Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Obama Power Grab

It all happened before.

King Charles I of England made a power grab over Parliament, ultimately shutting it down.

The result was the English Civil War.


King George III made a power grab, upsetting not only the colonies, but the English too. He first bankrupted then bought out the colonies, making them his own personal possession at a time when kings were supposed to rule closely with advice of Parliament.

The result was the American War of Independence.

The more history happens, the more it repeats itself.

King Charles I had his own personal army, the Cavaliers, to enforce his will upon Parliament.

King George III had his own personal mercenaries – the Hessians – to do his bidding.

And every dictator since Sargon has had his own personalized army of shock troops to enforce his will.

The dictatorship of the Roman Emperors was enforced by the Praetorian Guard.

The dictatorship of the French Revolution was enforced by National Guard.

The dictatorship of Mussolini was enforced by his Black Shirts.

The dictatorship of Adolph Hitler was enforced by his SS.

The dictatorship of Saddam Hussein was enforced by his Republican Guard.

The dictatorships of Lenin and Mao were enforced by Red Guards.

Just like the dictatorship of the American President will be enforced by the Department Homeland Security.

As has happened many times before in history, our Presidency is now in the middle of an attempted power grab.

Our Executive is blackmailing Congress through its security apparatus (NSA- CIA- FBI), controlling the Supreme Court with its appointees, bribing police departments to cooperate with the suppresssion of the American public in collaboration with the secret police (FBI) and intelligence (CIA - NSA).

But isn't that always the case?

The Executive letting power go to its head and creating a state of emergency in order to gain even more power?

Chinese Emperors regularly let illiterate northern barbarians enter China in order to keep the mandate of heaven...through a perpetual state of emergency and martial law.

The Roman Consul Camillus permitted the Gauls to sack Rome in 387 B.C (the gates were left open) even though Rome was the most powerful military power in Italy. The Gauls were driven away quickly after that...and the power of the Consuls increased.

This was repeated again and again throughout Roman history.

Marius let the Cimbri and Teutones rampage on the Roman border and scare everyone into granting him dictatorial powers in 102 B.C.

No more enemies?

No problem.

Crassus and Pompey fomented a rebellion amongst Rome's own slaves (ever hear of Spartacus?) which self-destructed as soon as they gained dictatorial powers.

Charles-I of England encouraged the Scots and Irish to rebel in order to create a state of alarm in which he hoped to gain absolute power.

George-III encouraged the colonies to rebel to create a state of emergency (guess you never heard he let Boston go?) in order to increase his Parliament.

The Revolutionary French dictators up to and including Napoleon kept starting wars to keep the entire country in a perpetual state of emergency.

Mussolini and Hitler played up Communist terrorism to gain power (Hitler even burned down the German Congress - the Reichstag - .and blamed it on the Communists). “That does it, everybody turn in your guns and line up for the concentration camps! We are under terrorist attack!” Then they proceeded to KEEP their countries under a state of emergency by starting one war after another (sound familiar?).

Saddam Hussein played up Shiite guerrillas and terrorism and went to war with Iran to keep his country under a perpetual state of emergency.

Our own American oligarchy has kept out country under a state of emergency since 1933.

The Great Depression emptied into WW-II...emptied into the Cold War...emptied into the War on Terror...granting ever increasing powers to the Executive.

Now the American Executive is seeking to consolidate its steadily increasing state-of-emergency-fueled powers by launching its final power grab, using the newly created Department of Homeland Security just as the Roman Emperors used their Praetorian Guard...or Napoleon his Department of Public Safety...or Mussolini his Black Shirts...or Hitler his SS to gain pretty much the same ends – absolute dictatorship.

That's right.

Homeland Security is the equivalent of Hitler's bodyguard army – the SS.

Like the SS, Homeland Security is a paramilitary force under the direct orders of the President of the United States – his own personal army, you might say.

I wonder what he's going to do with it?

Give himself dictatorial powers perhaps?

History repeats itself.

Notice how the use of the Nazi word 'homeland' has come back into use.

Notice the black uniforms of the SS coming back into style.

Notice the concentration camps being built.

Notice the secret detentions and secret arrests.

Note the obligatory 'civil service' being planned, the youth corps, the idolatry of the army, the uniforms, the roadblocks

These people are got their play book right out of history.

Look at our pusillanimous and blackmailed Congress cowering before the 'Great Leader'...

...just like the German Reichstag cowered before Hitler when he demanded absolute powers (to deal with the terrorists). Not ONE voice was raised in verbal protest when they voted to grant Hitler absolute powers by a vote of 5:1...under watchful eye of Homeland Sec..oh, excuse me, the SS, which had occupied the building.

The President is making a power grab.

He has blackmailed our Congress through his NSA and CIA.

He has taken over our police departments through bribery and infiltration of CIA agents.

He is creating his own personal army – the Department of Homeland Security.

He has purged the ranks of the army of non-believers.

What is left save for the passage of an 'enabling act' to grant him dictatorial powers for life?

So what's next for us?

Is the Capitol Building going to be blown up or burned down just like the Reichstag?

Is an external war going to start and the draft re-initiated just liked under Hitler?

Is another bloodier, bigger false flag going to happen?

Who knows, but I beg the President before he proceeds, to check out the history of power grabs.

Because, you see...

...more than half of the power grabs throughout history...

...end up as civil wars.


  1. You are a fucking idiot. Just thought I'd point that out. Like I do with almost everyone of your nonsensical, rambling idiotic posts. I have asked you to post some type of links that would prove ANYTHING that you have posted is even remotely true. Of course that is no possible, since everything this you say is fiction. Wait, that's not true. Obama Is the President of the United States (even if you can't believe that a negro could have been elected President), and Hitler was a evil dictator in Germany during the 1930's and 40's. Other than that, this is just more internet diarrhea. Which is because your head is so far up your ass. Have a nice Thanksgiving (Or is that another Illuminati plot??? Probably).
    Your Friend


  2. John, I live outside US and I can tell you I can see things clearer from the outside. You don't need links to prove something. You just have to look around you. Your liberty is being stripped away. The Government has already built concentration camps. US is turning in a dictatorship, the economy is going bankrupt and it is a matter of months until martial law is declared.
    However, the blogger fails to point out that is not Obama that is making a power grab. The trend has been visible since 9/11. It started before him and before 9/11. He is just following the plan, like George Bush Jr did.
    I'm not a US citizen and english is not my native language so I'm sorry if i slipped some grammar mistakes. For decades people around the world looked with admiration at the american way. But now I don't know if I'd like to live in US. Things are going to get very ugly there. In fact the entire world will be affected.

    1. Yes that is true, its easier to look at this problem in a different contry, i live in australia, got to feed the local kangaroo (chukles) but yes your point is proven

  3. I have been following different conspiracy theories for years. I find them interesting. I have heard the cry of "the government is building concentration camps and going to declare martial law any day", since Clinton was president. It hasn't happened yet. There are no concentration camps, the government is not rounding up "patriots" or christians or heterosexuals. It is the deranged rantings of a lunatic mind,