Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Bloody Over-Population Myth

Of all the scams the Illuminati run, the over-population myth is perhaps the bloodiest.

It is the bloodiest because the 'establishment' keeps stressing that 90% of the of the world's population has got to go in order for the planet to be 'sustainable.'

Sustainable meaning nature NOT being destroyed by man's excesses.

Please note all the high sounding pro-nature proclamations while these same people destroy nature through genetically modified organisms (GMO) which are now destroying the established natural genome of crops and farm animals.

Please not all their idealism while they not only let forests burn through 'pristine wilderness' policies but accelerate the combustion through contrail deposits containing aluminum as surviving forests themselves are being poisoned by contrail deposits.

Please note all their public-mindedness while marine life is destroyed by HAARP, Navy sonar and radiation and they are push for expansion of environment-destroying nuclear energy.

Yup, these are the same environmentalists who destroyed the Gulf of Mexico and are now destroying the Pacific.

There is a favorite passage from Revelation I like which says “the time has come to destroy those who are destroying the Earth.”


But it ain't us destroying the Earth, even though the Illuminati like to refer to humanity as some sort of plague (while they themselves ARE the plague).

But let's get back to the nitty gritty: getting rid of most of the world's population.

University professors illicit laughter, applause and approval from their audience as they exclaim “there are just too many damn people.”

British Royalty provoke warm smiles as they proclaim the wish to be reincarnated as a new type of “virus” so they can kill most of humanity.

Bill Gates produces mirth and celebration when he states “we have to kill granny” (through death panels) in order to hire ten teachers.

Abortion and involuntary sterilization (through vaccination) in the Third World is the topic of the moment.

Reduce! Reduce! Reduce! The population of the Earth MUST be REDUCED!

But the population crisis is a MYTH.

The population of the Earth is due to plateau within the next fifty years and actually begin declining thereafter.


Because increasing urbanization, taxation and government control will make it so.

People who live in rural areas and wide open spaces have large families.

People who live in cities have only a few children (because that is all they can house and feed).

It's all happened before in history.

The Roman population declined as it became more urban.

During the tail end of the renaissance the once booming population of France started falling behind that of the island nation of England.


Because the French had come up population-reducing phenomenon: suffocating bureaucracy and taxation.

It was the first of its type in Europe – the burgeoning bureaucracy of Louis XIV.

It was incredible to see how this comparatively primitive bureaucracy could so influence the size of an entire nation...but it did.

Modern bureaucracy and urbanization is even worse.

China is already losing population.

India's population will plateau within the next forty years.

North America, Europe, Russia and Japan are LOSING population and making up for it desperately with immigration.

So much for over-population.

The population of large parts of the Earth is already declining, with the decline becoming universal within the next few decades.

So there is no population crisis.

But the Illuminati are creating a phony crisis.


To serve as a justification for the next mass sacrifice of humanity.

“Don't miss the dead, there were too damn many of us anyway!”

This element of self-loathing is typical Illuminati programming, as we are embedded with the concept that we are basically scum and are in need of a nice culling.

The Illuminati are saying there are too many of us because they want to kill many of us (or at least let us die) en mass with little or no regret.

They want to KILL a lot of people...once more.

I say this because it happens periodically.

They kill MILLIONS.

These mass sacrifices have gone under the name of Napoleonic Wars, WW-I, Russian Revolution, WW-II, Chinese Revolution, wars of the Cold War, etc.

They happen on a regular basis.

The really BIG events (like WW-I and WW-II) remain as gigantic scars on he world.

The time has come for another massive sacrifice (you didn't believe the peace and prosperity we have enjoyed at home since 1950 was permanent, did you?)

They plan to kill millions of us, and to justify the whole thing they are saying there are too many of us.

A mass sacrifice to the Illuminati god, from which they seem to get all their power.

So how, prey tell, how do the Illuminati plan to get rid of 90% of us?

I have been thinking long and hard on the subject...and I have come to the conclusion...that they can't!

That's right.

They can't kill 90% of the world's population.

They couldn't if they tried.

It's an unreachable figure.

But that won't keep them from killing a quarter of us.

The glory in is the mass death, the extreme figures just supply the impetus.

You know.

If you want 20% increase in productivity out of your workers, aim for 100% in order to gain maximum effort.

That nice round 90% figure puts all the Illuminati and their servants in the appropriate frame of mind.

'There is no such thing as too much!' 'Too much is not enough!'

So yes, they are going to have a mass-killing of humanity (which they will later frame as a helpful 'culling' of the world's population) in one way or another.

But as far as mass human sacrifices go, In my opinion, this is the BIG ONE.

Why is it the big one?

Because this is the big sacrifice that will usher in the New World Order itself.

The New World Order of the Ages.

Big endeavors require big sacrifices.

And it gets no bigger than the Novus Ordo Seclorum – the 'undertaking of the ages.'

So how will they do it?

I think it will be a smörgåsbord of just about everything – economic collapse, rioting, revolution, war, purge, plague, starvation and natural catastrophe.

And yes, I did say 'natural catastrophe.'

Natural catastrophe WILL, unfortunately, play a big role.

Ever hear of Nibiru?

From what I see, the thing is real (I became convinced way back in 2003).

You don't have to believe in it in order to see its effects already:
-decreased gravitational field
-decreased atmosphere,
-decreased planetary rotation
-decreased ozone layer
-decreased oxygen
-deceased magnetic field
-shifting magnetic poles
-chaotic weather
-a chaotic sun.
-increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions

Folks, something is coming in...and THAT is what's causing the chaos.

(I will write an entry on Nibiru / Planet-X very soon).

Instead of preparing the Earth for this cosmic event, what are the Illuminati doing?

They are planning more wars, more plagues, more collapse and more chaos, all coinciding with this thing's catastrophic arrival.

I know it's hard to swallow it all in one gulp – it is just too big.

And I am sorry to have to lay this on you.

It's one of those things one rather not talk about.

But the Illuminati plan on not only NOT helping humanity when Nibiru arrives, but making the situation as bad as they possibly can!


If you can imagine an Earth wracked by natural catastrophe, plague, starvation and vicious wars, then you are starting to get the idea.

The Illuminati believe in 'creative destruction' and 'never letting an opportunity go to waste.'

Nibiru is to them simply a great opportunity.

The biggest Illuminati project of all – the New World Order – will require the biggest destruction of all.

That's why they have proclaimed to the heavens that there are too many of us and that a drastic population reduction is necessary.

They are setting the stage.

They plan to kill millions.

From this mass sacrifice, they plan to build the foundations of their New World Order.

The over-population myth is a psychological preparation for this act.

The only comfort we in the 'West' can take is that most of the victims of this culling will be found in the most over-populated areas of the Third World: Asia and South Asia, though it will not be exclusively limited to those areas.

This is because the Illuminati will NEED Europe and North America in order to RUN the technology-based New World Order once the chaos is finally over.

In other words, if you REALLY WANT to implement world freedom and liberty from the Illluminati, stard devastating places like Denver, San Francisco, New York, London, Paris, Rome, Switzerland and Frankfurt.

Of course...they WON'T do this.

Creative destruction, remember?

More likely places of devastation will be Sao Paulo, Lagos, Cairo, Pakistan, India, China, Indochina and other words, the Third World will take the BRUNT of the devastation, whether it be man-made or natural, planned or unplanned and aggravated.

We are in for a rough ride, but we – all of us – must remember...

...Overpopulation is a myth....the plan to devastate humanity is REAL.

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