Tuesday, December 6, 2011

James Bond and the Illuminati

Ian Fleming (an ex-intelligence agent) wrote a series of action-packed books featuring James Bond.

Ian Fleming’s books inspired a series of blockbuster films, all featuring the debonair spy, who somehow managed to bring down entire infrastructures along with SPECTRE’s plans for world domination.

But the popular James Bond book series and movies always had one recurring plot:

SPECTRE, a mysterious organization with seemingly limitless resources is always engaging in false flag operations with the purpose of provoking WW-III.

Sound familiar?

It should.

It's amazing how closely Ian Fleming's stories mimic present-day reality.

Here are some other Bond-style plots from today's headlines:

Plot-1: SPECTRE tries to bring about a dictatorship in the US by bombing a Federal Building Government building

Plot-2: SPECTRE plans to remotely take over passenger jets and crash them into the World Trade Center to cause panic and an evacuation, which allows the robbery of massive gold reserves held in the WTC basement. Afterwards, the buildings are to be demolished from inside to destroy all the evidence. The destruction of the WTC itself will then serve as a trigger for a dictatorial takeover of the US government by SPECTRE agents high within the US Government.

(Ian Fleming frequently used submarines in his spy plots)

Plot-3: the plan is for a SPECTRE submarine to torpedo an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico that has dug deeper than any platform ever under the direction of a SPECTRE oil executive. The hopeful result? A massive environmental catastrophe...to skyrocket the price of oil.

(another submarine plot):

Plot-4: SPECTRE carries out an operation to trigger WW-III by having a SPECTRE submarine torpedo a South Korean warship while masquerading as a North Korean attack submarine.

Plot-5: SPECTRE plans to detonate an atomic bomb near the Marianas Trench and use HAARP technology to inundate the coast of Japan while triggering a nuclear holocaust inside a Japanese power plant to make Japan and the West Coast uninhabitable.

And this?:

Plot-6: SPECTRE attempts to start WW-III by launching false flag attacks on US Navy Warships. USS Liberty, USS Cole...USS NIMITZ?

It is a given that SPECTRE is an expert at launching naval false flag operations. In the James Bond plots, you see SPECTRE frequently operating in the ocean.

Oh, here’s another good one:

Plot-7: SPECTRE opens up the US to nuclear attack by shutting down NORAD.

Fact stranger than fiction?

It happened on 9/11, folks - they shut down NORAD!

Or how about this:

Plot-8: A SPECTRE agent high up in government prepares a series of war games involving bombs and terrorist acts, so that when they really start happening, the government thinks its only a war game and does nothing while the bombs blow up everything to kingdom come and the terrorists are excused off as exercise participants. (sound familiar?)

So you see, all these James Bond type stories were not so fantastic after all.

It seems Ian Fleming knew what he was talking about when he talked about 'SPECTRE'.

So the point is this:

Ian Fleming’s premise in all his Bond novels was that there exists somewhere, somehow, an international organization with apparently limitless resources which strives to create conflict and chaos, while initiating multi-trillion dollar robberies of the world’s wealth when it isn’t trying to start WW-III so it could emerge as the sole dominant authority over what’s left. In addition, the leaders of this organization are totally ruthless and totally mad.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

In his own era (and being a high part of British Intelligence) Fleming must have heard all about the truth behind Pearl Harbor, the release of nuclear secrets to the Russians, the betrayal of Liverpool to Nazi bombers, and the ad nauseum of the Cold War ‘operations.’

Is it really a surprise to anyone that Ian Fleming is also accused of being an anti-semite?

His the name of his villain, Blofeld, is a play on the ‘feld’ name so common among a certain group of people.

Blofeld translates roughly as ‘Empty Field’ or ‘Field of Nothing.’ How about THAT 'field'?

The truth is that Ian Fleming (as an ex-intelligence agent) knew the score, and he seemed to be trying to warn us constantly about the existence of a real 'SPECTRE.'


  1. I think you may have something here. Could you please indicate which novels correspond to each of the above plots?

    1. The 'plots' are events which actually happened, but which seem incredibly close to plots Fleming actually wrote about.