Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Sad Secret History of Man-I

Information supplied by Xavier
(edited by the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog)

Several million years ago...on a planet thousands of light years away...the human race evolved.

Human evolution took millions of years and the ground of the home planet is littered with the fossils of the evolution leading to the appearance of the humanity (unlike the Earth, where the ‘missing link’ is a famous mystery).

Throughout hundreds of thousands of years Man proceeded to evolve from a tool user in the Stone Age and the equivalent of the Copper and Bronze Ages, right down through the Iron Age and beyond during which civilization evolved and expanded.

The society of man continued to evolve through the steam and machine ages...and eventually the post industrial and electronic ages.

In time, Man eventually reached out beyond his home world and set foot on his nearest satellite...and eventually on his neighboring worlds.

In the forthcoming centuries, Man took off into space and colonized the neighboring stars.

A thousand years later Man had not colonized not only other planets beyond his own star system, but even more distance worlds similar to his home...or modified these other planets to resemble his home.

These times, when Man emerged from his home world, expanded out into the galaxy and inhabited the distant stars, were times of optimism and wonder combined with a feeling of dynamic confidence as man expanded to the most distant worlds and made them his own.

One can only imagine the warm security of looking at the stars in the sky and knowing man had colonized the most distant of them.

True, man had freely committed acts against destroying entire alien ecospheres and replacing them with his own...or modifying his own form to cope with the environment of alien worlds he colonized...because it was easier than terra-forming.

But he progressed.

In fact, Man stood at the center of a beautiful, dynamic and expanding space faring civilization.

Man owned all space as far as he could see, master of all he surveyed.

...but then things slowly began  to go wrong.

It took no more than 300 years for each ‘colony’ to grow to the same size and capability of the home world.

In time, the colonies began to affirm their independence.

The  fracture at first took the shape of simple eccentricities and actions differing from the great brotherhood of man...then differing policies...competing groups...and finally schism.

The ‘colonies’ ‘rebelled’ and declared themselves independent from the home world and from each other, banding together sometimes in confederation of worlds in competition against other federation of worlds.

If only Man had let it happen - let himself spread to the stars as independent and sovereign worlds each completely free from the other.

But it was not to be.

The old instinct of authority and control manifesting itself from the beginning of space colonization through an ‘order’ of the stars now emerged to the fore.

The old fear of letting humanity freely scatter to the stars and letting it disregard, disobey and forget the home world...or even home worlds.

The old fever of control.

The old instinct of empire.

The worlds of man fought...

...for such empty things as as order...and peace...

...For such real things as power, fear, selfishness, arrogance, pride...and dominance.

There was war between the worlds of man.

And not just one war, but many wars...through many ages.

...each time more destructive, more terrible, more genocidal....

...until man became predator to man...

...destroyer, subjector, enslaver.

Each war larger than the last.

Each scale of destruction more massive.

Each genocide more complete than the last.

Man could not trust himself among the stars...and came to fear himself across the distances of space.

Simply a world cutting off communication became an act of capital punishment.

Man’s paranoiac fear of man reached new uncontrollable heights.

Man’s distrust of man.

Man’s fear of man.

Man’s genocide of man.

What emerged from these harsh and terrible wars?

Governments more harsh and more terrible than the last.

Wars more terrible and more total than the last.

Until one power or group of powers...more absolute...more total...more ruthless than the rest ‘unified’ the worlds of man.

But the pattern repeated itself.

The unification was just a temporary illusion.

Powers more absolute, more total, more ruthless again ‘unified’ the worlds of man.

How many planets laid waste?

How many billions of lives lost?

Unification was an illusion.

In time the whole process would repeat itself again.

The planets would separate...wars would would genocide himself once more...the order would fall.

But how could the new order of the stars hold on to power eternal?


Men whose minds had been hardened into harsh ruthlessness and murderousness by the wars of genocide - wars of fear and hatred! - came up with the final solution:

Man would forget!

He would forget humanity was amongst the stars.

He would forget his world was one of many.

He would forget he belonged to a space race.

One planet or group of planets would keep the technology of 100,000 years....

...and control the rest of the lobotomized worlds...secretly.

Man would no longer be aware of Man amongst the stars.

The tail end of the  last war touched the distant colony of Earth in the outer rings of the outer galaxy...tens of millennia ago...a war between Man...which has come to be called the War of the Gods, whose nuclear devastation still is still evident on this planet.

What civilization there was on the planet - which was not much - has long ago been cleaned up and sanitized to leave no trace.

The inhabitants of Earth, along with the inhabitants of all of the outer worlds of man were made  to ‘forget’ reality.

Through methods too horrible, too degrading, too dehumanizing...and too painful to describe (because Man did this to Man) the outer worlds were made to forget.

The knowledge of the stars and of man amongst the stars was lost.

The knowledge of science was lost.

In its place was planted superstitions about ‘the gods’ and a thousand religions, a dozen races and a thousand languages and dialects to divide man against man so that each world would never again come together.

Man in the outer worlds was left in the Stone Age.

The outerworlds themselves were put off limits and kept as preserve-like territories in total isolation.

The Earth - a distant colony - was left with a mere 5 million inhabitants to restart the population.

But the paranoia created by the genocidal planetary wars of man ran deep.

The Stone Age outer worlds who had been made to forget would not only be kept ignorant and primitive, but they would be totally controlled.

And they would not be left to their own primitive existence, but carefully watched and directed in secret.

Such was the fear of man...of man.

Not even the Stone Age inhabitants would be left to their own devices like the animals of the wilderness, but kept a close eye on.

Even their thoughts would be carefully directed by an extensive infrastructure installed within each outer world and existing in secret.

Reality would be relegated to myths involving the ‘war of the gods,’ and ‘giants.’

The liaison between the will of the stellar authority and its amnesiac worlds was now the stone age witch doctor, shaman or priest, whose ‘dreams,’ ‘revelations’ and mandates affected the choices of and whose  secret societies controlled the destinies of entire races.

These would evolve to one dominant race within which one dominant group would rule the planet.

But the paranoiac instinct of the overlords won over.

The amnesiac worlds would be controlled directly and secretly through an implanted  infrastructure which existed throughout the planet.

Two co-civilizations existing together side by side.One an over-civilization representing the stellar order, the other an under-civilization existing under the latter’s complete control.

This is why we always hear of unidentified alien aircraft, underground tunnels, underground bases, men in black, aliens and alien abduction, mind control and ancient monuments.

Now the Nordics have appeared.

Our true form.

And we hear talk of the ‘giants.,

Our true form.

Look and see what an ugly midget race we are compared to them.

Look what they did to us!

There are no aliens.

In the vastness of space man found no alien race, and instead made himself into his own his worst enemy, made himself into many alien species!

Look to the sky and know that you are part of something,

A horrible and terrible something.

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