Saturday, December 17, 2011

NDAA 2012: NO WAY IN HELL!!!!!

The tyrannical new law was passed during the holiday season and as part of a budget that had nothing to do with national law.

The above actions alone demonstrate the treacherous and underhanded intent of the creators of the 'National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012' or NDAA 2012, specifically its Section 1031.

Every Congressman who has voted for a bill to make the United States a battlefield and the American people enemy combatants as well as the President of the United States (who signed it after lying he wouldn’t) is a traitor to this country.

They declared us the enemy, not the other way around.

There is no need for us to declare ourselves enemies of the state.

The 'State' has already done so – in writing!

How do you think the State legislators, the County Sheriffs and local authorities feel about their state being called a ‘battlefield’ and all their citizens being open to the Federal label of ‘enemy combatant’ with the resultant loss of all their rights?

This act puts our very country on the verge of civil war!

What would you think if Russia declared its own soil a ‘battlefield’ and any Russian a prospective ‘enemy combatant’?

Wouldn’t you think that country was on the verge of a civil war?

Now step back, turn around and look at US!


A government reserves the obedience of the people by obeying the nation’s law.

A government that breaks the very laws which instituted it loses the right to govern and all its mandates are all null and void.

Anyone who participates in the enforcement of the NDAA of 2012, 1031 is a traitor and an outlaw, along with those who passed it.

The American people are not enemy combatants and our country is not a battlefield.

As someone who has sworn an oath to the Constitution of this country I will confront any attempt to infringe upon my 2nd Amendment rights by anyone with lethal force.

It is preferable to go down fighting than have to face the indignity and extermination within a concentration camp.

At least you won’t be forced to strip naked and endure a thousand depravations before they finally put you down like an animal.

Because they WILL ultimately put us down! (or at least ATTEMPT to)

Life is not so precious to us that we become cowards.

Our country is not so unimportant that we will simply give it away.

The American people are outraged.

To all our State legislators, our police, our sheriffs, our soldiers, I say this:

It’s Time For You To Pick Sides!

We are a free, independent and sovereign people with God given rights, not privileges.

We will not be forced into socialist healthcare.

We will not accept Smart ID.

We will not be disarmed.

We will not be micro-chipped.

We will not submit to Biometric identification.

We will not surrender our DNA.

We will not be forcefully vaccinated.

We will not be relocated to concentration camps.

At this historic point in time, you must declare yourself NOW either an Illuminati slave or a Free and Sovereign American Citizen.

The Congressmen who have passed it are traitors to the nation and have lost their official capacity as representatives of the people.

Zero cooperation with the Federal Government! (it is now traitorous)

When the Constitutional contract and the Bill of Rights contained therein is violated by the government, the contract that created it is at an end.

US Government, you’ve passed this blasphemous piece of dung…

…now let's see you try and enforce it!

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