Saturday, November 16, 2013

Illuminati Lesbians: Our Appointed Tyrants

What is the Illuminati obsession with lesbians?

So far every single woman they have appointed to a position of power has been a butch.

Why is it IMPOSSIBLE to appoint a single straight woman to high office?

Lately the entire operation is becoming a bit suffocating, with the upper levels of our society getting stuffed solid with blatant queers masquerading as solid citizens.

The Supreme Court lineup of Ruth Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan is an embarrassing, awkward and ugly excess of lesbians placed at the pinnacle of power.

Couldn't you Illuminati freaks place one, just ONE strait woman in the the Supreme Court?

But it doesn't stop there.

Everyone is familiar with Janet Napolitano's sickening butch revel at the Department of Homeland Security knows what lesbian sadomasochistic dominance is all about.

In fact, you could say the lesbian tradition goes back to Clinton's Attorney General Janet Reno – a total lesbian butch splayed for all the world to see. Her growling performance following the massacre of the Branch Davidians was sickening.

And today the lesbian cornucopia continues with Christine Lagard appointed as head of the IMF and Kathleen Sebelius placed as head of Health and Human Service and Debbie Wasserman Shultz appointed Democratic Party Chair (and an endless list of closet lesbians appointed to high office – just take a good close look at them).

Meanwhile, the occult lesbian witch, Hillary Clinton, is being set up as our next president.

So what is the Illuminati obsession with lesbians?

Well, for the record, Illuminati policy is to recruit closet homosexuals and bisexuals.

This is a confirmed fact.

And the CLOSET is a very important part of the Illumianti machinery.

Illuminati's reject open homosexuals for these have nothing to hide.

Closet homosexuals, however, can be blackmailed...and contain the sociopathic psychological traits necessary to carry out the nefarious actions they must perform on behalf of the Illuminati.

Which brings me to the subject of lesbians.

A lesbian is not the psychological, moral or spiritual equivalent of a woman.

A homosexual is a being with a hopelessly compromised sense of morality, responsibility, honesty and duty. Psychological studies proving this have been suppressed.

It used to be that homosexuals were not allowed in the Armed Forces and Intelligence, in fact, they were actively hunted down and rooted out?

Why do you think that was?

The answer is very simple.

They couldn't be trusted.

But going back to morality, responsibility and duty.

Those qualities aren't just lacking in the typical homosexual or the lesbian, they are absent to the point of sociopathy.

There is a reason all those studies which have demonstrated this have been ruthlessly SUPPRESSED.

There is a reason why the book Pink Swastika (which detailed the homosexuality within the Nazi Party) was BANNED.

There's a reason why so many treacherous spies and double agents like James Blunt and Harry Dexter White turn out to be raving homosexuals.

And there is a reason lesbians are preferred over real women when appointing a female to a high government positions.

You see, the Illuminati are strong in their insistence on feminism, equality of the sexes, blah, blah, blah.

This would look rather stale if only men were appointed to high office - many women must be appointed as well.

But these woman can't be real women.


Because real women make terrible Illuminati servants – they are worse than men when it comes to this.


Because there is just something intrinsically too constructive, too honest, too caring and too loyal about women to satisfy the role of Illuminati con artist.

Women have developed these traits through thousands of years of evolution in which they have had to serve as the homemakers, caretakers of children and comforters of husbands.

A back-stabbing, jealous and ambitious traitor does not a good homemaker make...and the genes for this have been extinguished a long time ago.

So a woman – a real woman – has solid psychological mothering traits which make women not only more honest, less brutal and more caring, but also make them less liable to corruption lying, betrayal, theft, bullying and murder – all traits very necessary in a good Illuminati slave.

So the Illuminati do no use real women as their agents because they CAN'T.

A real woman would rebel and blow the whistle on the Illuminati immediately (see the case of CFTC chairwoman Brooksley Born).

The Illuminati do not need real women like Brooksley Born ruining things.

Get it?

Women are instinctively too good, too honest, too empathic, and too caring to contract as gofers for the Illuminati.

Real women tend not to be totally corruptible.

(When was the last time you heard any women's libber talk about THESE admirable 'feminine' traits?)

So the Illluminati MUST contract the ersatz woman – the closet lesbians – to do their bidding.

A lesbian is as corrupt and as corruptible as any man (and perhaps more so).

They make up the perfect obedient and ruthless tool that the Illuminati need...while simultaneously satisfying the Illuminati dogma for sexual equality.

Is it really then so surprising that in this day and age, when every nation must be betrayed to the New World Order, that the betrayers consist of a bunch of closet homosexuals and lesbians?

I don't think so.

But at least now you know the reason behind the all the butch in the New World Order.


  1. So, it's lesbian illuminatti new world order types?? Ok. Lemme guess, when you try to ask a woman on a date (that's when you leave your basement "command bunker" and take off the tin foil hat), and they turn you down for any number of reason (probably a severe lack of personal hygiene) it's really because they're a lesbian right?? Wow, you really are pathetic.

    1. You're department's performance at Columbine is what was really pathetic.

  2. Just another dumb conspiracy theorist who hates homosexuality and bravely hides behind his keyboard to show it. Lesbians get more girls than you ever will, and go pray to God, wave your flag, and BANG YOU DRUM BONZO. Quit dismissing everything you don't understand as "The End of Western Civilization". You're the real reason we're not progressing in society- Biogotry. Just like the Civil Rights movement. We will be equal, we will be free. Love is love. You can't change that.

    1. (Just another dumb conspiracy theorist)
      yeah so dumb I have two college degrees
      (who hates homosexuality)
      if you want to see real hate, see how homosexuals treat Christians( (bravely hides behind his keyboard)
      nobody's hiding, I stand for the truth every day
      (Lesbians get more girls than you ever will)
      maybe, but its definitely not the type of girl I would want
      (You're the real reason we're not progressing)
      not progressing towards degeneracy? That's great!
      (We will be equal, we will be free)
      you are all those things already without messing with the true concept of marriage, which is there to protect children and their mothers

  3. How can we ever fight the New World Order when people like you who know about the Illuminati are STILL blinded by hate! In your case, pure, hateful, homophobia! You are exactly everything the Illuminati wants you to be!

    1. Hate against the's a powerful thing.

  4. WE the people! TOGETHER we stand! Remember that.

    1. I don't consider scheming Satanic Homosexual traitors as part of 'we the people'

  5. Hello where can you find such suppressed studies about why homosexuals were debarred from the military and intelligence, along with having "...A hopelessly compromised sense of morality, responsibility, honesty, and duty."?

    -Thanks, Don Draper (pen name for this comment)

    1. I am not a statistician, but reality and the facts speak for themselves: homosexuals were not trusted or tolerated in the military, in government, in the clergy or society in general - and in fact suspected homosexuals in positions of power were spied upon, exposed, fired and blacklisted. A secret homosexual was always considered a high level risk for blackmail and manipulation. Now that we have switched over to a celebration of homosexuality, all you need to do is look at the present situation of society - it is going to hell.