Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Message to the One Percent: You're Dead

A brief message to the 1% who are running this country into the ground while making millions off its dying misery:

You're dead.

You might think that once the entire rotten structure collapses you'll either 'retire' to stately compounds or move to stately compounds in other countries to continue your life of business and luxury.'s not going to happen.

You're dead.

If you want to know what will happen to you after this nation falls, then closely study what happened to the rich oligarchies of Russia in 1920 and China in 1950.

What oligarchies you say?

Precisely my point.

They were so methodically and efficiently exterminated that even the notion of them has disappeared.

The few miserable dregs who made it out spent the rest of their existence eking out a miserable existence in foreign lands.

Yes, folks, 'pre-revolutionary' Russia and China HAD their Bill Gates, their George Soroses, their Warren Buffets, their theater stars, their millionaires, their great men.

What do you think happened to all of them?

The few lucky ones who escaped lived out their lives in foreign countries as impoverished and forgotten exiles.

This is what awaits YOU if the New World Order Revolution happens.


The New World Order is Marxist Revolution.

And the Marxist Revolution eats its own.

You're dead.

Once they get rid of everything HERE, they will get rid of YOU.

The only chance you have is to get behind the legitimate Americans who still want to preserve what's left of this nation and refuge yourself in the land that MADE you, otherwise...'re dead.

Once the government is gone and we are under an international Marxist dictatorship...'re dead.

They will take away your capital, they will take away your wealth, they will take away your status and they will take away your lives.

Did you see Randy Quaid running like a sewer rat to Canada?

Did you see Wesley Snipes get crushed by the IRS?

Did you see John McAfee run like a frightened rat to Belize, get victimized there and coming running back frightened out of his wits back to America where he lives in fear for his life?

THIS is what you've got to look forward to!

From the lowest of you to the highest of you.

The new Feudal government of the future will only abide a very, very FEW elite oligarchs...the rest of you will be EXTERMINATED.

Don't believe all their promises and all the money they send your way.

When the time comes...'re going to die.

You will be exterminated.

I don't know what type of future you are imagining for yourselves, but if you can imagine a future like Dune, with a dozen houses running the entire galaxy, then you can imagine OUR future.

You have been warned.

If you are smart, you will listen.

If you are dumb...

...then you will DIE!


  1. Yeah. You shuld recommend to everyone the movie "Chekist". I live in a former communist country. The comming society will be worse than I've been living. I'm accustomed with evilness, lying and deception of a communist tyranny, but the people in the western countries are not. They have no idea what they're gonna live in.

    1. Yes indeed - not only do I recommend that film, but I have embedded the film in my here along with commentary

      But people refuse to believe something like this could ever happen to THEM.

      Thank you for commenting