Sunday, December 4, 2011

Corporate Logos Go Communist

Our corporate logos are literally turning red.

For some inexplicable reason, our corporate entities are blushing the color of blood.

Why all the recent loud, irritating and screaming red tone modifications to their logos?

Red is the color of Communism and Marxism.

Do they know something we don’t?

Is this some sort of Passover mark so that when the time comes, the Communist angel of death will know who to destroy and who to leave alone?

There is, of course, no corporate logo more Communist than Macy’s red star.

Bank of America recently reddened its logo, not to mention the BBC, CNN, Verizon and JC Penney and many others.

The new opening sequence to the Daily Show now has the entire globe ‘going red.’

Just what is it with all the logos going red, anyway?

Anyone who has lived through the Cold War knows what a Red Star means. They also know who the ‘Reds’ are.

In fact, they know what the color Red signifies when applied in a dominant to flags and logos.

It signifies Marxist Socialism…in other words, Communism.

It is the younger generation that doesn’t have a clue, and goes around wearing red shirts for one ‘good cause’ or another.

Red is the color of blood, fire and destruction.

In fact, that is exactly what every Communist revolution has brought in its wake.

Fire, destruction and blood.

So it’s an eternal wonder that American universities are presently filled with Marxists.

Just what is it that keeps making Marxism so popular, anyway?

Is it the bloody purges?

Is it the mass-starvation?

Is it the unending deprivation of life under Communism?

Or is it the total dehumanization and pitiless existence of the Communist pawn?

It is my firm belief the entire world is turning Marxist.

Many people don’t believe this.

But our corporations, on the other hand, seem to KNOW this…and they are celebrating it.

The are celebrating the West’s (and America’s coming fall to Communism) by redoing all their logos in blood red…

…very, very bloody red.

Any basic student of Communism knows that the Bolshevik revolution was financed and directed from New York (which is exactly where most of these corporate entities have their headquarters).

So it is no wonder that these same corporate entities are celebrating the approach of Communism by changing their logos to screaming red.

Because Communism is not about ‘all power to the people’ but ‘all power over the people’

It is a feudal political system...

...and the next evolution of corporate power over this earth.

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  1. Macy's IS a Big Bureaucratic Bolshevik Entity, I used to work there.