Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Logic Bomb: Illogical Conspiracy Theories

This time around on the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog, I will analyze the logic (or lack thereof) in some new conspiracy theories that have been sprouting all over the place.

The reason I do this is simple.

I believe certain conspiracy theories have been planted purposefully with the mission of producing psychological damage on the minds of the informed.

The most insidious of these psychological bombs are designed to create a feeling of fear, panic and distrust, especially when it comes to your fellow human being.

Which makes perfect sense because the Illuminati don't want us coming together in any way shape or form as they proceed to slowly decimate humanity.

Here goes, here are the theories I think are false psychological warfare ploy and the reasons I believe them to be false.

If the world is really dominated by shape shifting reptilians, why did we have a movie come out on network TV in 1983 called 'V' which featured reptilians disguised as humans?

Furthermore, if this is true, why was a remake of 'V' allowed to be released in 2009?

Don't you think the world-dominating reptilians would have a say on what is shown on national network TV, especially when it exposes them to the entire world?

Purpose: the reason behind this theory is simply to denigrate the conspiracy movement. Once you start mentioning shape shifting reptilians, you become too far out for the masses, even if you get back to the provable basics

Possible Purpose II: the government might be preparing humanity for a false alien invasion scenario in which the aliens invade from another dimension...of course, they will be reptilians.


Another concept that comes up in occult conspiracy circles is the concept that humanity was more advanced in the past than it is today.

If so advanced, I am sure they would have found the secrets of fabricating plastic...which is pretty much an eternal immutable substance.

That being the case, I am sure we would have come across some trace of ancient plastic by now.

But not only have we not found any plastic, but we have not found much of anything very technological beyond some nifty ancient mechanisms no more advance than a wind-up clock,

Purpose: no real purpose. Its just one more wild fascinating theory designed to sidetrack attention from more pertinent issues.


The concept here is that an aliens from other planets are visiting Earth.

The first question is, of course, why don't they show themselves?

The second question is why don't they turn off the lights at night if they don't want to be seen?

Another question is why don't they make use of stealth technology to keep themselves off radar as well as the visual spectrum...in which they are always showing up?

The mind-warping doesn't end there, and, in fact continues, with theories that UFOs are ultra-dimensional creatures.

Well, you know, a 'creature' is apt to be curious, or hungry and, sometimes stationary, none of which fits the description of these UFO thingies.

So, while not denying the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects, I am questioning the logic and the myth behind the phenomenon.

One bothersome aspect of the UFO phenomenon is the ultra-dimensional pov it is entering – a concept initiated by CIA assets John Keel and Jacques Vallee.

Again, preparation for the government's ultra-dimensional invasion?


The story here is that people are showing up with bits of unidentifiable alloys inside their bodies – the product of alien tracking devices.

Again, don't you think that an alien civilization capable of star travel would be able to make a cosmetically disguised device indistinguishable from human flesh?

Instead of an obvious metallic device, why not a flesh-like mole or a zit?


The theory here is that the Illuminati have been scheming to take over the world since ancient times.

Well, no.

The Illuminati showed up in 1776 as an offspring of Freemasonry.

As such, they are just a recent offspring of today's dominant secret society: Freemasonry.

If you want to count your dominant secret societies backward, start with Rosicrucians, Knight Templars and Cult of Mithra and Cult of Dionysius and Baal.

The Illuminati aren't all that (though I named this blog after them).

What bothers me about the Illuminati concept is not that they don't exist (and in fact might continue to exist), but that it sidetracks from other operational institutions the Triads, York Rite and Scottish Rite Freemasonry as well as B'nai B'rith and Talmudic, Kabalistic Luciferianism.

Purpose: the reason of naming everything 'illuminati' is to cause people to ignore other bloody-minded institutions which might in fact be more active in humanity's destruction.


The myth here is that our veterans got the syndrome because they blew up bunkers full of chemical agents.

The truth is veterans who never deployed got the same syndrome.

They got it because the syndrome was injected into them by the military with vaccines.

Purpose: the exploding bunker myth is, of course, to sidetrack that the military has sickened and continues to sicken our veterans with vaccines.

Whether its Planet-X, a rogue comet, or the Illuminati planning to kill off 90% of the world's population through nuclear war and biological attack, the purpose here is to create an atmosphere of panic, distrust and hopelessness, leading you to worry more about 'prepping' than acting against the Illuminati controlled government.

Let's start with nuclear war.

Such an attempt would lead to a defacto loss of Illuminai control over the world's entire population!

There's nothing more liberating than a nuclear attack – all the dead cops, the melted computer databases, the fried electronics, the wiped out databanks...the Utah Data Center a giant crater in the ground.

Tsk, tsk, all that money and effort for nothing.

Why go through all the trouble of installing a global control grid...just to destroy it...and make you lose all that control?

Purpose: This type of doomsday thinking is especially insidious because it creates a 'to-hell-with-everyone-else' and a 'watch-out-for-number-one' attitude. Under most cases, the scenarios make all those around you your enemies (due to shortage of food, water and essentials). It creates a psychology of selfishness, distrust and desperation (not organization, allianace and resistance)

The most recent theory has the Illuminati planting tiny nano-devices in our food which, when activated (surprise!) kill us.

The 'shocked' whistle blowers exclaim so many of us have ingested these nano particles that 85% of the world's population can be killed at the push of a button.
This is a typical 'kiss your ass goodbye' theory meant to scare and create hopelessness.
Nano particle dangers DO exist, but not nano-robot or nano-devices.

First of all, if these particle DO exist and the secret IS out, we should have already seen a lot of interesting pictures of these things as people go through their food, separate these grain-of-sand-sized nano particles and put them under a microscope.

They sell scopes at the science store that not only view microscopically, but take pictures as well.

If these things have been with us since 1996 (as they claim), where are all the cool pictures?
So while I await some good pictures of these Illuminati nano-technology devices I would like to thank the Illuminati for making their high tech so obviously available to the public...unless, of course, the whole thing is one more scam designed to create panic and hopelessness.


More 'kiss-your-ass-goodbye' doom theories designed to remove hope.
When it comes to HAARP, crazy theories based on the blatherings of Air Force 'scientist' Thomas Bearden or obscure babbling attributed to Nicolai Tesla (probably made up) give the Illuminati the power to kill us at the push of a button, but not before they wipe our brains, but not before they drive us insane all through the magic of HAARP technology.
EMP is also the new boogeyman of doomsday. The theory holds that one nuclear sub-orbital burst will drive humanity back into the stone age, but not before killing 80% of the population through structural disintegration.
Again, gloom and doom theories designed to make us all give up.
First of all, the results of an EMP, like the lightning it resembles, are unpredictable and have never been officially tested.

It would be a long stretch that an EMP would erase EVERY computer and destroy EVERY electronic device while also shutting down ALL electric power...permanently.
The effects of an EMP burst are exaggerated and are especially exaggerated when they say a SOLAR FLARE can EMP the entire Earth.

Who dug this one out of their ass?

That's right, a solar flare so huge it blasts the Earth's Ionosphere right on top of our heads (or, yikes, blows away the entire atmosphere).

People that say this have no idea about astronomical distances or the size of solar flares.

It would take a solar flare the size of the sun itself to come even close to doing something like this (which is another way of saying the sun has to blow up to get it done).

Top Secret government whistle blowers LOVE to spout all sorts of garbage how government has all this fantastic technology that can clobber us at the push of a button.

Government sees all, knows all and can kill all, from unstoppable plagues to invincible robots to all-seeing satellites to flying saucers build with alien technology.


These people couldn't even secure Baghdad.

What this all sounds to me is more like the wishful thinking of government control freaks or the chest thumping of government propagandists than any type of reality.

And, of course, 'information' such as this is 'released' to the public to create the aura of government invincibility while fomenting a sense of 'what's the use?' in the aware public.

It's all trash, don't believe it.


Latest in the doomsday, kiss-your-ass-goodbye, its-all-hopeless, we're-all-dead, it's-all-over theories to hit cyberspace is that Fukushima is somehow a world ending event.

I have my doubts.

These people are saying that a huge radioactive cloud is about to hit and devastate the entire Western United States, that is before it proceeds to devastate the entire country...and then probably the whole planet.

Whoa, Nelly, get a grip.

First of all, let's look at facts.

First of all, only PART of ONE nuclear power plant went bye bye.

Secondly, this place is 7000 miles away from us clear across the Pacific ocean.

If ALL THAT lethal radiation is coming our of Fukushima, then how come Japan is not already DEAD?

Or, for that matter, how come Fukushima is not a corpse littered waste land?

The answer is, of course, that the radiation levels are being exaggerated to create a sense of hopelessness and panic

Remember when the reactor blew up, not one but several times?

When I saw that, I said, all those Fukushimians are DEAD like NOW.

Nope, no such thing happened. In fact, it later turned out the exploding bunker seemed to have had no reactor at the time it blew up!

I always found it suspicious how Jeff Rense ostracized Henry Makow for daring to mention the theory that atomic bombs created the tidal waves while Fukushima was blown up by conventional explosives.

Actually, an underwater nuclear detonation WOULD make all that radioactive deep sea tuna make sense.

So, no, do not swallow the Fukushima-melted-and-we-are-all-dead theories.

And if there IS untoward amounts of radiation in your environment, I would be more inclined to believe it is coming from places other than Fukushima and that Fukushima is merely being used as a scapegoat.

The lesson from all of this?

Be very skeptical of theories insinuating that it's-all-over, we're-all-dead or it's-totally-hopeless.

Such theories are designed to destroy our initiative through a sense hopelessness.

A typical reaction is this every-body-for-themselves-its-doomsday culture of survivalism which concentrates on the survival of the individual versus, say, an entire nation or population group.

Hey, the Illuminati want us separate instead of cooperating with each other.

They want us scared, not angry.

They'd rather have us resigned than thinking up ways to get rid of them.

I believe that is a main reason for all the ridiculous doomsday theories that are sprouting out nowadays.


Joel Skousen and Lyndon La Rouche are the big proponents of all out nuclear armageddon.

Again: 'give up all hope, or concentrate on your own survival instead of organizing and confronting the government.'

Well, let's see.

There is nothing more liberating and chaos-inducing than a nuclear war.

Why bother building FEMA Camps, data bases like the Utah Data Center, traffic camera networks, and NSA spying grids if you're going to destroy it all?

Although I don't doubt the Illuminati are open to using a few nukes in order to panic the population into a New World Order cattle pen, I don't believe they are planning all out nuclear annihilation.

Again, if they were planning to destroy the entire country they would not have bothered building FEMA camps, or setting up a comprehensive spy network with places like the Utah Data Center, or the Facebook and Google spy network.

No, they are setting up the concentration camp technocratic spy network because they are planning to CONTROL us, not destroy us (or at least not most of us).


So don't believe everything you hear.

A large amount of the disinformation out there is designed to make you panic and psychologically collapse into hopelessness or a mentality of 'everyone for himself' instead of banding together to oppose the New World Order.

A lot of Illuminati propaganda is masquerading as conspiracy theories and conspiracy researchers with 'crucial' information.

Again, prepare for any eventuality, but don't believe everything you hear, especially if it is along the lines of we-are-all-dead or its-all-over type of message.

Make no mistake,the New World Order is planning to take over enslaved humanity, not destroy their control infrastructure.

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  1. I agree with you, I believe in some of the conspiracy theories, and that there is much lies in our government. But when I see or read about reptilians or aliens (if they are not spiritual beings) controlling the very fundamentals parts of our world government, I tend to think "Now they are going way too far with this theories".