Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Anemia: The New Plague

An alarming message for all.

The new epidemic is ANEMIA.

It's happening as a result of the “Smart Meters” the Illuminati have installed in our cities.

Next time you have your blood checked, please ask your doctor specifically for your “red blood cell count” and any anemic or pre-anemic or anemia-like symptoms.

You might have to be specific and pushy because many doctors are ignoring and glossing over the symptoms because so many people are having it.

The weird part is the NON-COVERAGE given to the subject by the so-called conspiracy pundits.

Which is strange.

The general spread of anemia (as well as immunological deficiency) amongst the population is necessary in order to precondition the general population for susceptibility to the next plague they plan to release either through vaccination or aerial spraying...or both.

But you don't have to listen to me or the media – start asking your own family and extended family how many of them have been told by doctors they have anemia or anemic symptoms!

You don't have to be pale or skinny (like the guy pictured) to have anemia. An anemic person could look like anybody, just like somebody with a compromised immune system could look like anybody.

The Illuminati biological attack will not work unless large portions of the population have been “attenuated” or weakened before the biological attack is launched.

Take the example of lab animals.

Lab animals are “immuno-suppressed” with chemicals – their immune system is first suppressed in order to make them vulnerable to the diseases and conditions they are injected with. This is done so the disease can take its course quickly and the results observed promptly.

We are apparently no better than lab rats.

Because that's what they are doing to us.

They are suppressing our immune systems through microwaves (emanating from “cellphone towers” and “smart meters) and through vaccination, which might very soon become obligatory amongst the adult population.

Our immune systems are also being suppressed through the insufficient nutrition and poisons provided by GMO (genetically modified foods) as well as chemicals added to our food and water.

The lack of nutrition weakens the body.

The poisons overwhelm the immunological system, making it weaker.

The Smart Meters' immediate effect seems to be this blossoming anemia.

The plan is to 'immuno-suppress' the population to the point that it becomes susceptible to the biological agents they will later release (or force) upon us.

Not being comfortable with simply giving bad news, I am including the address below of a place where you can get microwave meters, protective microwave clothing and protective microwave paint (for you walls).

Besides that, I can only recommend you also check your Iron levels and take some of that if you need it to avoid getting anemic symptoms.

Additional steps:

-avoid vaccination
-avoid microwaving food
-avoid tap water
-shield against microwaves
-avoid processed and packaged food
-eat non-GMO and soak your vegetables and fruits extensively (a day) to clean off insecticides

-start naturalistic, homeopathic reinforcement and purification of your body:
-colloidal silver water generators
-'hexagonal' water generators
-alkaline water generators
-water distillers
-colloidal minerals (minerals in liquid form)
-Rife Machines

-natural reinforcing supplements (royal jelly, garlic oil, vitamin-B12, vitamin-c, spirulina, kelp, echinacea, dandelion root, etc) - research and ask you health food supplements clerk and avoid national name brands (they export all their elements from China).

Fortifying your immune system and protecting yourself against microwaves is soon becoming no longer a luxury...but a matter of survival.

Invest whatever you can in the interest of you and your family.

Of course, the best always to get yourself out of this morbid, sick, suicidal, self-destructive society we are living in and move yourself to the boondocks, as far away from microwave emanation or Government authority as you can.


  1. In total agreement here. Severe and now chronic anemia diagnosed 3 months after they installed the Smart Meter. I sign this 'Anonymous' because I'm on the (state) Utility Comm. docket as a complainant right now, actually. The Illuminati reference in this blog might give them ammunition against (no offense)
    But your points are well taken. links to documentation would help validate -- W.H.O, Harvard studies on EMF, etc. I read anemia is the most common and widespread nutritional disease in the world now. 1/3 of the global population is affected by it. Smart Meters, sodas, Cell phones, computers (yes, sadly) or microwaves anyone ?

    1. Thank you for writing!

      No need to apologize, most electric companies do offer plans to change your smart meter to an analog meter for an extra charge (of course).

      I empathize with your problem and want to tell you there ARE Smart Meter shields available, which you can either buy or make yourself (find the right coffee can):

      There are also places which offer both shielding as well as microwave meters:

      An alternate plan is simply to put a sledge hammer to your smart meter.

      Half of my family now has anemia and replacing my smart meter was undone by installing a microwave tower (disguised as a giant air conditioning unit)in the building across the street.