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Conspiracy Researcher Killed: Drew Maras

On January 8, 2012 at 4 am in the morning, three Maricopa County Sheriffs responding to an automatic burglar alarm from Angel Pediatrics located in a strip mall in Anthem, AZ approached a white van parked in the mall parking lot.

 According to the official police report, as Sheriff William Coleman rapped on the window of the van, to see if it was occupied,  the occupant (who seemed to have been sleeping there with his dog) stepped out of the van and started shooting with an automatic assault rifle.

Sheriff Coleman was hit and killed.

The two other deputies returned fire, killing the van occupant.

The van occupant?

Colorado ex-marine, published author and conspiracy researcher Drew Ryan Maras, age 30, with no criminal record,  who had been lately been living out of his van with the financial support of his book and his father.

According to the official police report, the ballistics from Maras’ rifle ‘proved’ Maras was responsible for the murder of James Johnson and Carol Raynsford (both 63) of New Hampshire at an area near Sedona, AZ just two days prior, on January 6 ,2012.


If this was a misunderstanding between Maras and the sheriff deputies, it was  a tragedy.

If this was the purposeful slander and murder of Maras, it was a tragedy.

What really happened, I can't say I know.

But the paradox of Maras being a dedicated researcher and author, who suddenly has the time (and the lunacy) to go on a Bonnie and Clyde murder rampage struck me as weird.

It was especially strange that Maras had written a conspiracy book called “Open Your Eyes: To 2012 and Beyond.”

Of course, I had to get the book, hopefully finding the data that got Maras killed in the first place (if it was indeed a murder by the authorities).

As it turned out, the book was published by Author House in 2010. Author House is a large self-publishing company – which means you pay them and they publish your book.

Nothing wrong with that, I am all for self-publishing, especially when several of such books turn out to start selling in the millions.

As it turns out, Mara expresses strong feelings of anti-violence, Christianity and peace in the book.

Clearly the opposite of the thoughts of a murdering lunatic.


I would not be able to sleep at night if I did not read a murdered man’s conspiracy book, so I bought the book immediately and read every page.

Now when you do research with a mindset of finding the truth wherever it is that it leads you , you find things you don’t like.

You find things you’d rather not believe or like to believe. You find uncomfortable things which do not coincide with your present idea of reality.

I don’t like criticizing or putting down other conspiracy researchers (even when I think they are government moles) because I think it fragments the conspiracy movement.

But I feel moved to simply report on what I saw in Maras’ book.

The book is very standard.

It is even standard in ways that make me feel Maras himself was in some ways establishment-standard.

Basically, the topic of the entire first half of the book is “UFO’s really exist!!!”

The topic of the second half of the book is “2012 is really going to happen!!! Align yourself for the new change!”

All in all, it is mostly a UFO book with 2012 undepinnings.

I personally found little new material in it besides the fact that the Phoenix Lights were a type of Air Force craft he gives the nomenclature for and the murder of UFO researcher John Murphy.

I again specify that Maras wrote a UFO book.

But what disturbed my about the book was the collection of very standard establishment opinions the author seemed to have, which I will now quote:

Maras agrees with the dropping of the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

“Whether it was morally right to drop the bombs is up to you, but know that thousands upon thousands of our boys would have died invading Imperial Japan, and quite possibly your grandfather and your father wouldn’t have come home.” (p-230)

Ok, my opinion differs with that of Maras (I think it was a needless war crime).

Maras also seems to believe the Islamists are really declaring war on America (not proxies for the CIA, MI6 and the Mossad). This is also very standard opinion:

“Make no mistake, and do not forget that while you’re living the good life that these radical elements have declared “Jihad” on America.” (p-231)

Now we get into the really disturbing opinions.

Maras seems to admire Warren Buffet and Bill Gates!!!:

“Despite his $62 billion net worth, Warren Buffet does not measure success in dollars and neither should we. Some may say, “Well, that’s easy for him to say since he’s one of the richest men in the world,” but what everyone needs to know is that in 2006 he selflessly pledged to give away almost his entire fortune to charities,  primarily the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The point that I’ll make time and time again, along with Warren Buffet, and others fighting the good fight, is to not only reap the prosperity from the seeds you sow, but most importantly, to give back to the world unconditionally and let your footprint and legacy resonate in a benevolent, proactive way.” (p-185)

Excuse me? Warren Buffet is with us “fighting the good fight?”

Maras also seems to be an admirer of arch-Illuminati Al Gore:

“What a revitalized nation we would have grown to by now with Al Gore leading the charge. A visionary and a pioneer on global warming as well as an icon of going green, Gore was the catalyst and the spark we needed to become more conscious of our future well-being. As a selfless philanthropist concerned with the welfare of our species and our planet he had the right vision and ideology that never reached fruition and never bloomed because of the tainted Florida count.” (p-202)

Finally, Maras reveals himself to be an Obamamite, which might have been understandable if this were 2008, but the book was published in 2010, enough time for the author to see what Obama really was.

Again, Maras on Obama:

“Let’s give Obama and his team of perennial all-stars a chance to shine.” (p-204)

On Obama’s background:

“His background is the true American dream. He is the quintessential American. He has achieved the American dream from the ground up since birth and now has an all-star cast backing his every presidential decision.” (p-205)

On Obama’s advisers:

“Once President Obama and his all-star team untangle the knot from hell left by the Bush administration…” (p-243)

Finally, and very disturbingly, the author quips he comes from a military intelligence background:

“I could’ve made a career out of the US Marine Corps and gone into the intelligence communities…” (p-245)

This was the final nail in the coffin for me.

I’m sorry, but after reading the book, I suspect (not know, but suspect) Maras was simply a mind-controlled government plant with the mission of introducing himself to conspiracy circles with the purpose of either molding opinion or insinuating himself within groups.

Colorado (where he is from) is a total hub of Government activity.

If Maras was indeed a mind-controlled agent, and his programming broke down, he could very well have regressed into a murderous assassin personality.

Which brings me the the gnawing suspicion that they might be getting ready to unleash some mind-controlled 'conspiracy researchers' who suddenly turn into murderous monsters so they can begin classifying us as dangerous paranoid schizophrenics.

Whatever the case may be, I feel bad, not having anything good to say about a murdered conspiracy researcher’s book, but there it is.

Unlike establishment plants, I won’t encourage you NOT to read the book (in fact, it is available for cheap from

Perhaps the death of Maras will increase the popularity of his book (which was already selling prior to his death).

Like I said, above all its political naivety, it is an above average UFO book.

You might read it for that.

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