Friday, May 20, 2016

Martial Law: Government WIll Collapse the Grid

EMP stands for Electro Magnetic Pulse.

When EMP is mentioned, it refers to the detonation of a hydrogen bomb 200 miles above the surface of the Earth.

The detonation does not  harm anything on the ground...

...but it emanates a huge electromagnetic pulse along with chunks of the Ionosphere down to the surface below.

The effects of this ‘electromagnetic wave’ basically destroys electronics.

What happens when one these things is detonated was shown in 1962 under the Starfish Prime test when a 1.5 megaton H-bomb was detonated 250 miles above the Earth.

The Starfish Prime detonation shut off 1 of every 30 streetlights in Hawaii.

Impressive? Not really.

But the scientists today say an EMP will be much more catastrophic due to modern society’s  dependence on computer and electronics.

My opinion?

Our knowing (but not really understanding how electricity works) makes it likely an EMP’s effect will be unpredictable and inconsistent.

Amazing how I gave you so much information about a thing this article is NOT about.

That’s right.

I DON’t think an EMP strike is needed to bring martial law.

Not only that, but an EMP is too risky to the ‘Order’ part of the New World Order.

An EMP, being a literal nuclear strike, plays too close to the nuclear button which could bring about total destruction.

(and remember, the New World Order want Americans dead...not our land and infrastructure)

Besides that, the actual effects of an EMP  are unknown and unpredictable, and is apt to be underwhelming.

In other words, the effects of an EMP might just be too minimal to warrant any type of martial law.

So I don’t believe the Elite willing to risk nuclear war by detonating a foreign launched EMP attack to produce martial law.

I think they are going to go the safe route: cyber-attack.

A cyber-attack would shut down society just as well as an EMP (perhaps even more so) and is risk free and radiation free as well.

Remember, the Elite want the peasant over-population destroyed and controlled...they want our infrastructure intact.

What better than a cyber-strike?

After all, haven’t they been preparing one for the last ten years?

You might have noticed the ARE NO FIREWALLS protecting the American electronic infrastructure - form local banks to Pentagon to the electrical grid.

Gary McKinnon, the British hacker who penetrated Pentagon cyber-security simply said in disbelief that THERE WERE NO FIREWALLS.

(Which is probably the real reason the CIA is trying to extradite him into an American prison)

That’s right, our infrastructure is now perfectly OPEN to cyber-attack.

Where is McAffee and Norton when you need them?

In addition to this, the Communist Chinese have, with our help, put together a powerful military grade cyber-strike force, occupying several floors of several underground bases...waiting...for the great day.

The Chinese have already initiated several test attacks on our electrical grid and banking structure.

The financial system attacks have been kept secret (but I did notice the effects when my bank was unable to transact because of ‘computer failure’ not once but twice).

The electrical grid attacks have been more noticeable, such as the great Northeast Blackout of 2003.

It’s always funny how they describe the cause of all these great blackouts as a twig touching some power line.

But, whatever.

The truth is that the USA has been ‘struck’ by surprisingly big power grid failures starting in 1996:

August, 1996: Western United States
May, 1996 - Midwest

Notice our frequent mass grid failures compared to the non-existence of incidents in Europe...and China.

Go down the list of the world’s great power grid failures and you won’t find a single one occurring in China (which is strange considering China’s massive, yet dinky and chaotic power grid structure)

Feel safe and warm yet?

Wait, there’s more.

The US Government has not only decided to leaving our entire computer network wide open...

...but has actually INVITED the enemy to observe how our ENTIRE ELECTRICAL grid works and EXACTLY what steps will be taken should we suffer a power-outing cyber-attack.

That’s right...the US government has invited CHINESE and RUSSIAN observers to closely observe our powergrid and  CLASSIFIED security procedures during the GridEx ongoing exercises...which practice dealing with a power grid cyber-shutdown.

It isn’t surprising then that GridEx I occurred in 2011, under the leadership of CONFIRMED COMMUNIST AGENT Barak Obama (GridEx III began on November, 2015).

So what do we have here?

We have an electrical grid which is not only WIDE OPEN to cyber-attack, but which has been EXPOSED TO THE ENEMY in detail, courtesy of the US Government.

Now as you know ALL of our electrical grid is run, synchronized and safety-valved by a network of COMPUTERS.

What would happen if an ‘enemy’ simultaneously attacked the entire network with hundreds of top secret never-before-seen viruses and trojans, not to mention armies of hackers lining up to monkey-wrench the entire system?

That’s right - a nationwide shut-down of the power grid.

I’ll let the reader try to imagine THAT

Meanwhile I have a question for the US Government, specifically the Department of Energy and the Department of the Interior:

“Do you have manual redundancy systems ready to keep the power grid RUNNING manually in case of massive computer network failure? ”

I didn’t think so.

A manually operated redundancy is, well, a separate control system...operated by hand...which is used in case the electronic controls don’t work.

A manually operated redundancy exists in most all cars (hand breaks, neutral setting), aircraft, tank, ships, water heaters, factories, etc.

It’s a safety precaution to be used in case the electrical switches fail.

You know, generator goes off, I climb up a ladder, push a button...and on it comes again!

Or a switch goes off, I open up a box, push a button...and bingo.


Is the wide-open computer-controlled power grid network just too reassuring and fool-proof for anybody to consider such a thing?

The ‘redundancy’ in ‘redundancy system’ is called that for good reason.

It is totally ‘redundant’ and is not used...until it is suddenly NEEDED.

Please remember how our nice public servants decided NOT to install a redundancy system within our electrical grid when your throat begins to dry up from dehydration and someone has chopped off your left leg for today’s roast....following a prolonged total power failure.

But back to our original topic: martial law.

The truth is the Establishment doesn’t need an EMP or a false flag nuclear detonation (though they might throw some in for effect).

All they need to do is execute a cyber-attack that takes down the nation’s entire electrical grid...indefinitely.

A grid take-down will make all of the worse apocalyptic nightmares come true.

Let’s take a peep:

    (the power grid is computer controlled)
    (water pumps are computer-controlled and electrically operated)

    (food delivery, cash registers, lights, etc are computer-controlled)

    (banking operations will close down without computers)

    (computer operated - good luck with rush hour traffic)

    (you’ll be getting something more like IOUs)

Furthermore, the World Net is so complex and inter-connected that it could be quite impossible to see where exactly the cyber-attack comes from.

Attacks can be routed through other countries by the true culprits.

But supposing we COULD track exactly where the come from...what’s to prevent Russia or China assembling cyber-attack teams in India or Brazil and many other countries...and having them launch their attacks from there?

(The Israelis probably won’t resist staying out of an all-out cyber-attack on the United States...while screaming the Muslims did it.)

But ultimately, what I am trying to say is...that with a Cyber-Attack... the Establishment has TOTAL deniability.

We will be unable to confirm who the attackers are...and therefore unable to create a basis for nuclear retaliation on those responsible (though we might have a pretty good idea about who is responsible).

Meanwhile the strategic rumor is that China has already installed dormant malware throughout the computers operating our powergrid...which are simply waiting to be activated.

Which makes the situation even worse than a computer virus attack.

Installed dormant malware can overturn our society OVERNIGHT.

The shut-off doesn’t have to spread throughout the Grid as with computer viruses and the computers don’t need to wait to be hacked as in a cyber-attack..

Someone just secretly sends out the activating code and  THAT’S IT.

Meaning, that’s it for our power grid.

You can literally go to sleep the day before...and wake up to a total nightmare.

I started looking askew at Chinese electronics when it was discovered that flashdrives made in China actually contained harmful malware BUILT INTO THE DRIVE.

Later it was discovered that most of France’s fighters had been made non-operational by  Chinese computer malware contained within their made-in-China navigation computers.

Adjusted articles later referred to the problem as a "Microsoft virus” referring to the ‘DOS’ program in which the malware operated.


So if China can penetrate and shut down the highly secure French Air Force (and Navy) with this malware, what can they do to the United States of America?

When we talk about ingrained malware, we are talking about destructive programs already contained within computer hardware from China.

Has the Department of Energy made sure to buy its grid-controlling computers form some place other than China?

Care to take a guess as to what the answer to that is?


Now whether it’s China, North Korea, Russia, Israel or the CIA...or all four...

...the elite just might choose (especially if it is an internally-launched operation) to blame it on an EMP or...even the Sun for a power outage.

As you know the CIA and NSA already launched an internal operation in conjunction with Mossad and MI-6 controlled Saudis...called 9/11.

That came out with flying colors!

Within our own government nobody caught....nobody arrested...nobody blamed...nobody even fired...for this GIANT fiasco.

So what did the establishment learn?

Well, they learned that they can get away with gigantic false flags!

And that the American public is so ignorant, so misinformed and so clueless that they’ll never notice or care (even if you put all the evidence right in front of their snouts).

The 9/11 false flag basically dis-empowered the Bill of Rights.

Why not another, BIGGER false flag to bring in TOTAL MARTIAL LAW?

Recently the misinformation media has been spreading the ‘concept’ on both sides that a big solar flare could shut down the entire power grid.

No proof, no mathematics, no working theory...but for some reason this ‘concept’ has been accepted as rock-solid fact by BOTH the conspiracy community and the establishment.

Look...the conspiracy community and the establishment RARELY agree on anything, so when they do, I see it as across the board misinformation.

Remember the Y2K nonsense everybody was believing?

Or how about the alarm they sounded during the Gulf War that if Saddam Hussein set fire to the Kuwaiti oilfields there would ensue A PERMENENT GLOBAL WINTER.

In both widely believed cases...NOTHING HAPPENED.

But people forget, and quickly turn to swallow the next ridiculous theory.

They predicted that Comet Shoemaker-Levy would ‘devastate’ Jupiter, perhaps even igniting the entire planet as a second sun.

What happened is exactly what I expected:  Jupiter swallowed the comet whole without much fanfare.

Now they are throwing the Solar Flare and EMP theory on our lap...when the truth is the effect of neither a gigantic solar flare nor an EMP has ever been proven.

My informed common sense tells me that once again, the effects of these two phenomenon would be unpredictable, and by no means total or absolute, and, in fact, could be disappointingly mundane.

The same people who are putting out these theories are the same“scientists” who predict an asteroid the size of a Volkswagen could wipe out all life on Earth...or that Fukushima will kill the entire Pacific Ocean.

The phony scientists who do this are in the same business as our occupied government: TERROR.


Because when everybody is terrorized, nobody will resist having their rights taken away.

So stop waiting for the next solar flare or high altitude nuclear bomb detonation as your next sign of doomsday....

...and start looking at how our power grid has been compromised and set up in  preparation for a total take down.

When it happens, believe me, just like 9/11, there would be helpers and facilitators on the inside.

The jets alone had a little bit of a problem in collapsing those a few well set explosive charges helped them out.

A large solar flare could happen right as North America faces the Sun or an EMP could go off 200 miles above our head...

...but the results, like 9/11, will be helped along by the establishment’s sabotage of the power produce a total grid collapse.

So what is my point?

My point is that the establishment’s explanation for a total grid collapse will be FALSE...and will be due to preparation and sabotage carried out in collaboration with or active participation of our own government.


Grid failure is a neat, simple, effective solution to the establishment’s dilemma of how to bring about martial law, get rid of constitutional rights and confiscate guns.

A nationwide power grid failure would indeed represent a gigantic emergency necessitating the temporary suspension of the Bill of Rights.

Gun confiscation during martial law will in no way, shape or form be a logical translation of martial law...since law-abiding citizens will need guns to defend their families from rampaging mobs.

Confiscation of guns will simply be the criminal behavior of a criminal government we already know exists.

The question to ask the moment the power goes is:

“Why haven’t manual controls been installed to control the power grid by hand in case of an emergency?”

And once the power is off, you can BET FEMA will take control of the power grid, KEEPING IT TURNED OFF, and expanding the condition of distress.

The preparation for using Chinese and Russian troops on our streets leads me to suspect that Russia and China will not be blamed for the outage.

Instead, a nation like Iran or North Korea might be blamed (whether true or not)...or why not ISIS...or a random solar flare for that matter?

The results, however, are guaranteed to be hideous and catastrophic...

...and provide the perfect excuse for imposing martial law (and canceling the elections) in this country.


Much is being made of the electrical grid being taken out by a cyber-attack EMP or solar flare.

This is programming.

The electrical grid will in fact be taken out with the collaboration and probable participation of the US government.

The reason for this act of sabotage will be to impose martial law.

Russia and China are invited to observe every GridEx exercise.

The Israeli-CIA Stuxnet virus is an effective result of their collaboration and an excellent platform with which to cause grid-failure.


The US Government will not only cause and or collaborate fully in our grid collapse...

...but will have the ready-made martial law plans fully implemented on the American population... it prolongs the grid failure indefinitely in order to finish the conversion of this country from democracy to tyranny.

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