Saturday, November 30, 2013

The American Business Class: Dumbed Down & Domesticated


Or, as Xavier used to call it: “the act of making society sensitive sensitive towards the direction of money.”

It's everywhere.

It's always been with us.

When were we NOT corrupt?

Was it when we started massacring the Indians in the colonial era?

Was it when we enslaved and owned human beings for plantation work?

Was it when we founded the first Bank of the United States in 1791?

Or, for that matter, remember the good ol' days with the Romans and the Babylonians?

Uh, yeah...corruption seems to pretty much always have been there.

But what type of corruption, pray tell, is it that is about to surrender the entire planet to a New World Order?

The same type of corruption that has always been with us?


This is a very special type of corruption.

It's not just corrupt...its stupid.

Stupid Corruption.

Listen, man has always been corrupt.

But along with his corruption he has always been selfishly cunning.

To put it bluntly, yea, we have always been corrupt...but we have never been THIS stupid.

I honestly believe it has been Man's blatant selfishness and cunning which has saved him up till now.

“What? The Bank of the United States will print its own money and won't allow ME to print any? Off with its head!!!


We haven't become any holier...simply more stupid.

How stupid do you have to be to nod your head in agreement when someone tells you the Founding Fathers were terrorists?

Missing chromosome retarded stupid!

Yet we have videos of our police nodding their heads like trained seals to some Federal indoctrinator when he tells them this at a workshop.

How stupid do you to be to have our children turned into walking zombies by the vaccines we give them from birth?

Can't people notice OTHER people's children and SEE what normal...and abnormal is?

Children are being killed and brain damaged before their parents eyes and the parents are clueless?!

What level of stupidity is that?

How stupid do you have to be to send naked pictures of yourself to 'friends' over the phone believing they will never show up on the Internet?

Or for that matter, how STUPID do you have to be to sign a piece of legislation without reading it, like our Congress does?

I dunno.

While I trust our level of corruption has stayed the same, our level of cunning has diminished to that of a turnip.

Listen, the defining population group (the movers and shakers) is our oligarchy.

These are the people who own the corporations and most of the economy – the one percent who own the capital, run the big businesses and hire the workers.

How is it that these people are transacting with a sworn enemy - Communist China - who has sworn to bury them?

How is it that they have agreed to sell communist Chinese trinkets in America while systematically destroying the American worker – their human resource?

Even Henry Ford knew wages were a sort of investment on being able to sell your own product (pay workers well so they can spend on your products).

But selfish cunning of this sort seems to have been replaced top to bottom by an infantile dependency on government.

That's right.

At a given time in history, the Illuminati understood they would get nowhere without first degenerating, corrupting and dumbing down the economic oligarchy which forms the economic basis of the country.

This 'oligarchy' used to consist of cunning, selfish, ambitious, disciplined, dynamic, self-motivated men who started businesses, worked themselves up to becoming millionaires...and reinvested their wealth to become even richer.

The Founding Fathers consisted of men such as these or served as their representatives to men such as these – wealthy self-made men who wanted to keep their wealth and their freedom.

Why do you think most of the Founding Father were wealthy?

They had A LOT to lose under the British policies of economic confiscation, so they threw down the gauntlet.

Rather than see their wealth robbed by bureaucrats, they decided to...start shooting!

It sounds crass to say this, but in large part, the American Revolution was a business plan to get rid of the economically asphyxiating bureaucracy of England which was destroying America's economy.

Get it?

The cunning, selfish businessmen of America saw the British Government clamping down on their WEALTH and their property and said “to hell with you!”

People forget the colonies had already been previously bankrupted by bureaucratic red tape and bought up at liquidation prices by the King of England (with Illuminati money).

Yes, folks, there was already bad blood in the air.

The type of bad blood produced by economic suppression and confiscation.

That was our American oligarchy, which perpetuated itself throughout history to produce men like the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford and many others, men who BUILT UP this country.

(notice I don't mention Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, Jobs, Buffet, Soros, Gates, Winfrey or any of the other Illuminati buffoons).

But the 'oligarchy' we have today has become hopelessly domesticated, dependent...and stupid.

How did the Illuminati do it?

They used the power of their central bank – the Federal Reserve – to print up trillions of dollars with which to make the government the cornucopia of American business.

Mismanaged your corporation or bank into the ground? Get a government bailout.

Want to hire American workers for unlivable wages? Get government to feed and house them.

Want to manufacture products at slave wages? Get Government to fund the opening up of China.

Can't import your slave-produced products? Get Government to abolish tariffs.

Don't have enough money to expand? Get a free money subsidies from Government.

Irritated by taxes? Get Government to stop taxing you.

Want cheaper local labor? Get Government to legalize the illegals!

See what I mean?

Dependency on Government will not produce the type of dynamic, efficient, cunning, independent and motivated individual necessary to build up our economy...and safe guard it.

Instead, what it has produced are a bunch of corrupt beggars with their hands extended for the next government subsidy or bailout.

This is known as 'corporate welfare.' and that is exactly what it is.

What it has done is corrupted our oligarchy to the point that all it can do is hold its hand out for more government laws, subsidies, contracts and tax breaks.

These are not the cunning oligarchy of the olden days, these are a bunch of beggars.

This top to bottom flow of money has affected the American oligarchy from the smallest to the largest, to the point that what we have left are no longer Thomas Alba Edisons, but glorified beggars waiting for their next bone.

This is why they didn't stand up against NAFTA.

This is why they didn't stand up against us joining the World Trade Organization.

This is why they didn't stand up against exporting our industries to China.

This is why no one is standing up against us joining the Trans Pacific Partnership.

The One Percent has been dumbed down and domesticated just like the American 99%.

This is why Detroit went bust.

This is why our banks go bankrupt.

This is why we have exported our industry to China

This is companies prefer to hire illegals.

This is why American products and industrial creativity suck.

The American One Percent Oligarchy has been bred down by the Illuminati welfare state to become fat, dumb, domesticated and basically incapable of doing much of anything except beg for subsidies.

The Oligarchic One Percent DEFINES the destiny of any country.

And it is sad to say our dynamic oligarchy of business entrepreneurs has been basically dumbed down and domesticated by government excess.

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