Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Cuba: Obama Cozies Up to Communism

A topic of celebration has been President Obama’s historic visit to Cuba - the first ever by any US President! - and the opening of relations between Cuba and the United States.

This includes the opening of economic relations between the US and Cuba, a long-awaited event, which has ended the boycott which has caused Cuba so much hardship throughout the years.

Never mind that the United States was the ONLY country boycotting Cuba and that Cuba had the ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD to trade with.

But the economic miracle never happened.

Cuba never recovered beyond the unpainted buildings and ‘57 Chevys which roam its dilapidated streets.

When you’ve got the entire world (minus America) to trade with for 56 years...and you still manage turn your country into a GHETTO, then...I don’t think your economic problem is America.

Anyway, the sun is coming up for Cuba - trade with America!

Things are going to change!

There’s HOPE now!

Perhaps the same “hope” and “change” the Communist government has been promising Cubans for the last five decades?

If Cuba only knew that we Americans, for our part, have been enviously side-staring with their communist paradise right off our coast.

Michael Moore himself went to Cuba with a group of sick Americans unable to get treatment here, and got VIP treatment at one of Cuba’s medical facilities in his film 'Sicko’ (what else could be expected from the Cuban government in exchange for favorable international exposure in a leftist propaganda film?).

Cuba has more doctors per capita than most of the other nations of the world.

Cuba has so many doctors it doesn’t know what to do with them (least of all pay them), except send them on propaganda missions to the Third World.

(Cuba also has an army it sends to the rest of the world’s hot spots in deployments aiding Russia...but let’s not talk about that).

The Banana Curtain is drawing back!

Open relations with Cuba!

You might have seen Obama happily enjoying a game of Cuban baseball alongside smiling Uncle Raoul (Castro’s brother).

And how about those Rolling Stones doing a free concert in Cuba!

The only events which can rival this is sheer joy and hope would be Nixon drawing back the Bamboo Curtain with Chou En Lai or Clinton removing the Iron Curtain with Gorbachev - remember that Jesus Jones Song ‘Right Here, Right Now’ celebrating it all?

We’re still waiting for a song to celebrate Cuba’s long-awaited opening up to America!

Oh, what joy, we’ll soon be getting those much sought after Cuban Cigars and the Cubans will soon be awash in American goods and democracy...

...well, as long  as its a COMMUNIST democracy.

(Remember China?)

You see, what America needs now are FRIENDS!

And Cuba LIKES America, don’t you see all the smiles?

Never mind that the executions went on day and night in from 1959-1960 as members of the Batista Regime were put up against a wall and shot.

Things got so out of hand that even Rod Serling of the Twilight Zone made an episode entitled ‘The Mirror’ which featured Castro’s brutality and paranoia.



Also...uh...forget the fact that Uncle Castro allowed the set up of RUSSIAN NUCLEAR MISSILES on Cuban soil to incinerate America in case of war with Russia.

And forget the fact that Cuba STILL has Russian bases, listening stations, spy stations and ...yes...nuclear-tipped missiles...TODAY (any weapons inspectors requirement before the official friendship...didn't think so).

Just forget the past, rejoice!

And while your at it, forget the fact that Cuba DID NOT HAVE TO DO ONE DAMN THING to earn our friendship.

No democratic reform.

No loosening of visa or freedom to travel policies for Cubans.

No return of property confiscated during the revolution.

Not even a release of any political prisoners still rotting in Cuban jails.

America just woke up HAPPY one Sunday morning and decided to open up relations with Cuba.

Not even the bloody terrorist bombing in Brussels distracted Obama from all the laughter and enjoyment of the spectacular baseball game he was attending alongside Raoul.

And later, at the happy media event, Raoul was asked the question of what he was going to do with the all the rotting political prisoners.

Ol’ Raul knew exactly what to do.

He suddenly claimed something was wrong with his ear piece and that he could not hear the question correctly (while seeming to listen to instructions coming through that same ear piece).

Suddenly Raul had the answer!

“You give me the names of what political prisoners you are talking about, and if they are there I will release them right now!”

Of course, the female correspondent was caught with her panties down, and did not have an official confirmed list of Cuban political prisoners to present to El Presidente (the last famous one had died in a hunger strike).

But she could have given a glib answer of sorts.

“What about the 50 Cuban protesters you just had arrested on national American TV? Wouldn’t you say those are POLITICAL PRISONERS?”

Indeed they were.

50 Cuban protesters were brutally arrested just a short while previously...live before American cameras, whose reporters seemed GLAD and RELIEVED when they were all carted off to some Cuban hell hole...and out of the way of the festivities.

After all,this was supposed to be a happy and festive occasion!

Protesters were as welcome as animal rights activists at a circus.

But forget about he bad times (even though they just took place before your very eyes just a few minutes ago).

Cuba is alright now!

Just like murderous Communist Chinese regime became alright in 1990...right after they massacred 4000 student protesters at Tienamin Square.


And now that Cuba is ‘open’ what do we have to look forward to?

How about MORE illegal immigrants.

(You don’t really think Cubans like living in that country, do you?)

Or how  about MORE Communist infiltrators - Communist Cuban agents entering the United States as legal immigrants?

And by the way, since relations have now ‘normalized’ with Cuba, don’t you think it’s time to END the ‘Wet Feet, Dry Feet’ ‘Cuban Adjustment Act’ which permits ANY Cuban setting foot in America by land or sea PERMANENT RESIDENCY within a year?

No comment at all on ending the Cuban Adjustment Act by Obama.

By now, the Cuban bureaucracy must be readying the rental barge conveyor belt to get as many Cubans on our shores in the shortest amount of time possible.

Another immigration and naturalization surge!

But no comment from the State Department on suspending this new GATEWAY into America now that Cuban relations have been normalized.

Recently I saw a video about some of these ‘barge immigrants.

A guy brought 40 relatives, including his own family with him on the barge he said he had built.

When asked the dimensions of the barge, he wasn’t sure just what those dimensions were. Which was a bit strange since he had supposedly built the thing with his bare hands.

A video from the trip showed the happy Cubans laughing, joking, yucking it up so much the interviewer commented that it looked like a cruise.

Right off the bat the man admitted he had to pay Cuban authorities for permission to leave the island (this is probably the FIRST thing he did).

A little along the interview  the guy’s sister commented just needed a little more time to get ‘disability’ for her husband.

Did you get that?

Barely have these cockroaches gotten off the barge and they are already applying for WELFARE!

Can America sustain another wave of section-8 housed, welfare-collecting legalized illegal immigrants?

Me thinks not for long!

But like I said, our government is MUM on any comment relating to modifying the  Cuban Adjustment Act - a Cold War law being carried into the present to shovel BOAT FULLS of Cuban immigrants into America.

And let’s not forget all the rotting political prisoners...Uncle Raul DOES NOT EVEN ADMIT TO HAVING. This basically translates into a big 'TO HELL WITH THEM' by both the US State Department and the Cuban government.

Well, you know what they say about breaking the drinking habit - first you have to ADMIT you have a problem.

And Uncle Raul is not going to do that...so on to other topics.

Let’s not forget all the Russian military assets in Cuba RIGHT NOW.

But Obama didn’t bring up that topic either.

And so..out of sight, out of mind.

So as you get ready to enjoy those Cuban cigars, casinos and beaches...

...and the Cubans get ready to enjoy Coca Cola and candy bars...

Remember to thank Obama for one more step closer towards America’s total bear hug with Communism.

Rejoice America, rejoice! 

One more communist tyranny admitted into the fold as America's FRIEND without having to lift a finger on democratic reform!

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