Monday, May 30, 2016

The Honeymoon With China is Over

I was looking down the last minute purchase aisle as I stood in line at Fry’s Electronics when I saw an entire wall of flash drives.

Curious person that I am, I decided to check each one for country of manufacture (since the line wasn’t going anywhere fast).

I expected to see nothing but ‘Made In China’ but what I was really looking for were products that weren’t.

What I got was a surprise.

Most of the flash drives were NOT made in China!.

I was surprised when the first drive I looked at said ‘Taiwan.’

I smiled, pleasantly surprised.

Then I looked at a second one...Philippines!

A third said “Singapore”!

I tried for a third...China...finally.

But I was still in shock.

It was unheard of to find electronics made anywhere BUT China.

Then it suddenly struck me that I had been coming across several ‘not made in China’ products made in Vietnam, Nicaragua, even Mexico.

That’s when the trend became apparent.

Economically we are pulling away from China.

Then the newspaper headlines started filling in the blanks.

Samsung and Mircrosoft moving production to India.

Apple and Foxconn opening factories in India.

Nike, Hasbro, Harley Davidson (!), Jaguar, Land Rover going to India also.

Hyundai...transferring production to Mexico.

Then there was that 500% tariff on Chinese steel!

The West’s relationship with China has definitely changed.

On might ask whatever happened to China’s ‘Most Favored Nation’ (MFN) status in regards to the United States.

You know...the arrangement reached under President Clinton where China was charged next to nothing in tariffs while keeping Chinese tariffs and restriction on US and all other nation’s products sky high.

‘Free Trade’ they called it.

But it was really just a Build-Up-China trade.

Well, as of now, apparently, China's Most Favored Nation status has gone down the toilet...

...along with all those rosy agreements regarding Taiwan, the Spratley Islands and Senkaku  Islands...

...where US, allied and Chinese forces stare each other down on a daily basis.

And, in case the controlled media hasn’t told you yet...

...China is pretty OUTRAGED.

It is outraged politically and it is outraged economically.

Not only has the US clamped down on all Chinese claims on the Spratleys...

...but has also trashed China’s ‘Most Favored Nation’ status and is now imposing WHOPPING tariffs on key Chinese goods...

...all this at a time when China is experiencing major economic and social trouble.

(talk about kicking a man when he's down)

Ergo a key reason for the planned shut-down of all the Walmart stored across America.

Walmart is 100% DEPENDENT on Chinese products.

A cut-off or even interference of trade with China will SHUT DOWN WALMART.

Match this to the collapsing economy and you have a perfect reason for Walmart to be planning the shutdown of its stores.

(having said this, there is no reason to suppose all those shut down Walmarts wouldn’t make excellent FEMA camps)

What I predicted would happen to China in my “Warning to China”  blog entry seems to be coming true.


Am I a political genius?

Not really.

All you have to do is see what they did to Japan prior to WW-II to see how they operate.

They drew Japan out with over-the-top support, technical aid and exchange programs, puffed Japan up with flattery and honors and opened up all their markets.

When Japan reached the apex of industrial and political power, Europe and America pulled the rug out from under it.

The rug was the boycott of all Japanese goods and total denial of Japanese access to the world’s oil...

...right in the middle of a Japanese war with China.

The oil boycott was not only an act of war, but was totally illegal...

...since the Vichy Government of France had GRANTED Japan access to Indochina and the Government of the Netherlands GRANTED Japan access to Indonesia.

That didn’t matter...

...the US and Britain imposed a total oil boycott on Japan along with the “Governments in Exile” of the Netherlands  and France (residing in Britain)

...and threatening WAR should Japan violate the wishes of these meaningless phony puppet ‘governments in exile’ to stay out of the South Pacific.

We all know what happened next: Pearl Harbor and WW-II.

And we know how it all ended...

...with Russia turning on Japan (even though they had signed a Neutrality Pact with Japan).

Enter the 21st Century.

The China of today is the Japan of 1941.

Same game play...same results.

Puff up China to dizzying heights, then breaking the tea table over their heads.

Nothing new to see here.

The oligarchy is playing the same game with China that it played with Japan.

Will it work for them this time?

WW-III is on the horizon.

Will Russian join in at the last moment, like she did with Japan...

...or will she ally with China to clobber the United States?

The tea leaves don’t look re-assuring one way or the other.

But there it is.

The romance with China is finally over.





  1. wait. will they sell america first before they sell china?

  2. Well, the economic rundown and mutual tariffs signal the coming state of mutual war between China and the United States...and possibly Russia. My instinct is the US will lose exactly because it has been 'sold' down the river.

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