Tuesday, March 29, 2016

America: TOTALLY Divided

We are a nation divided.

No longer are we the UNITED States of America.

We are now simply a collection of various  city states...

...bullied, manipulated and controlled by an alientated central government in Washington D.C. which is claiming any and all remaining rights and privileges for itself.

Neither are we united as a population.

We are in fact divided in POLAR OPPOSITES!!!!

There are those who believe in vaccination to the point of zero-tolerance COMPULSIVE vaccination, set against those who do NOT believe in vaccination at all, and, in fact, see vaccination as a threat.

There are those who believe that the medical establishment can do no wrong and has its activities certified and approved by the most competent and honest of authorities vs those who think the medical establishment is nothing but a MAFIA living off the blood of innumerable victims.

There are those who BELIEVE in public education and are set against those who think public education amounts to a CORRUPTION of our children and HOMESCHOOL to avoid having their children dumbed down, indoctrinated and degenerated by the system.

Those who believe in Obamacare and are dead set against those who ABHORE Ombamacare and see it as an unconstitutional, fascist scam, forcing people to buy a private product by the government.

Those who believe the Department of Homeland Security actually provides us with safety and security and are willing to surrender their rights and  freedoms in exchange for safety are dead set against those who think DHS is a power grab, eating up our rights, liberties and freedoms and creating a tyranny.

Atheists are set against those who are Christians.

Those who favor open-immigration and see the US as the sanctuary to the world vs those who see uncontrolled immigration as the end of America.

Those who believe in giving up their privacy in return for security vs those who treasure privacy as a God-given right.

Those who want to abolish the right to own guns versus those who believe gun ownership as Constitutionally guaranteed and a necessary right in keeping government democratic.

Those who are Liberal vs those who are Conservative.

Those who believe in the ‘right’ of women to kill their unborn vs those who believe in the God-given rights of the unborn and who see abortion as MURDER.

Those who support adding fluoride to our water as a health supplement to protect teeth vs those who see it as a brain-destroying POISON illegally dumped into our water..

Those who are liberal socialists versus those who are conservative patriots

Those who believe in Standard medicine vs those who reject standard medicine and believe in natural medicine.

Those who believe in electronic money and electronic transactions vs those who believe in precious metals and hard capital and see electronic transactions as a further infraction on liberty.

Those who are totally pro-Israel vs those who see Israel as a privileged self-serving nation who USES America for its own ends to America’s detriment.

Those who see Jews as the eternal victims vs those who see the Jewish oligarchy as our perpetual masters.

Those who support the rocketing levels of SWAT raids, police shootings, BLM land seizures at gunpoint, child seizures  and incarceration for misdemeanors as an effective way to ‘clean up society’ versus those who see the ratcheting up of government brutality as NO LONGER TOLERABLE.

Those who think having a church which is 501c3 as an actual church and being members of the Clergy Response Teams as patriotic vs those who see 501c3 churches as government CONTROLLED and REGULATED entities and Clergy Response Team membership as a team of informers and TRAITORS.

Those who believe society has the right to feed the homeless versus those who think the homeless and those who feed them should be arrested.

Those who think DNA and natural extracts can be copyrighted and possessed by corporations versus those who see this as illegal, invalid and unacceptable.

Those who think GMO crops and animals are beneficial versus those who see GMOs as a DEATH THREAT.

Those who trust the electoral process versus those who see the electoral process as a fraud.

Those who support gay marriage versus those who think it’s an abomination.

Those who support ‘transexual rights’ versus those who see it as the path to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Those who support America’s involvement in the world versus those who see our involvement as a major cause of our bankruptcy and the world’s hatred.

So, after digesting all this information we must ask ourselves:

So are we really a nation divided?

YOU BET WE ARE!!!!!!!!

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