Sunday, March 17, 2013

FEMA Camp Processing

Picture it:

You just survived the bloody collapse of America – the Second Civil War, the food riots, the starvation, the crime waves, the rampaging militias.

Now the carcass that was once America is coming back together under the tender administration of the United Nations, whose troops patrol America's various emergency zones trying to create order out of chaos.

Things are coming back together.

You say to yourself: nothing lasts a hundred years...everything comes around and things get back to normal sooner or later.

And things do seem to be getting back to normal.

Food is becoming regularly available.

People are being put to work.

There are policemen back in street corners.

You ignore the fact that America is now run through a joint-UN-US concordat government and that Chinese, Russian and Latin American troops now patrol the streets under the UN banner.

Things are on the up and up, you figure. Just forget that fancy dream that was America. You are ready to forget the past and get on with the present.

What do I have to do? you ask the authorities, and they answer promptly.

Pretty soon, you get a job doing something somewhat less than what you were doing before, but it puts food on the table so you are content.

But things pretty soon start getting scary again.

A lot of people are being called up by the authorities and never coming back.

There are mysterious knocks at the door in the middle of the night. Family members (and sometimes entire families) are taken and never return.

Soon the rumor on the street is there is a full blown PURGE in the making.

Who is the target?

Well, its not clear, but it seems anybody with any sort of college education, ex-political leaders, teachers, armed forces, protesters, who knows.

It also seems special attention is being given to ex-conspiracy mongers and followers as well as so-called patriots.

People are perplexed as to how the authorities seem to know our entire history, your views and even your most intimate thoughts and vices.

It soon becomes obvious the Internet records of the entire American population has fallen into the hands of the UN occupiers and they are now using them to arrest people.

You huddle and work and try to go along with the developing nightmare hoping that somehow YOU will make it through.

You WERE one of those conspiracy followers. Always checking up on the latest news and leaving comments on whatever article sparked your interest.

But that was nothing, you tell yourself, just a hobby you did for fun in some past lifetime. 

But alas.

The knock at the door comes one dark evening.

Everyone has been disarmed a long time ago.

So you sheepishly open the door and are met by three men in trenchcoats, who ask you to come along with them.

They shove you into a van with a bunch of other people who are too scared to talk to you or to each other.

Soon, you are marched out of the van into what amounts to a gigantic concentration camp (one of the camps pre-built by FEMA).

And you are put in a large room where you hope everything will be cleared up and that your detention is just a temporary inconvenience, after all, what is the worse that could happen?

Isn't the worse over?

You huddle and you shiver with the other terrified, gutless, sheep-like masses in a large unheated room.

In time the door to the room is opened and names are called out.

You can't wait to get out of that crowded, stinking, filthy holding room.

The people who are called out leave eagerly. These are probably the people whose names have been cleared up and are being sent home.

You've got nothing to hide.

When they call your name, you make your way quickly to the door.

Click below to see what happens to you next.

And don't be surprised when it DOES happen to YOU.

The segment is from 'The Chekist,' a Russian film detailing the genocide of the middle class by the Marxist Socialist Bolsheviks.

The same program is being planned for America.

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