Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cameras Everywhere

Lately the mass deployment of cameras has gotten ridiculous.

And it's an insistent, aggressive, maniacal attitude of deployment wrapped up in a bit of mystery and cluelessness and probably backed up by unlimited funding.

I mean, EVERY intersection in my portion of the Phoenix metropolitan area has cameras.

TWO types of cameras:  

    Line of site cameras on the traffic light poles and fish-eye cameras at the street corners.

You ask the cops who is watching these cameras and they answer "what cameras?"

I don't know if they are really that ignorant or are pretending to be.

Finally the answer "Nobody is watching those cameras".

The answer I finally yanked out was that these 'cameras' only perceive traffic to modify the function of the traffic signals...they don't actually see anything!

What about the fish-eye cameras?

After being asked what I am talking about, I got tired of dealing with these idiots.

I started asking my neighbors.

Same response: "What cameras?"

Are you kidding me?

The population IS really THAT clueless - they have no perception of the environment, or even of reality itself.

What's happening?

Too difficult to raise your  head from the SmartPhone screen to see what's up?


I go to Olive Garden, and am told I am supposed to order my meal from these touch screen devices sitting on my table.

Unlike most people, I am curious, I like to observe and look at things.

What do I see inside this obnoxious device but a mini CAMERA looking back at me.

When I ask the waitress what a CAMERA is doing in my 'ordering device' she has no clue.


I was surprised how accommodating the local Office Max cashier was when offering to special order an item the store did not have.

I gave up the relevant information when the dude takes out what looks like a large calculator and starts pressing buttons on  it to complete the order.

Looking down at this thing I notice there is a miniature CAMERA looking right up my nose.

I tell the guy there is a camera in the calculator thing looking up my nose and I want to know why!

No response.

I say, EXCUSE ME, I just made a statement to you in plain English!

(see stuff like this is what frightens people nowadays - asking questions)

The guy has no response, but calls the manager.

After hemming and hawing, the manager finally confirms to me it is some sort of 'client confirmation' method.

All these cameras are being shoved up my face and up my nose with no formal declaration, no information and without permission.

You know what SCREW these stupid, clueless people...and their cameras!

Lately, while being checked out by a cashier at a supermarket, I notice there were cameras at foot-level.

I asked what was up.

The cashier said they were there to catch and charge people for items being carried in the wheel-level basket of a shopping cart.

Gee, that makes sense!  

How about just looking under each shopping cart.

I play a little with the line-of-sight of the cameras and sure enough....

I find it is making 'lens contact' with my face from foot level, literally filming RIGHT UP MY NOSE!

Fast forward.

I walk up to the window of my local bank, and a bank teller I have never seen before in my life greets me by my first name.

I ask her how she knows my name? 

Here answer is "I remember you."

Sure you do, honey, but that's a bit hard considering we have never met.

Then I see the way she keeps looking at the screen and seems rather entertained.

Then I remember. 

I am carrying my 'SMART' Credit Cards and Debit Cards - you know, the ones with the active transmitting microchip embedded in the card.

The cards identified me to the cashier as soon as I approached the teller window!

And I know better than to argue with a teller at a keyboard...

....considering she is typing EVERYTHING YOU ARE SAYING INTO THE RECORD.

 So I am trying to deal with new reality of being constantly spied upon, checked upon and even betrayed by what amounts to spy devices all over the environment.

 As I begin looking into this reality, I find out things are worse than I thought.

I find out Samsung televisions have cameras in which WATCH you.

Cable or Satellite TV boxes have cameras watching you.

I come to find out the latest X-Box One video game console has an infrared camera that can see through clothing, and even into neighboring rooms

Excuse me?!

Is this the crazy train or what!

They are even making fridges with cameras and sensors recording who takes what.

Ad posters in supermarkets have cameras in them filming customer behavior and even which way the customers' EYES wander while scanning the merchandise.

What sort of freak show is this?

Its common knowledge that cameras now have 'facial recognition' or the ability to IDENTIFY you just by scanning your face?

Where is the reference databank?

Try your latest Department of Motor Vehicles Driver's License digital photo, specifically designed to create a facial recognition grid of your face...to which these cameras - the traffic cameras out there on the street - have access.

These cameras also have the ability to read your car's license plate, knowing therefore, not only what car it is, but who's driving it...and where it's going!

My only question is, when did life become a freaking Habitrail?

Some sore of transparent cage where us hamster-like humans pretend to live out our lives in pretend privacy and make-believe sovereignty.

All I know is I next time I am asked for my VIP Customer Card I will take great pleasure in telling them "Not only do I NOT have one, but I will NEVER have one and people like you will never know who the fuck I am!"


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