Friday, February 17, 2012

The Ancient Origin of The Conspiracy: The Amorites

(For this entry, I rely on the testimony of ‘Xavier,’  granted me in the last century, and whose importance I only now begin to understand)

The Amorites are the origin of ‘The Great Conspiracy of the Ages.’

The Illuminati are to the Amorites what only one minute is to a week since they are only the most recent incarnation of a conspiracy that is larger, grander and older than than most people think.

The origin of this Conspiracy, as far we know, stretches almost to the origin of civilization itself…to the ancient and mysterious people called the Amorites - the ancestors of the Arameans, Phoenicians…and Hebrews.

Their origin, their history and their importance have been ignored by an establishment that seeks to hide history instead of compiling it.

How many libraries have they burned in the effort of accomplishing this?

Do you think the serial burnings of the Library of Alexandria were consecutive accidents?

Do you think it’s only a coincidence that Amazon's latest book-burning device is called "Kindle"?

The history of the Amorites is the basis and the origin of the true history of the Great Plan of the Ages.

The Amorites were the pre-historic ancient Semitic people who between 9,000 and 4,000 BC built the ancient walled cities at  Gebekli Tepe, Catal Huyuk, Jericho and Hamoukar...thousands of years before Sumeria.

The Amorites inhabited an L-shaped area of the Fertile Crescent spanning from Israel to southern Turkey to northern Syria.


The theory that the ancient Semites emerged from the desert wastes of Saudi Arabia is a total falsehood.

People go INTO desert wasteland peninsulas, they don't emerge from them.

Civilization came to the Sumerians from the east by way of Elam after the already civilized Sumerians descended from the Zagros Mountains and settled amongst the ancient Semites who inhabited Mesopotamia since time immemorial (and who had probably been devastated by the flood).

The Amoritic population of Mesopotamia was not only more numerous than the Sumerians, but had preceded Sumerian arrival by millenia.

This huge ancient Amorite population could not be displaced or even repressed by the Sumerians and came to make up most of the population of Mesopotamia...and eventually became the inheritors of Sumerian civilization.

The god of these Amorites was Baal - an entity represented by a bull, a bull-man or horned god (today we perceive the image of this horned god as the Devil).

Baal demanded human sacrifices, sodomy and blood drinking.
(today we equate these rituals with Satanism).

Did this ancient worship of the devil-like Baal grant the Amorites their ancient power?

In 2300 BC, an Amorite King, Sargon, conquered the Sumerians and incorporated them into civilization’s first empire…without a struggle.

In 1750 BC, the Amorite King Hammurabi conquered Mesopotamia and absorbed as the core of his Babylonian Empire…without a struggle.

At around that same time, an Amorite king called Shamsi-Adad took the Assyrian throne…without a struggle.

Concurrently with these takeovers by the Amorites, the very society of Mesopotamia became brutalized and arbitrary.

Humane Sumerian law was replaced with a mass of laws ending with the word 'death.'

It was the Amorite stock and trade to infiltrate great civilizations from the inside and bring them unto their power…without war but through infiltration, and turn them into brutal tyrannies. 'Destroying many through peace,' as it is said in the Bible.

No better description has been offered.

In 1650 BC the Amoritic Hyksos took Egypt…without a struggle.

There was never a struggle against the Amorites because they infiltrated society from the inside with crypto-Amorites who pretended to be members of the targeted society...but who opened the gates to the invaders.

In many ways, the modern Communist conspiracy of today follows this very model.

By the year 1600 BC, Egypt was being RUN by an occult crypto-Amoritic oligarchy who pretended to be Egyptians, but who ruled as tyrants, empowering the Amoritic Hyksos.

The original so-called Hebrews were a part of this occupying group.

In 1550 the Hyksos were driven out of Egypt, but the occult crypto-Amorite Hyksos oligarchy remained.

The story of the Amoritic Hyksos Joseph and Moses in the Old Testament testify how the Egyptian power structure was infiltrated.

Moses was introduce to power in exactly the same way Sargon was introduced to the oligarchy of Akkad…in a floating reed basket.

Both were ‘bastards’of an occult lineage (and the adopted progeny of an occult father - just like Alexander the Great, Louis XIV, Hitler, Clinton and Obama.

The Amoritic Hyksos continued holding occult power in Egypt as pseudo-Egyptians.

When the crypto-Amorite Pharaoh Akhenaton attempted to destroy and rebuild Egypt from the ground up in a bloody revolution (‘revolution’ is the Amoritic stock and trade), he was deposed.

What followed was an Egyptian purge of the crypto-Amorites and their expulsion from Egypt (which would repeatedly take place in the countries of Europe with the descendants of the Amorites - the Jews).

The expelled included the crypto-Amorite Hykso Moses (who many historians believe was Akhenaton himself) along with fellow Amoritic Hykso expellees, who made their way back to where they had come from – the southern Amorite territory of the Levant (which is today Israel).

They found this strategic trade zone occupied by other tribes since their 300 year absence (this is where the concept of the ‘promised land’ comes from).

Moses and his Amoritic Hykso cult (now calling themselves Hebrews) had met a demon-like apparition in the desert called Yahweh (Baal under another name).

Yahweh (Baal) ordered them to enter Canaan and kill every man, woman and child they encountered.

This they did with relish and (with help of the Amoritic Phoenicians) established the so-called 12 tribes of Israel.

The Amoritic Phoenicians and the Amoritic Hebrews were, in fact, two sides of the same coin.

While the Amoritic Hebrews were wealthy herders and trading nomads, the Amoritic Phoenicians were the masters of trade.

The Phoenicians, however, still openly worshipped Baal and made human sacrifices to him.

This was perfectly alright with Amoritic Hebrew kings like Solomon, who not only worshiped alongside Phoenicians,  married Phoenician women and made sacrifices to Phoenician gods (including Baal), but accepted Phoenician money and technical assistance in building his Temple of Solomon, along with Phoenician labor and Phoenician know how.

Solomon is today a name closely related to occultism, magic, orgiastic rituals, not godliness.

The occult seal of Solomon is today called the Star of David, is an ancient Amoritic symbol...and testimony to the Great Conspiracy of the Ages.

Chaldea’s crypto-Amoritic Kings later proceeded to move the Amoritic Hebrew population of Israel to Babylon.

It was a fortuitous move indeed.

The Amoritic Hebrews lived like kings in Babylon, most likely living as a preferred oligarchy in that place (as they had lived in Egypt).

They learned its magics and its occultism (in addition to the Egyptian and Phoenician occult arts they had already mustered)...and it was in Babylon from where the Talmud and the Kabala emerged.

It was from the occult magical center of Babylon where Amoritic Hebrew power surged and the Talmud began to be written.

Babylon completed the occult and magical education of the Amorites which had begun in Egypt, continued with Phoenicia and completed itself in Babylon.

Amoritic Hebrew power continued when Amorite Hebrews like Daniel became the advisors to the crypto-Amorite Chaldean and Persian Empires.

Under Daniel’s advice, the crypto-Amorite Chaldean King Nabuchadnazzer put all his Babylonian advisors and priests to death, appointed Daniel ruler of the region of Babylon and ordered that anyone who criticized the Amoritic Hebrews be put to death.

The Amoritic Hebrews in Babylon were, in fact, an empowered and protected minority.

After Nabuchadnazzer was removed from power by his own subjects, very much like Akhenaton (given his actions, this is not surprising), the crypto-Amoritic Hebrew Daniel (who falsely called himself Belteshazzar) became advisor to Nabuchadnazzer’s son, (whose murder and opening of the gates of Babylon to the Medes Daniel arranged).

Unsurprisingly, the crypto-Amoritic Hebrew oligarchy was already in control of the invading Medes and Persians.

Darius, the crypto-Amoritic King of the Medes accepted fellow crypto-Amorite Hebrew Daniel as his advisor.

Under Daniel’s guidance, King Darius had all those who dared speak ill of Daniel killed.

The Persians then deposed the Medes.

The crypto-Amorite control of Persia continued as it had in Chaldea and Media before then.

It was in fact, the crypto-Amoritic Hebrews who opened the doors of Babylon to the Persians during the siege of that great city.

Crypto-Amorite Cyrus the Great (founder of the Persian Empire) not only transported all the Hebrews (now called ‘Jews’) back to Israel, but himself rebuilt Solomon’s Temple!

If anyone doubts the crypto-Amoritic Jewish control of Persia, one has only to read the story of which the crypto-Amoritic King Ahaseurus has all the Persian priests, advisors and nobles murdered for daring to criticize the crypto-Amoritic Jews.

The blatant power of the crypto-Amorites become less obvious with the coming of Alexander the Great, but all the signs are there.

Alexander took the greatest empire the world had ever known with ease.

The armies of Persia fled before him.

The King of Persia was assassinated by his own advisors.

Alexander (an occult bastard of mysterious origin, like Sargon, Moses, etc, etc) took BABYLON as his new capital and resided there for the rest of his life...until he was poisoned.

The phenomenon continued with the Romans.

The occult human sacrificers of Rome were said to be descendants of a Trojan colony - which would fit right in with the Amoritic practice of occupying key centers of trade.

People forget the Romans were great sea traders and mariners, and that this was the source of their wealth and their power.

But in 390 BC the city of Rome left its gates open to the invading barbarian Gauls who had been ADMITTED into Roman territory. The cream of the elders of the Roman elite awaited the invading barbarians sitting serenely at their tables waiting for death - a voluntary human sacrifice of the highest order.

The dividends would be handsome indeed.

After 100 years of battles (more human sacrifices) the Romans succeeded in subjugating the entire Italian peninsula.

The Romans were subtle experts in the art of continuous human sacrfice both of themselves and of others.

The father had the power of life and death over his children...and frequently used it.

The servants and slaves were frequently buried alive with their masters.

Funerals of the wealthy were celebrated by a sacrifice supplied by gladiatorial combats to the death.

During the 2nd Punic War, it was AGREED to let lose the Amoritic Phoenician Hannibal out of Carthage (a power Rome had already ‘defeated’, but who had, in fact, turned power over to Rome...and was allowed to set foot in Rome for the next great sacrifice).

It was agreed.

Hannibal (like the ancient Gauls) would be allowed to enter Roman territory.

The cream of the Roman oligarchy and Roman citizens were sent out to him to be slaughtered - at the Battle of Cannae in 215 BC the Roman leadership made sure the legions were left without enough cavalry).

Hannibal slaughtered the Roman Empire within the Italian peninsula for the next dozen years...without ever besieging, taking or cutting off the city of Rome, which is what any true conqueror would have done.

It was the blood of human sacrifice he was after, not Rome.

His task having been completed, the sacrificing monster of blood, Hannibal, left for Carthage - which would soon fall to Rome - and was allowed to live out the rest of his life in peace by the Romans...just like any high priest.

The practice of high level human sacrifice was continued by the Baalist Roman oligarchy through the ancient rite of the ‘sacrificial king’ which was allowed to be carried out through the constant enthronement and murder of the Roman Emperors, starting with Julius Caesar...who walked willingly into the sacrificial chamber.

The pattern continued: an emperor assumed the throne KNOWING he would be violently murdered at the end of it.

Was it any surprise the Roman Emperors lived a life dedicated to pleasure and life to the maximum before their own sacrifice?

Meanwhile the Arena became the satanic temple for the ongoing practice of human sacrifice.

The Gods were summoned at the beginning of the games... then the human sacrifices were began as gladiators fought each other to the death and victims were killed in many amusing manners.

Was it only an accident of history that CHRISTIANS came to make up a large part of those human sacrifices...while the Jews (like the historian Josephus) were given privileged positions within Roman society?

The occult Amoritic Jewish oligarchy continued to rule the empire through crypto-Jewish figures like Sulla, Nero, Diocletian and Constantine.

Constantine, a Pagan, oversaw the Council of Nicaea in 325 BC, which ‘established’ the ‘basic tenets’ of Christianity, along with what books could be read (and which could not) and how it was to be practiced and what was to be believed and not believed.

What a comforting thought for Christians.

After all the persecution and blood-letting, Rome ended up taking over Christianity and declaring itself a Holy Roman Empire.

The Dark and Medieval Ages continued the tradition of human sacrifice.

Charlemagne made mountains of skulls of the unbelieving eastern Germans, who converted to Papist Christianity out of sheer terror.

Later, Christians who did not practice Christianity according to the pagan-presided Council of Nicaea were MURDERED in waves of massive human sacrifices such as the Albigensian Crusades.

Blood...more blood...the sacrifices had to be maintained...with the Amoritic crypto-Jews - the infiltrators which directe everythng from the very highest levels of society (as can be seen in the stories of Moses, Joseph, Daniel and Esther).

Meanwhile the ‘Christian’ Church (just like Islam) made sure only the Jews were allowed a monopoly on making it ILLEGAL for any Christian to lend money for profit.

Christianity having become too large and too universal was purposefully weakened during the Renaissance by the ‘Reformation,’ launched with Jewish money and carried out by crypto-Jewish John Calvin.

The human sacrifices continued as the new ‘reformed’ Christians continued to be as adept as the Papist Church at burning Christians who deviated from their established norm - heretics - at the stake.

Meanwhile Martin Luther’s period writings on Jewish power and Jewish money have been universally BANNED.

During the Reformation, the crypto-Jewish English King, Henry-VIII, took special care to ‘consult’ with this council of Rabbis before embarking on the bloody English Reformation.

The English Reformation turned out to be a bloody one.

When Christians refused to join Henry’s Anglican Church with the anti-Christ-like figure of the king himself as its head - entire monasteries, along with English Christians in fear of their immortal souls were massacred.

The human sacrifices continued...and would grow with the new phenomenon of Religious Wars - wars between Catholics and Protestant Christians: the Hugeunot Wars and the Thirty Years War.

Meanwhile the Spanish Inquisition - created to root out the crypto-Jews who had been taking over Spain - was put under the direction of a Jew - Torquemada, who murdered thousands...of innocents...and who was unaffected even by the supplications of the Pope.

The effectiveness of the Jew-directed Spanish Inquisition was made clear when the Spanish throne financed its exploration of the Americas...with Jewish money from Genoa.

By the apex of its power, wealth and glory...Spain was bankrupt....headed by a crypto-Jewish Hapsburg King...and handing over ALL of the gold from the Americas to the Jewish bankers to whom it was in debt.

The Renaissance was indeed the time when European kings became a second power to the European Jewish bankers.

In 1649 the bankrupt King of England, Charles-I, was deposed and decapitated by Menasseh Ben Israel’s puppet, Oliver Cromwell, who was then installed as dictator.

By 1770, the British Empire had imitated the Spanish Empire in that the more it grew, the more it accumulated debt until, at the apex of its power, it was completely bankrupt.

The method of the Amoritic crypto-jews has been the same since Babylon.

Enforced debt had always been the instrument...acquired, maintained and enforced by its infiltrated agents...who always pretend to be what they are not.

America separated from the bankrupt entity...financed by the Jewish money of Haim Solomon.

That same year, the Illuminati were established in the Rothschild’s backyard, Bavaria, by the crypto-Jew Adam Weishaupt.

Between 1790 and 1812 the Illuminati submerged France in blood - the greatest of human sacrifices since Rome.

But the greatest coup occurred in 1913 when the last of the holdouts, America, was persuaded to install within itself a private wealth authority with the power to write receipts over the nation’s wealth - the Federal Reserve - and count it as debt to itself.

With all the nations of the world attached to wealth authorities called ‘central banks,’ it became possible to carry out the next blood sacrifice...

...WW-I happened less than a year after the establishment of the Federal Reserve...and it happened because the Central Banks made possible to finance unlimited war.

In 1920 history repeated itself when the new crypto-Amorites (now calling themselves 'communists) took Russia...without much of a struggle...and ordered that anyone who spoke against the Amorite Jews be put to death.

It is true to say that something like that that had not been seen since the age of King Ahaseurus.

WW-I ended up killing 40 million human beings.

WW-II continued the program...killing 100 million human beings.

Worthy blood sacrifices - the biggest in all of world history.

Nuclear weapons made open war too dangerous, but the Cold War continued the process of killing through war by proxy....55 million more human beings were put to death.

The War on Terror followed, having killed at least 3 million so far.

The Sino-Russian-America stand-off seems to be following close on its heels.

War and death...all while the nations of the world lie prostrate and bankrupt before the Central Banks of the world....

...but though they be starving...

...there is always enough money for war - the unending human sacrifices.

And it goes without saying that the Crypto-Amorites are still here.

Still secretly practicing the ancient and bloody worship of Baal, their devil god.

Still secretly practicing their own ancient art of infiltration, filling our society with people who are not what they say they are.

Still secretly populating the highest seats of power with their agents.

Still leading the nations of the world and betraying them to their form of constructive  -creative destruction.

And eventually hoping to bring the entire world…

...back to the worship of Baal.


  1. On a spiritual side I have seen Prophet Muhammad PBH 10times and I say it with no boasting I dreamt of the Prophet PBH and I am standing besides him and I was told I am not a sayyid and I ask the Prophet PBH about the Indian people, he PBH had a big smile on his face this is why I started to find out about the Indian people particularly the dark ones 2times I dreamt the dravidians are the sumerians and 1time they are from Canaan and that the blacks and ethiopians are from cush ibn ham

    and after a yr I came across something in Prophets and Patriarchs which it said 2times Nimrod(disbeliever was son of cush son of canaan son of ham There is two cush's and people have gotten them mixed up the sumerians migrated to india but also they went into southern arabia thats how a group of them made it to the horn of africa and the dark afro asiatic elamites are from Phut ibn Ham yes the cushites from cush ibn ham are indeed blessed as well

    i dreamt a explanation of the dravidians i was told in the dream (hamitic) in type with straight hair and were also egyptians then after some time i dreamt the dravidians came from the fertile crescent in syria close to the sea and after this i dreamt they came from egypt close to the sea and i see arrows showing their travel one arrow goes up into the fertile crescent in syria and the other goes east through south iraq and southern iran until the arrow reached northwest india! also i dreamt of a migration in the shape of a U on the river nile nowhere did i see anything to do with the horn of africa On 13/11/11 I dreamt the dravidians are Phoenicians( A branch of Dravidians did settle in the fertile crescent in syria close to the sea)

  2. The Mediterranean Peoples (Dravidians)

    (Extracts from ‘The Original Indians â€" An Enquiry’ by Dr. A. Desai)

    How the Mediterranean people came to be called Dravidians makes interesting story. The Pre-Hellenistic Lycians of Asi Minor, who where probably the Mediterranean stock called themselves Trimmili. Another tribe of this branch in the island of Crete was known by the name Dr(a)mil or Dr(a)miz. In ancient Sanskrit writings we find the terms Dramili and Dravidi, and then Dravida which referred to the southern portion of India.

    South India was known to the ancient Greek and Roman geographers as Damirica or Limurike. Periplus Maris Erithroei (Periplus of the Eritrean Sea) in the second or third century AD described the maritime route followed by Greek ships sailing to the South Indian ports: “Then follow Naoura and Tundis, the first marts of Limurike and after these Mouziris and Nelkunda, the seats of government.â€

    Dramila, Dravida and Damirica indicated the territory. Then it was applied to the people living in the territory and the language they spoke, in the local parlance Tamil and Tamil Nadu or Tamilakam.


    The Mediterraneans or Dravidians were associated with the ancient Sumerian civilizations of Mesopotamia and of Elam (southern Iran). Authors have pointed out ethnic, linguistic and cultural affinities between the Sumerians (Mesopotamians) and the Dravidians of South India, and concluded that both probably belonged to the same ethnic stock. HR Hall writes: “The ethnic type of the Sumerians, so strongly marked in their statues and relofs was as different from those of the races which surrounded them as was their language from those of the Semites, Aryans and others; they were decidedly Indian in type. The face-type of the average Indian today is no doubt much the same as that of the Dravidian race ancestors thousands of years ago...And it is to this Dravidian ethnic type of India that the ancient Sumerian bears most resemblance, so far as we can judge from his monuments. He was very like a Southern Hindu of the Deccan (who still speaks Dravidian languages). And it is by no means improbable that the Sumerians were an Indian tribe which passed, certainly by land, perhaps also by sea, through Persia to the valley of the Two Rivers.â€

    Hall is of the opinion that Dravidian people must have migrated to Mesopotamia from India, whereas others think Dravidians came from Mediterranean regions, which was their earlier home. KP Padmanabha Menon writes about their close relationship: “Orientalists, many of them, are prepared to concede that the Sumerians, the Mediterranean race, are branches of the early Dravidians.â€

  3. info below is from wikipedia!dravidians are L

    L was found in( 51% of Syrians from Al-Raqqah), a northern Syrian city in which its previous inhabitants have been wiped out by the Mongols by and repopulated in recent times by localBedouin populations and Chechen war refugees.[4] In a small sample of Israeli Druze haplogroup L was found in 7 out of 20 (35%). However, studies done on bigger samples showed that L-M20 averages 5% in Israeli Druze,[5] 8% in Lebanese Druze,[6] and it was not found in a sample of 59Syrian Druze. Haplogroup L has been found in 2.0% (1/50)[7] to 5.25% (48/914)[8] of Lebanese. wikipedia

    L y dna

    Syria 51.0% (33/65) of Syrians in Al-Raqqah,( 31.0% of Eastern Syrians) Mirvat El-Sibai et al. 2009[4] Iran 3.4% L1-M76 (4/117) and 2.6% L2-M317 (3/117)

    for a total of 6.0% (7/117) haplogroup L in southern Iran

    3.0% (1/33) L3-M357 in northern Iran Regueiro et al. 2006(( Turkey 57% in Afshar village,)) 12% (10/83) in Black Sea Region, 4.2% (1/523 L-M349 and 21/523 L-M11(xM27, M349)) Cinnioğlu et al. 2004, Gokcumen (2008)

    The subclades of Haplogroup L with their defining mutation(s), according to the 2011 ISOGG tree:

    L (M11, M20, M22, M61/Page43, M185)
    L* Found only in Europe from Ireland to Eastern Europe[26]
    L1 (M295) Found from Western Europe to South Asia [27]
    L1a (M27, M76, P329) Found frequently in Indians, Sri Lankans, andBalochs, with a moderate distribution in other populations of Pakistan, southern Iran, and Arabia but also in European populations
    L1b (M317) Found at low frequency in Central Asia, Southwest Asia, and Central Europe
    L1b1 (M349) Principally found in Europe
    L1b2 (M274)
    L1c (M357) Found frequently among Burushos, Kalashas, Chechensand Pashtuns, with a moderate distribution among other populations inPakistan, Georgia, northern Iran, India, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia
    L1c1 (PK3) Found frequently among Kalash

    Mari (modern Tell Hariri, Syria) was an ancient( Sumerian and Amorite city), located 11 kilometers north-west of the modern town of Abu Kamal on the western bank of Euphrates river, some 120 km southeast of Deir ez-Zor, Syria. It is thought to have been inhabited since the 5th millennium BC, although it flourished with series of superimposed palaces that spans a thousand years, from 2900 BC until 1759 BC, when it was sacked by Hammurabi.[1]

    Abu Kamal (Arabic: أبو كمال‎, Turkish: Ebu Kemal or Kışla) is a city in eastern Syria on theEuphrates River near the border with Iraq. The Euphrates divides Abu Kamal into two areas: Shamiyya (belonging to the Levant) and Jazira (belonging to Mesopotamia) Al-Jazira, a plains region consisting of northeastern Syria and northwestern Iraq, quite distinct from the Syrian Desertand lower-lying central Mesopotamia. Abu Kamal is an economically prosperous farming region with cattle-breeding, cereals, and cotton crops. It is also home to the historical site Dura-Europos and the ancient kingdom of Mari.

  4. On 04/27/12 I dreamt (ru'ya) that the Arameans are Hebrews
    in prophets and patriarchs it says when the thamud perished the remaining sons of Aram were known as Arman they are the Nabateans (and Nabatean is another name for aramean) also i dreamt without date that the arameans absorbed the amorites also before this i dreamt the amorties and that they mixed with another canaanite people who are aboriginal native type not asian )people and this made them strong

  5. "The descendant`s of Shem settled al Majdal the navel of the earth,which is stuated between Satidama and the sea between the Yemen and syria,God bequethed them prophecy scripture and beauty and gave them complexions that were brown and white from Prophet's and Patriarchs"

  6. also i have dreamt of the hittites i saw mediteranean faces black hair kind of a dusky color skin and i saw another face seperate from this which resembled native indians or native south americans
    also i have dreamt 2 times the lydians were in north africa and 1 time the lydians are the hittites

  7. and we know if i am correct the amorites mixed with the hittites

    To Lud bin Shem was born Tasm and Judays?who dwelt in al Yamaamah.Lud also begot 'Imliq whose dwelling place was the holy area(al haram) and the outskirts of Makka. Some of his descendant's reached Syria among these are the Amalekites from whom the Pharaohs of Egypt came. To Lud to was born Umaym who had many offspring some of these broke away to join Gomer bin Japheth in East.

    from prophets and patriarchs

  8. also people never mention the ancient arabs of Ad and thamud? the thamud were also adites how come n one mentions that Shaddad who was adite ruled all of syria and iraq this is long before the armaeans
    the Ad came from uz son of aram and thamud from gether but it is possible that the thamud are descendants of the the first Ad and when the thamud perished the remaining sons of aram were known as arman

  9. so to be cleat the dravidians of India are the sumerians remember the deity of shiva is sumerian which is dravidian and sumerians did make their way into southern arabia gulf area
    if anyone wants to see the features of the arameans u just have to look at the arab syrians, iraqi arabs and iraqi kurds by the way the iraqi kurds are mosltly J halotype28,4% j2 and 11.6% j1

  10. dude is crazy for calling Yahweh, Baal. Yahweh told the israelites not to worship baal. and for those that follows muhammad a ordinary man and call him a prophet he was a pedophile, his wife was wayyyy to young and plus he even said he felt like he was possessed, you'll are deceived and know nothing of what you are talking about. the illuminati is one the but the living God and his chosen people are another.

    1. The Living God? But there is no god or gods in the actual Hebrew bible so it was made up by early rabbis, who were hardly divinely inspired. Lookup Mauro Biglino's official translations for the vatican publishing house; the bible isn't even a sacramental book. It talks about human cloning and management.

  11. This is amazing information. Thank you whoever your are.

  12. Notice that recently (April 2016) they are building reproductions of the Temple of Baal in New York and London.

    But, of course, most people think this is a random meaningless act.

  13. God so called picked the jews to do his evil work, called good.

    Anyone could have got picked, charged and predispositioned and biased that way, thinking it is their will when it’s god’s manipulation their will.

    The rest of the world knows that and if overthrow the jews god would just pick one of the rest of the world’s peoples to do the same dirty work of the jews for god. No one else wants that title, not that the jews wanted it either, but when you get picked you get picked and find yourself saying and doing crazy things.

    So the world puts up with god's evil and the jews as the instrument of god's evil. Since how do you fight god and prosper?

    The republic and tesla's real advanced science is the best the planet and next world can do, however once again how do you get by god's and the jews' evil? You don't!

    If we want to live and not sue for non existence (if we even can) over the craziness of existence, then have to put up with the craziness of existence as best we can, which is not good enough.

    That is how you say is that!

    God is ying and yang, opposites interplay, dualism of opposites into some semblance of existing, and ad infinitum. God had an eternity to figure it out, if practice makes perfect and solves things.

    It doesn’t, unfortunately.