Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mr. Illuminati: WW-III and Civil War

ICB = Illuminati Conspiracy Blog

Mr. Illuminati = Ambassador from the Illuminati World Council

(a dramatized interview with an Illuminati)

ICB: Hello everyone, I would like to welcome you to the first installment of the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog Show. Here with us today is a very special guest from the establishment, or should I say, the TRUE establishment, the Illuminati. Himself an Illuminati who has preferred to remain anonymous. Please give our guest a warm reception.


Mr. Illuminati: Thank you.

ICB: So, a possible Second Civil War and World War seem to be coming up. Would you like to comment on these two vital events?

Mr Illuminati: The Second Civil War will be part of WW-III. While the Third World War, so to speak, destroys the world, the Second Civil War will destroy America. Both will be devices at our service. And, in fact, there will be various civil wars happening across the world simultaneously.

ICB: Well...

Mr. Illuminati: In fact, we are debating now whether to end WW-III with all the exhausted nations collapsing into Civil War and chaos...just like what happened in Germany and Russia after WW-I

ICB: Well yes, let’s see: the now concluded Yugoslavian civil war, along with now Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine civil wars. There seem to be little civil wars happening all over the place. And let’s not forget the upheaval in Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Mr Illuminati: Yes, upheaval, a favorite tool of ours! There will be plenty of upheavals...and collapse...yest, plenty of collapse.

ICB: This is interesting, given that after WW-I the great monarchies, along with a great many nations...

Mr Illuminati: Collapsed!

ICB: ...and that following WW-II large parts of Europe and Asia were basically in a condition of....

Mr. Illuminati: Collapse!

ICB: But who or what will bring us out of the collapse following the next big one? After WW-I and WW-II the world had America. Who do we have today?

Mr. Illuminati: The answer to that question should have been obvious to you. Today we have China and Russia and their allies, which basically, gives them control of the world’s capital and resources.

ICB: So instead of a Marshall Plan we might very well have...

Mr. Illuminati: ...a Marxist Plan.

ICB: Well, don’t you mean half-Marxist plan, after all, Russia is no longer Communist and China is more capitalist than...

Mr. Illuminati: Did you think we financed Communism merely as a footnote of history? My friend, we have been financing Communism since the French Revolution! Communism IS the program! Understand? We financed Communism in Russia, we financed Communism in China and soon we will finance Communism over the entire world! Soon you will find out that both Russia and China are FULLY Communist!

ICB: So the New World Order will be Marxist?

Mr. Illuminati: The concept of what it will be pre-dates Marxism - great leaders, diminished private property, socialism, socio-political control and supervision down to the community level, an omni-present spy grid, brainwashing, mantras and catch phrases, close regulation, draconian punishments, prison camps, enforced public service, scarcity, environmentalism, etc, the New World Order will be all those things.

ICB: So war and patriotism are nothing more than tools for you guys - a means to an end?

Mr. Illuminati: War is an agent of change, its purpose is to destroy economically, socially, morally, materially, psychologically and politically so that something new can be built upon the ruins of what is left.

ICB: ...and, of course, make a profit while you’re at it...

Mr. Illuminati: That is secondary. We have to make the parties interested in war. Profit is an incentive.

ICB: Yes, money and corruption always seems to be a hallmark with you people - all the stock trading prior to the 9/11, all the money taken during the housing bubble collapse...

Mr. Illuminati: Well, of course, money is a main vessel for our plans. We have found it works extremely well, in fact, it works better than threats, blackmail or assassination, which, we also use, but money works so much better and fluidly. It is one of our tenets: ‘use any and all methods, but above all, always include and remember MONEY.’

ICB: But back to the subject of WW-III and America. How is the whole Civil War, militia, FEMA, Homeland Security, foreign troops thing going to play out.

Mr. Illuminati: Well, would you believe we haven’t exactly decided yet? A lot of the details of our plans are modified on the go. Flexibility. That is another Illuminati tenet. As to how the American Civil War will play out we are deciding between two scenarios: Scenario-1: Russian and Chinese troops enter America as allies of the militias OR Scenario-2: Russian and Chinese troops enter America under the UN Flag as allies of the Federal Government. The problem with Scenario-2 is it may end the war too quickly and convert the uprising into a localized guerrilla war. Scenario-1, on the other hand, contains the formula for a prolonged and destructive conflict, which is what we want. It would also allow Russia and China to fight America, so to speak, using the Americans themselves. But in reality, either scenario will work.

ICB: Russian and Chinese enter as allies of the militias?

Mr. Illuminati: Yes. As you can see, America and Russia are now drawing apart while Putin is being perceived by patriots as some sort of savior of Christian and nationalist values. Of course the states and the militias will welcome Russian and Chinese money, weapons and, eventually...troops.

ICB: And by the time the states and the militias know what is happening, America will be de facto occupied.

Mr. Illuminati: Right.

ICB: Just how bloody will this Second Civil War be?

Mr. Illuminati:  You have to figure that we are trying to destroy America from within in a non-nuclear way. This means the Second Civil War will be harsh.
In the 1860‘s, when 80% of the population were farmers an interruption of national integrity meant little. Nowadays, when society is totally interdependent and American depends on a single wheat and corn belt, mass starvation will ensue.

ICB: You plan on starving America?

Mr. Illuminati: We can starve it right now through speculation. Total starvation won’t even necessitate fighting. All that needs to be done is interrupt the flow of food from the central food belt to the rest of the urban centers, and basically, the nation will starve to death.

ICB: What about food from Mexico

Mr. Illuminati: (laughs) You think you’re going to get food from Mexico? I guess you didn’t hear Mexico has become a food-importing nation - a nation dependent on food imported from the United States!

ICB: That’s you mean

Mr. Illuminati: Mexico is going to starve too! And they are going to be turning the border into a hell zone, not a source for supplies!

ICB: So food, not bullets, is going to be the real killer.

Mr. Illuminati: Now you’re catching on. We don’t need to shoot a million people, if we can just starve them to death. All the fireworks are just going to be a big distraction and justification for the big cut-off...

ICB: meaning cut-off of...

Mr. Illuminati: Money, business, banking, food, electricity, water you name it (laughs) it’ll be a shock! The American people have never been exposed to anything like this. We are talking about a surprised, clueless, unprepared, overwhelmed and traumatized population in complete shock and awe. I believe many will die in place.

ICB: In place?

Mr. Illuminati: They will sit down and die. They will give up! They won’t even try to survive! Maybe they will beg and grovel before giving up and dying, but that’s it!

ICB: But you have to remember that the American population is armed.

Mr. Illuminati: Libya had an armed population, Afghanistan has an armed population. Look how much good it did them. Guns offer protection at the individual level, they don’t prevent national collapse, or violence or war or even political takeover. They have no effect on the overall picture.

ICB: Straight up question. How do you see a confrontation turning out between the Federal Government and the militias?

Mr. Illuminati: Not enough bang for the buck. A simple police action. The militias will soon be suppressed or squashed. Not enough destruction. The Federal and State governments will assume new police powers, there will still be Federal, State and local governments who might or might not cooperate. UN troops might be invited in, but they won’t really be necessary.

ICB: So basically, a straight up Militia vs Fed confrontation will not be destructive enough for you?

Mr. Illuminati: Correct. It will become a contained conflict.

ICB: So what do you want to see?

Mr. Illuminati: We want to see the end of it. We want to end things. Collapse of government structure from Federal down to local level, the whole enchilada...we want to wipe the slate clean.

ICB: And a Militia-Fed conflict won’t accomplish that?

Mr. Illuminati: No

ICB: What will?

Mr. Illuminati: A total collapse of the system, followed by occupation by foreign troops under the banner of the UN.

ICB: And the best tool for this would be...?

Mr. Illuminati: A full-fledged declared civil war, with states legally seceding from the Union, fighting it out and collapsing.

ICB: Now there is talk of Russian troops already here, living amongst us and waiting for the chance to kill Americans...

Mr. Illuminati: That would be an exaggeration. There is no way we will secretly ferret enough Russian troops here to take over. These are the advance guard. They will serve as guides to the massive numbers of foreign troops which will eventually arrive, and they will know the area, the terrain, the people, strategic points, the geography, etc.

ICB: That makes a lot more sense.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes

ICB: DID say they were still deciding which way to go, right?

Mr. Illuminati: Well, basically its a decision on whether to grant America a gradual soft-landing or a hard-landing into the New World Order.

ICB: With the Militia vs Fed scenario being the soft-landing?

Mr. Illuminati: Yes, and all I’m going to say is you’d better pray it comes to’d better PRAY on your knees that they decide on that scenario you just mentioned...because the other scenario is going to be the real annihilation for you.

ICB: OK, let’s switch over to WW-III, shall we?

Mr. Illuminati: alright.

ICB: What is the big plan there?

Mr. Illuminati: Well, the plan should be obvious. NATO was never sufficiently armed or sufficiently capable to take on Russia. It was not then and it is not now. In fact, NATO has become even more useless than it was in the Cold War days while Russia and China have secretly armed to the teeth.

ICB: So the game plan is a quick Sino-Russian victory?

Mr. Illuminati: We discussed things and the consent aspect of entering the New World Order was not working with the speed we desired, so we are switching over to the ‘conquest’ aspect of it.

ICB: You are, of course, referring to the proclamation of your agent, James Warburg before the Senate in 1950, when he said we would have world government either by consent or by conquest.

Mr. Illuminati: yes

ICB: So how will the ‘conquest’ part going to look like.

Mr. Illuminati: Well ,the West is going to be ‘conquered’ so to speak by Communism, specifically the Communist nations of Russia and China, which even now are preparing for war.

ICB: I believe we already covered your statement that Russia and China are still secretly Communist governments.

Mr. Illuminati: correct

ICB: But, you have to admit it is hard to believe.

Mr. Illuminati: That it is hard for you to believe  that your doom approaches very quickly is testament to our ingenious plan. The West has no clue of what is coming and our controlled media and political leadership has made sure it stays that way.

ICB: So basically, when the time comes, Russia will...

Mr. Illluminati ...advance all the way to the English Channel.

ICB: ... China will...

Mr. Illuminati: ...advance all the way to Japan.

ICB: Aren’t you forgetting China’s conflict with Vietnam?

Mr. Illuminati: Pure theater. Just like China’s confrontation with Russia during the 1960‘s.

ICB: Wait a minute, aren’t you saying that....

Mr. Illuminati: When the time comes Vietnam will attack Southeast Asia, in fact, it will take the whole region over rather quickly.

ICB: As an ally of Russia and China?

Mr. Illuminati: Precisely...Vietnam is a Communist country, just like Russia and just like China, and on the same sheet of music.

ICB: So all this escalating friction between Vietnam and China is....

Mr. Illuminati: Pure theater.

ICB: Well, it’s actually funny then that we think Vietnam is our ally against China instead of the reverse.

Mr. Illuinati: The West is clueless. Just like it is clueless when it thinks that former Warsaw Pact nations will be of help during a conflict with Russia. In fact, many will TURN on NATO during the war (laughs).

ICB: it all looks pretty sown up.

Mr. Illuminati: yes

ICB: Where from there?

Mr. Illuminati: Well, the only thing left after that is just a purge of the population. There will be civil wars, uprisings, chaos, not just in America, nut in Russia and China as well - all sponsored by us! This will be the excuse for the purges which will wipe out the intelligentsia.

ICB: What about America?

Mr. Illuminati: By this time America would already have collapsed into disparate entities caused by the civil war and starvation and be under the occupation of the UN. In fact, people will be BEGGING for the UN to enter...

ICB: ...the UN consisting mostly of contingents from Russia, China as well as Marxist African and Latin American countries...

Mr. Illuminati: Correct!

ICB: Now then will come into play all those FEMA Camps

Mr. Illuminati: The FEMA camps will already be in use before, during and after WW-III.

ICB: With the UN making ‘final’ use so to speak?

Mr. Illuminati: Yes, under the UN, they will be turned into death camps.

ICB: And after all this, the New World Order of the Ages.

Mr. Illuminati: Well, not quite yet, but close.

ICB: Huh?

Mr. Illuminati: The world will be divided into ten regions, nations will, however, cease to exist as sovereign entities (smiles).

ICB: Mr. Illuminati, thank you for being with us today.

Mr. Illuminati: You’re quite welcome. And do enjoy life while you still can...or still have it (smiles broadly).

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