Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Illuminati Conspiracy Blog Hacked By Russia?

If you want to attract the attention of the spy agencies, start blogging about the spy agencies.

My blog has become regularly monitored by the NSA since publishing a little critique on the NSA's real-time tracking and spying of American citizens.

Jewish groups are also monitoring this site due to my unfavorable opinions on Israel, its spy agencies and the Jewish Talmudic-Kabalistic-Luciferians who run them.

On the other hand, if you want your blog to be messed with, start criticizing Russia and its illustrious leader, Vladimir Putin.

Apparently my rather long and negative article on Putin did not go well with Russian individuals and the result became evident in curious and surprising ways (and this is not surprising considering that Google's Sergei Brin was born in Russia).

As to what happened to my site (that I know of), for one, the entire article criticizing Putin was cut-off and re-routed to my article criticizing the NSA.

How's THAT for a Jujitsu turnaround?

The entire article on Putin became inaccessible.

Then...the entire contents of my article on Putin were erased and in its place was inserted a copy of my article criticizing the NSA!

That put me (inadvertently) right on track with all the other whale-on-America-but-not-Russia bloggers.

Unfortunately I stumbled across the Putin article switch (which eliminated the article from Google while maintaining its original title but containing material criticizing the NSA instead) and put things right again.

The funny thing is I would never have run across these shenanigans if I had not gone back to do some corrective editing...and actually entered the article on my 'posts' section.

The article 'Putin: DEVIL, not Hero' can now be found here:

I believe it is an important article, revealing the actual Vladimir Putin who is now entering the world stage.


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