Monday, April 11, 2016

The Feeling is Finally Here: Total Dread

For some time fellow conspiracy pundits have reported a feeling of ‘dread’ in their midsts, as if something horrible was about to happen.

While they expressed these sensations of dread, the truth is I felt nothing.

Perhaps it was my acceptance of dread as a natural ongoing condition of the world and existence in general, sort of like the constant condition of ‘danger’ or subtle alertness an animal in the wild might feel.

That was, until last week.

Now I feel this ‘dread’ they are talking about.

I am guessing things would have to have gotten pretty horrible for me to start feeling any sort of ‘dread’ but I guess things finally have

And I am not talking a single false flag type of dread.

I am speaking of a Nazi, Bolshevik, Red Guard, Khmer Rouge, Rwanda, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot type of mass death type of dread.

The type of mass death that can ONLY happen once American social order is done away with (this is why I fear civil war and foreign more than anything).

The type of mass death that caught 1920 Russia, 1945 Germany, 1950 China, 1960‘s Vietnam, 1975 Cambodia, 1994 Rwanda, I feel is now upon us.

And I suppose that the reason I was not feeling the dread is that I simply did not believe this type of genocide could ever happen in America.

Now...I suddenly see that it can...and that in fact it is probably coming.

I just feel that somehow we’ve lost it.

What is it?

Well, you can call it the ‘firmament’ or ‘the hand of protection’ or simply nationalism, morality, common sense. principles, loyalty, values....whatever it, we’ve lost it all!

The event which started making me feel the dread was Hillary Clinton (a satanic, communist, lesbian, murderous, treacherous mafia witch) to simply commit crimes and illegalities, brush off all prosecution...and continue to commit them...EVEN AS SHE RAN SUCCESSFULLY FOR PRESIDENT.

Hillary has more teflon than Slick Willie, her husband.

When Benghazi happened and Hillary’s Email Scandal happened and the Department of Justice and Congress did not know what to do... and Hillary said “what difference does it make?” and laughed about it....and laughed...just like she laughed about Qaddafi’s murder...or laughed plans to start WW-III...

...THAT’S when it hit me.

We are in the process of becoming doomed...and we are about to be struck down.

Then, like lights going on one after another the dread was confirmed again and again and again and again with facts both past and present showing the path to a horrible demise.

Was it really like lights going on...or was it rather like...doors shutting...or curtains descending... or lights going OUT instead of on...or color fading... or...or all sound receding.

The whole thing reminded me of a German movie called Europa where a train is featured full of ‘characters’ with great personalities, bravado, intelligence, wit, boldness etc.

But when the terrorist attack happens on the train the final shot shows all the characters totally paralyzed, like mannequins, able to do nothing, not even speak.

I see America today as the train in that movie, with all the brilliant characters, who in the end, when the bad things happen are totally paralyzed, unable to say a single word.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve had our country taken away from us bit by bit, piece by piece, crumb by crumb...and now we are at the threshold....where they declare that the United States of America is gone and the remnant population that is left are scum...or slaves.

(Sort of like what happened to the Native Americans after we declared their ancestral lands were were gone and confiscated)

But what was it that finally made me feel the dread?

I think it was more an accumulation things that came together one on top of another until the entire horrible reality made itself felt.

    -loss of morality
    -loss of common sense
    -collapse of the dollar
    -armed forces being purged
    -our industry gone
    -our economy reduced to part-time jobs
    -more deadly vaccines
    -more trust in the medical establishment by a clueless population
    -deadly cellphone towers sprouting up like mushrooms
    -more street cameras
    -more street spy boxes
    -Temples of Baal being built across the world
    -total election fraud using electronic boxes
    -NDAA 2012 declaring Americans to be enemy combatants
    -2 billion bullets bought by Homeland Security
    -UN running America
    -Republican Party committing canceling primaries
    -Republican Party committing political suicide

The capstone was Trump promising more torture, less freedom, more war, less privacy, while Hillary goes from victory to victory despite her criminality and lead us into WW-III...

...while all we have left to pay the rent are Part-Time Jobs created by Obamacare - without a whimper from of  the American population - while Americans line up every first week of the month like locusts to cash out on their newly filled EBT (food stamp) accounts...

...and paper machines that look like paper shredders take our ‘vote’...while the local county election recorder DOES NOT EVEN DEIGN TO COUNT THE SCANTORN SHEET VOTES (when there are any) to confirm the electronic machine numbers...

...while I see massive numbers of homeless, unemployed, people dressed like they just snuck out of a garbage bag on the streets...

...and the police shooting to kill without remorse or legal consequence...

...banks treating one like they one owes them a favor...

...but what got me was my local ‘experience’...

...friends, relatives and neighbors HATING me because of my bringing up the dangers of aspartame, standard cancer treatment and vaccination - that was a new one for me; I was never HATED for trying to help someone. Brushed off, laughed at disregarded, but never HATED and AVOIDED.

...while I find that all the Middle Eastern and Mexican restaurants  and shops I used to frequent (I love foreign culture) have turned into exclusionary, hostile, ghetto type places where whites are no longer welcome.

...while massive section-8 subsidized apartment construction dominates the landscape...

...and hostile Somalians and Muslims with glaring stares pollute the neighborhood..while at midnight ENTIRE BUSSES of illegal “refugees” pull into the Phoenix Greyhound station and disembark their GOVERNMENT-SUBSIDIZED CARGO OF ILLEGAL INVADERS.

But perhaps the greatest feeling of dread came when I noticed America was being surrounded from within and without... by Communists.

It’s the feeling you get when all your enemies suddenly  start showing up at your party - you just KNOW the party isn’t going to go the way you want it.

Just look around:

Our industry and our technology exported to Communist China who also control the value of our money through trillions worth of bonds we have sold them.

Our friendship freely given to Communist dictatorships like Vietnam and Cuba.

Our President, a Communist, son of a Communist and apprentice to a Communist, whose identity we are unable to verify.

Our Executive staff filled up with Communists appointed by the President (they like to be called Marxists) who attempt daily against the US and its Constitution.

Our presidential candidates all but one being bona fide Communists (Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton) or the sons of crypto-Communists (Ted Cruz and  Marco Rubio).

(by the way, has anyone noticed we have three New Yorkers and two Cuban-Americans running for the presidency? Is this representative democracy?)

Our Department of Homeland Security modeled after the Communist East German STASI and with the advice of its Communist ex-chief, Markus Wolf.

Our dependency on Communist China for ALL our manufactured goods.

Our security services bringing in observers from Communist China and Russia to ‘observe’ how we defend against attacks on our electrical grid in our GridEx exercises!

Our dependency on Russian space craft to supply the International Space Station.

Our dependency on Communist Chinese components to keep our armed forces operational.

Our Liberal Science and Business departments at all our universities OVERRUN with Communist professors, staff and students.

Our open-gate immigration open now to Communists from China

Our police now sporting accents from the former Soviet Union and Communist China as these ‘immigrants’ are allowed to become American citizens and then lord themselves over us as police officers.

Our open cooperation in housing Communist Spetsnaz special forces within our territory.

Our business districts overrun with Communist Chinese front companies (many working directly for the People’s Liberation Army).

Our conservative establishment led by the NeoCons - the descendants of ex-Communist Trotskyites.

Our TVs underlining the Communist concept that our children belong to the STATE and they constantly prove this by CONFISCATING our kids.

A Communist-like draft being proposed for both our young men AND women.

Communist-like snitch programs dominate the landscape, with agents ranging from postal clerks to teachers and clergy.

Communist style concentration camps are alreadly erected across the nation as Hillary says American men deserve to be put in ‘fun camps.’

Our admiration poured upon a Communist KGB chief Vladimir Putin, who claims to be the guardian of Christianity, yet keeps the Communist red star as military insignia, sings Communist songs at banquets, and preserves the monuments of Communist mass murderers, refuses to prosecute
Communist crimes against Russia, spies on America with a wide network of agents...while admitting the person he most admires is...STALIN!!!

Can there be any doubt that COMMUNISM is what’s in store for America?

And do you know what the process is for installing Communism?

Mass death.

Unerringly, invariably, monotonously, every single time.

A they call it.

Don’t think it’ll be any different for America.

Right now you  probably can’t even imagine it.

But wait until the banks close, the grocery stores close, the government and all its minions start going without pay.

Wait until the speculation machine creates food, fuel and electricity shortages.

Wait until everything collapses, including the police departments.

Wait until the Civil War starts and OTHER armed institutions gain authority over us.

And above all, wait until the blue-helmeted United Nations troops along with Chinese and Russian troops gain entry into what is left of this country INVITED by the opposing sides of the Civil War.

Wait until a COMMUNIST regime is installed...then...THEN...see what happens to the population of the country.

So as you can see, they can’t KILL us until they collapse and take away our functional society.

I fear the entry of foreign troops and mercenaries into our country more than I fear the Federal Government.

This is why I despise the concept of armed civil uprising and embrace the concept of local and state non-cooperation with the Federal Government instead.

Tell the IRS, CPS, FBI and US Marshals to serve their own warrants and use their own personnel -  ZERO help from local police!

Disband all threat fusion centers and DISBAND the local police from ANY collaboration with the Feds.

Create your own REAL state national guard totally owned, totally directed and totally funded and totally loyal to the state.

Throw Federal educational funds in their face and have the states create their own standards and curriculum.

Refuse ANY infrastructure support for Federal authority at our airports, our streets and our highways.

Give all American citizens the RIGHT TO BARE ARMS.

INVESTIGATE, REMOVE AND BLACKLIST ALL State and Local employees and businessmen with connections to ANY Federal intelligence or police agency such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, DEA, BATF, etc and REMOVE them from public office and or the State PERMANENTLY.

THIS is the type of uprising that we need at the State and Local level, not armed conflict designed to collapse and destroy our society and prepare it for Communism.

Has any of this happened?

Have the leadership on all these ‘patriotic’ states mumbling about state rights and secession ever attempted anything of the sort?

I thought so because so many of the ‘leaders’ are in fact CIA.

But back to the ‘dread.’

I now feel it in spades because I see America is ready to be taken down.

Our food can be cut off at any moment.

Our electricity can be cut off indefinitely.

Our banks can collapse at any time.

The police are one paycheck away from disbandment.

The Army is not only ready and willing, but prepared, drilling biting at the bit to disarm Americans.

Foreign troops inhabit our soil.

Mercenaries are given the power of law enforcement over us.

The American public is drugged, irradiated, deluded, poisoned, weak-minded and clueless, like a gaggle of sheep waiting for the slaughter.

Russia and China stand ready to SLAUGHTER US in WW-III with COLLUSION from our own Executive and TRAITORS within our own country.

Yes....the feeling of certain black dread is finally here for me.

Do you feel it too?

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