mexico town who had its Police Chief dismissed and his entire police department disbanded by the local Sheriff?

It didn't matter that the local Sheriff has no jurisdiction in disbanding police departments.

I would have told this Fed gofer he was out of his jurisdiction and stood by fully armed along with my policemen awaiting orders from my city council.

I think it's high time we stopped backing down before these Fed undercover agents no matter whose badge they happen to be wearing at the moment.

The truth is socialism and totalitarianism are progressing in America under the NSA-CIA-DIA tripartite using disguised agents who are simply obeying orders and applauding their employers, whose rise they have facilitated and whose power they are over watching.


It's happened before in history.

The technique is at least 150 years old.

The society is infiltrated by intelligence assets masquerading as police, military and government officials.

The remainder are simply drawn in through blackmail and bribery.

Once all the 'agents' are in place, the radical revolutionaries move in and the gates are opened to them.

This is how France fell to the bloody Jacobins.

This is how Russia fell to the bloody Bolsheviks.

This is how Germany fell to the bloody Nazis.

Its amazing how the same technique is used over and over again by the Illuminati – successfully – while no one takes notice.

Presently the 'agents' from the CIA, NSA, DIA and FBI are again 'in place' to begin the next 'revolution.'

This time they are opening the gates to the radical Democrats and Obamamites, drowning our population in illegal immigration, confiscating our guns, inducting us into socialist programs, dis-empowering the family while empowering the government and taking control of private property and preparing for the mass arrest of non-cooperative Americans.

It's the intelligence agencies who are doing all this.

But remember, they are not powers unto themselves, but only tools controlled by the Central Banking Oligarchy – it's a well known fact that the permanent directorships of the CIA and NSA are occupied by Wall Streeters.

Get it now?

The intelligence agencies are merely the tools of the oligarchic central banking aristocracy in creating the New Socialist World Order.

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