Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Rebellion: The Illuminati Tool

The present subject of many of the Hollywood films coming out is rebellion.

Check it out:

V-is for Vendetta, Hunger Games, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Maze Runner, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Spectre, Jupiter Ascending, Maze Runner, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Robocop, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Man of Steel, Ironman 3, Oblivion, Elysium, 47 Ronin, Total Recall
Red Dawn.

And as you know, Hollywood is the #1 programming  center through which America and the world have ideas implanted in their heads.

At present, human mentality is one of outrage and rebellion against governments which are out to suppress them.

The truth IS that in actuality the governments of Europe and America ARE suppressing the population, needlessly, foolishly and abusively in a self-destructive trend of behavior.

And the people are getting fed up (as they are planned to be, perhaps?)

Meanwhile the Governments of the United States and the Europe are playing the perfect part of the degenerate Bourbons and corrupt Russian Romanoffs...

...clueless, abusive, corrupt, degenerate, hated governments existing at the expense of the population.

Recently the European Government outdid itself in hatefulness through the unleashing of Islamic murderers and rapists on the European population...while protecting these criminals with police!

Is it possible to do anything worse to bringing down government and society?

Meanwhile in America, even the supposed candidacy of Donald Trump is based on his (and his followers’) rebellion against the establishment.

It seems the population has had enough with the Bourbon king Obama, who forces the penniless to buy expensive health insurance, converts the American job market into part-time employment, and opens the borders to illegals and Muslim criminals...which he legalizes and protects!

Yes - the European and American populations are seething alright...and ripe for revolution.

But is it going to be our revolution...or the Illuminati’s revolution?

Did Illuminati programming central suddenly turn against the Illuminati?

Did the Illuminati propaganda machine go rogue and jump over to our side?

Or is REBELLION the Illuminati plan?

If you look at Illuminati modus operandi, you will see that it is and always has been.

To gain an understanding of the Illuminati way of doing things, we have to look at the history of Illuminati operations past and present.

We have to do this because Illuminati policy is indecipherable unless you look at it within the context of recorded history.

The Illuminati have operated from a basis of division, rebellion, collapse, war, purge and dictatorship for centuries.

Beginning with the French Revolution and  proceeding through the Russian Revolution, Chinese Revolution and continuing with what is happening today in Libya and Syria.

Division - Rebellion - Collapse - War - Purge - Dictatorship.

In fact, Division - Rebellion - Collapse - War - Purge - Dictatorship are the Illuminati stock and trade.

The Illuminati mantra of “order out of chaos” is just the concluding final portion of the Illuminati method.

The truth is the Illuminati have ALWAYS financed wars and rebellion...

Each war and each uprising is, and has always been one step closer to the Illuminati dream of one-world government.

Money seems to magically appear in massive quantities when it comes to war and civil war, even though just a few weeks prior the population was struggling with abject poverty.

(Just look at infinite unlimited funding of ISIS)

And so it has been for quite some time.

The governments of Europe and America (Illuminati-controlled entities that they are) are coming down....

...and will be replaced by governments that are EVEN MORE controlled and more approximate to the Illuminati core.

This is the method of Illuminati ‘change’ and Illuminati ‘evolution’ towards a New World Order.

Division - Rebellion - Collapse - War - Purge - Dictatorship.

It is always the same method.

Let’s look at the method throughout history:

Germany, 1641

The first big Illuminati war was the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) which tore the guts out of the Holy Roman Empire (Germany)...and was actually a civil war within the Empire (at this time the Illuminati were called the ‘Rosicrucians’and it was they who ran the Reformation as well as the resulting religious wars).

The Thirty Years War hit the Holy Roman Empire as the tail end of the Reformation, both designed to create chaos and bring down the ‘Catholic’ Hapsburg hegemony.

Divide and conquer.

This is how the process began:

In a “revolution” Christians were divided into Catholic and Protestant

Protestants rebelled against the Catholic government.

Catholic vs Protestant violence tore German society apart.

Protestant Duchies within and Protestant Nations without allied to fight the Catholic government.

Both Protestants and Catholics massacred each other, confiscated each other’s property and removed each other from power. The Thirty Years War killed 12 million people.


The French population was divided into Republicans and Monarchists.

The Republicans rose up against King Louis XVI, arrested him,  and took over.

Under this ad hoc, violent, disorganized government, French society collapsed, resulting in lawlessness and hunger.

The ‘republican’ takeover provoked the Monarchists to resist and the surrounding Monarchist Kingdoms to attack in support.

At war with Monarchist Kingdoms on the outside and resisting French Monarchists within, the French “Republican” government began to purge the population of all Monarchists, beginning with the King. ‘The Terror’ and the Guillotine are legend and executed at least 1 million people.

The chaos of the French Revolution resulted in the rise of Napoleon and his dictatorship.

USA, 1860

America was divided into Slavers and Abolitionist factions

In 1861 the Slaver South rose up in rebellion against the Abolitionist North.

Chaos spread within both the North and South as boycotts created starvation in the South and forced-conscription created riots in the North (see the final scene from Gangs of New York).

North and South confronted each other in the bloodiest war in America’s history (1 million dead).

The victory of the North resulted in the military occupation of the South and the property confiscation,  removal and blacklisting of all separatist elements within the South and the installation of ‘loyal’ elements.

The American presidency became more powerful and absolute and the US Government more arbitrary and centralized - it has become more so ever since.

RUSSIA, 1905

Russians were divided into Monarchists and Anti-Monarchists

The Anti-Monarchists spread a wave of protests, strikes, riots and assassinations and bombings against the Monarchy

In 1914, Russia entered WW-I: a bloody and costly conflict, which resulted in an Anti-Monarchist uprising and the collapse of the bankrupt government.

The controversial Anti-Monarchists take over of the government led to Civil War between Anti-Monarchist and Monarchists.

The Anti-Monarchists won and initiated a purge of all Monarchists  both during and after the civil war - the Red Terror executed at least 2 million people.

The purge resulted in the rise of Joseph Stalin

CHINA, 1920

The new democratic Chinese government was divided into Nationalist and Socialist

The Socialists rose up against the Nationalists

Conflict between the Socialists and Nationalists in addition to upstart (and mysteriously funded) ‘warlords’ led to the virtual collapse of Chinese society.

China’s weakened and divided state led to invasion by Japan in addition to the ongoing civil war, a condition lasting until 1950 after which the Nationalist lost and fled to Taiwan.

The Marxist-Socialists, having taken control of China, launched a purge to rid the population of all “counter-revolutionaries” and executed at least 6 million people.

The Marxist-Socialist victory led to the rise of Mao Tse Tung.

Now...having observed and understood this Illuminati process,  let’s look at our OWN possible future.

USA, 2020

The US population divided into Conservative (Republican, Conservative, Tea Party, Christians) and Progressive (Democrat, Liberal, Leftist, Marxists)

Conservatives begin to rebel against the Progressive Federal Government resulting in several isolated but bloody incidents

The separation of the states leads to the collapse of the inter-dependent American economy.

Civil war breaks out between the States and involving Conservative and Progressive forces, collapsing the country socially, economically, politically and militarily...opening the way for Russian, Chinese and (Marxist) Latin American troops to enter on the side of the Progressives. This leads to the defeat of the Conservative forces.

To rid the nation of all “Conservative Reactionary Elements’ the Progressive government, with the help of Russian and Chinese troops launches a purge which kills 30 million Americans.

The purge leads to the consolidation of American Presidency as practically a dictatorship lording itself over a rubber-stamp Congress and backed by Russia and China.

This is why I DO NOT want a civil war in this country.

I will not kill my fellow Americans on command for the Illuminati.

I will not take part in the destruction of my country so the Illuminati can rebuild it in their own image.

I know that if there is a civil war in this country, it will be run by Illuminati intelligence agents on BOTH sides and that the outcome will be pre-determined.

If there had ever been a true will to right the wrongs of this country, there would have been highly strung political confrontations across the board, from Congress to State Legislatures to City Councils AGAINST things like Common Core, Obamacare, Homeland Security, Free Preaching of Clergy, Progressive Income Tax, Email Spying, Phone Spying, Phone Tracking, Airport X-Ray security, Vaccination, Wide Open Borders, Obama’s Real Identity, Government Buying 2 billion bullets, Militarization of Police, etc, etc, etc.

Outbursts like Congressman Joe Wilson’s “YOU LIE!” at Obama would have been regular occurrences in legislatures across the nation.

State, County and Local legislative and police authorities would confront the Feds regularly over ‘jurisdiction.’

Instead, what we get is the steady shuffling sound of local officials accepting Federal BRIBES to go along with whatever the Feds want, and the Police lining up behind “Federal Agents in Charge” while stuffing their pockets with Federal money and capital.

No, this is NOT a country rising up and rebellion so don’t come to me with “it’s time to fight” bullshit.

Who’s going to lead the rebellion?

Bildeberg members like ex-Texas Governor Rick Perry?

CIA assets like ‘Governor’ Jesse ‘the Body’ Ventura?

East Coast Establishment lackeys like Donald Trump?

KGB agents like Bernie Sanders?

Freemason Bush (CIA) appointee like Texas Governor Greg Abbot?

Truth be told, if the country is ripe for rebellion, why didn’t a white collar political rebellion start 113 years ago, with he passage of the Federal Reserve Act?  

Shove your rebellion.

And if America is smart at all, she will turn to the budgets, the boycotts and mass non-compliance to carry out the new revolution.


  1. How about ukraine?

  2. True, another Division - Rebellion - Collapse - War - Purge - Dictatorship operation in progress. Though at present it is only in the Rebellion stage.

  3. Why would the Russians, Chinese, and Latin American forces aid progressives? Although I agree that any rebellion would be futile as it would already be pre determined, any fool who falls for revolution rhetoric doesn't think any deeper than Alex Jones.

    1. Perhaps you've missed the 'progressive' movement to separate California from the United States - with the full backing of Communist China.
      The Communists have been using progressives since the 1960's to mess up and weaken this country.