Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Your Life in the New World Order

This is what your life (and your children's lives) will be like in the New World Order.

This is what they've got planned for us.

And it ain't no shangri-la.

Enjoy your trip to your prospective future:

Watch what you say. Everybody speaks in a slow, halting careful and deliberate manner. You don't want to slip up...ever. You're careful because a slip could be devastating. Not only will it lead to a record, but a thorough questioning by the company psychologist (who might then refer you to another psychologist for treatment...or even 'commitment')

After work, you must go directly to a smelly, overcrowded gym, where you fill out your obligatory 1 hour of physical activity and log it with your employer.

You get home, turn on the TV to one of the three channels and treat yourself to some of the most boring, politically correct and insipid excuse for entertainment ever created – actually a bland sort of tepid pastime (ever watch European channels?) The new peaceful World Order cannot tolerate provocative, or unstandard programming which might inspire chaos.

Count on shortages. Chances are every time you visit the store that several key items will be missing from the shelves. If this happens, look forward to standing in long lines at the few stores that DO have them. Other types of shortages that happen (regularly) from time to time are electricity, fuel and natural gas (these really are inconvenient when they happen in the middle of winter). Just be thankful your water normally runs without a problem (though issues are known to occur here as well).

Voting is a scam. Everybody knows it. But voting is obligatory. If you don't vote, you don't get any government services like welfare, social security, medicaid and even a driver's license. So make DOUBLE sure to stand in the heat (or cold) so can you vote on election day...as meaningless as it is.

You must receive the vaccines mandated by the universal health care system every six months. True, you are being slowly poisoned to death by attenuated viruses, genetic material, auto-immune disease, and chemicals. Your life expectancy will probably be less than 60 years...but why think about tomorrow? (there isn't one anyway).

Making you extra careful is the knowledge that your surroundings are keeping tabs on you. From your computer to your TV to your cable box, refrigerator, washer, dishwasher, stove, thermostat and electric meter, all through the magic of rfid chips. You are being tracked (and potentially observed) 24 hours a day. Your smart phone, your car (if you have one), your bicycle, your smart watch, even your clothes have tracking devices. There is no privacy. The government (and others) know where you are 24 hours a day. Facial recognition cameras recognize you the moment you step out into the street and plot your location (should anyone want to know it).

You are potentially being filmed at most hours of the day. Your cubicle at work has a camera. Your laptop has a camera. Your TV has a camera. Public Restrooms have cameras. Didn't think government would require cameras inside your house 'for security purposes'? Well, it's happened. You've got an universal eye in every room. Cameras also film you the moment you step outside and or walk inside any store or building

You are scanned several times a day. Scanners at the entrance of stores measure your heart rate, skin temperature, pupil size, even facial expression. If the readings seem suspicious, it does not take long for a store clerk, security or secretary to ask you if you are alright (followed by a call to the police if your answer doesn't seem satisfactory).

Did I mention you have been chipped like a farm animal? That's right. State law has required everyone to carry within themselves a Radio Frequency Identification Chip (for security and safety, of course). You carry yours in the meaty part of your hand. Sometimes you 'feel' it there and infections as well as tumors (at the site of injection) are known to happen, but its the rules. Your RFID also transmits your location in real time and identifies you to anyone with a scanner (the government says only the police have these scanners but all the stores have them).

Every citizen is obligated to give up some of their time in service to 'the people.' This means every week you have some menial labor to perform. Some jobs are better than others, but the best ones are already taken. As it stands, you end up picking up trash and dog poop at the local park every Saturday...in addition to sweeping the cross-streets.

In addition to all the chemicals already in your water (which is illegal to filter) you must submit to any medication prescribed by your doctor under Universal Healthcare, which could consist of sleeping pills, tranquilizers, vitamins, stimulants, blood pressure pills, etc. Your consumption is confirmed by random blood tests.

Your yearly check-up includes a mental screening. Not that your employer, a co-worker, a relative, a policeman, a clerk or just about anybody else can't point the mental health authorities in your direction if they perceive something suspicious or off in your behavior (you know, 'see something, say something'). In addition to watching how you act, you must also watch what you say. Any murmurings about conspiracies, corruption in government, space aliens or even God could put you on the cuckoo list or any eccentric behavior could win you a ticket to a mental exam. Once there, if they find 'issues' its an indefinite trip for you to a mental health facility.

If you have any kids, you hardly get to see them. They are at school, eight hours a day (if you count before-school and after-school activities) under the care, supervision and indoctrination of the state. In fact, you could say your kids are being bought up by the state, not you. When you do see your kids, chances are they are as tired and ill humored as you are. By the way, watch what you say around your kids since they are well trained to report anything strange you might say about the government, about society, about education or about themselves to the school (who then report it to the police).

Your kids are not really your own. Gone are the days in which you could say what you wanted to them, discipline them or even have any authority over them. It takes a village to raise a child, and you are just a small part of the equation. Besides, under law, children are granted rights which include the power to divorce you if they want. So be careful what you do or say to your kids, in fact, don't do or say much of anything to them. If you have very young children, you will receive a monthly visitation by a child development specialist who will make sure your children are well taken care of physically, psychologically, emotionally and socially. If this specialist finds anything strange, like bizarre teachings, dangerous games, hurtful behavior or a million other shortcomings, the state will take away your child and raise them in a safe and proper environment.

Everything requires that you fill out a rather extensive form. And you'll do it carefully and truthfully and to the best of your ability, because messing up can cost you. You'll be filling out forms for school, employment, sick leave, doctor visits, work performance, educational advancement, self-improvement, taxes, travel, registration, identification renewal, office visits, high priced purchases, sickness, accidents, raises, the way you spend your money, housing quality and maintenance, consumption of resources, purchase of restricted items etc. In fact, you'll find yourself spending a large part of your time filling out forms neatly and accurately for a whole lot of things.

Everyone is encouraged to 'say something if they see something' and everyone does. In addition, any untoward comment or behavior is likely to bring in the authorities to your door for proper questioning, detention or arrest. Shouting, slamming a door too hard, not greeting people, being morose, bringing stuff into your home or walking about late at night, having people stay over, having a secret pet, saying something about government, becoming overly upset about some topic, talking about strange subjects, having unconventional reading material, talking to 'God' are just one of many weird quirks which might end up bringing the authorities to your door. On the other hand, the more standard, boring and conventional you are, the better.

No matter who you are, you never stop learning (or being indoctrinated). You are obligated to take classes of one sort or another, whether it be in your field of work, child rearing, health, civics, community dynamics, psychology, anger management, safe driving, toleration, globalism, ethnic studies, foreign languages, meditation, problem solving or a cornucopia of other conventional and bland subjects. Yes,most of the classes are mostly nonsense, but they never lack that important bit of indoctrination that is the true reason you are taking them anyway. At the end of each one you must write a gigantic essay explaining how great the class was and all that you have learned and how much you agree with it.

All suburban houses have either been demolished or turned into duplexes occupied by several families. The predominant form of habitation is the tenement building. Yup, its crowded...and uncomfortable...and even smelly. If you want to see the future, read the opening pages of '1984.' Humanity has been forced into gigantic ghettos to leave the pristine wilderness for Mother Earth.

Meetings are a must both at work and in the community, with groups of people who couldn't give less than you do, but who must feign enthusiasm or be labeled 'uncooperative' or even 'mentally unhealthy.' You learn nothing nor much of anything is accomplished at these stifling, boring get togethers (except your subjugation) but they must occur at regular intervals to keep you subjugated to the cooperative.

Get used to waiting on the bus. Only the very elite are allowed (or have the funds necessary) to 'acquire' the personal use of a vehicle. Cars have been judge to be superfluous polluting mechanisms, and mostly prohibited. So you get to ride regularly on overcrowded and smelly bus or train to get wherever you must go.

There is always a commissar wherever you are, whether it be at work, in your community or on vacation. You know – a commissar – someone who keeps tabs on you and what you are doing and even trains you on what to do. Whether it is work, or your private life, or your parenting skills or even how you behave on vacation, commissars are there at the head of everything checking on you , making sure you are pc and on with the program. They could knock on your door in the middle of the night if they want. And you better treat the with RESPECT because they could REPORT you to the authorities and their reports carry the same weight as Homeland Security.

In the interest of blending the populations of the world, urban centers (which are the only ones that exist) have forcefully populated with people from all over the world. Americans have been sent to reside in foreign lands and foreigners have been brought in en masse to populate American cities.
So what you have left is a ghetto of no-speak residents, who treat you with the same distrust and dislike you treat them with. And that's the way it's supposed to be. There's no way you're going to come together with these people to do much of anything against the New World Order...or even for your neighborhood block.

And you thought the War on Terror would end. Nope. If there is any mechanism to keep a population on its toes, obedient to the New World Order and open to continued tyranny, it's a continued state of emergency. So the War on Terror continues forever and ever and ever. Bombs go off here and there (those nasty terr'sts!), machine gun-armed guards stand at every street corner while cameras watch every millimeter (but doesn't prevent the bombs from going off). And there always seems to be some sort of ongoing 'emergency' or other to hold the population in panic: terrorist, fuel and food shortages, plagues, power cuts....even an upcoming extra-terrestrial invasion is rumored to happen soon. So...peaceful New World Order my ass...if only it could have been.

You can't really expect to live much past the age of 60 in the New World Order (general life expectancy is 55). Too much GMO, chemicals, vaccines and poisonous food. Too many microwaves in the air. Too many chemtrails. Too many poisonous obligatory medication forced down your throat. Too much poison in the water supply. Many people in their 30's consist of the 'working ill.' Most people are chronically ill by age 45.

The fluoride, the microwaves, the food, the medication, the vaccines have not only shortened your life, but created an eternal state of mental fog. You can't think straight, have very little memory and hardly have enough mental clarity to go to work. The minds of your children have been permanently altered since birth to that new level that passes for normal – a combination semi-awareness and slow witted autism.

Peace at last. Anyone over 65 is judged to be a 'needless drain on resources' (along with the chronically ill, the handicapped and the insane), so they are considered candidates for euthanasia, which is liberally handed out at your local hospital. Once you check into a hospital or a nursing home afflicted by age, your stay there is sure to be very short and with a permanent conclusions. Yeah, yeah, they keep the whole thing very hush, hush (like what happens to graves or at cremation center), but the truth is shortly after checking in as a senior, you don't check out.

So having read this, I hope you have now made up your mind to FIGHT the New World Order.

We can do without the poverty, the crowding, the smell, the degradation, the deprivation, the boredom, the enervation, the filth and the early death a New World Order will bring.

I think that after reading this I am sure 'you would rather die' than have this happen to you...and your children...and your children's children.

So stand up.

Dust yourself off.

Throw off your wimp blanket off your shoulder.

And say NO.

It doesn't matter if you get glared at, shouted at, your armed twisted or you nose broken or temporarily detained.

The above existence (a living death) is worth the confrontation, the argument, the upset stomach, the shouting and the hurt feelings.

Screw this march towards the New World Order.

It's time to do something...

...or begin existing under the living death that IS the New World Order.


  1. Absolutely right watch the arrival mind control and others part of the arrival on YouTube!

    1. Of course, the end result is always the same. One can see what society they will create by studying the results of the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution and the Communist Chinese Revolution. By the way, 'Arrival' is awesome...any way to get it on DVD?