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America in 2017 = Russia in 1917

Will America in 2017 be like Russia in 1917?

The parallels are more astounding than one might think.

As a general memory refresher, let’s go over Russia’s condition in 1917...

...and see just how closely it resembles America in 2016...going into 2017.


Russia had entered WW-I against Germany three years prior.

The war had put such stress on Russia economically, socially, psychologically and politically...

...that the ‘people’ rose up and deposed the government.

This resulted in a Russian Civil War...which the Communists won...turning Russia into the Union of Socialists Republics.

That is the brief version of events in 1917.

What’s even more important are the events which LED UP to the Russian chaos of 1917.

It is in THESE events that America is paralleling Russia.

Prior to WW-I, the Russian Oligarchy had degenerated.

The Russian upper class became so rich that they did not know what to do with all their wealth....

...while the population became poorer and poorer.

In tandem with their growing wealth grew the entitlement and license they had over the population...

...the Russian upper class did basically whatever they wanted...

...while using taxes,  the law and government itself for their own benefit...

...until only a few oligrachs running monopolies had complete control over the economy to the detriment of the Russian people.

A fact they did not care about in the least.

The rich frequently passed away the time by engaging in giant orgies in which degenerate behavior was sanctioned.

Meanwhile morality was going the way of the DoDo Bird.

Homosexuality, bisexuality, multiple sexual partners, drug use, drunkenness, pornography, magic and occultism were at an all time high in pre-1917 Russia.

The true practicing Christians who remained lamented and warned the precarious moral character of the average Russian, and especially the upper class.

Thanks to a ‘war on terror’ sparked by Nihilist and Anarchist terrorist attempts upon government officials, Russia had a ‘war on terror going on.’

The ‘war on terror’ made government more totalitarian, more absolute and more brutal.

Many innocent Russians were accused, arrested, tortured and even executed during this ‘war on terror.’

The rights of the Russian population were routinely trampled on.

The Russian Empire was totally over-extended.

It had ambitions against Sweden...

...while safeguarding the Crimea...

...protecting the Caucasus...

...expanding in Central Asia...

...consolidation Siberia...

...and occupying parts of East Asia.

The Russian Armed forces were stretched to the limit.

Because of the over-expansion of its empire...

...and the building up of its armed forces...

...and massive corruption...

...the Government of Russia was hopelessly in debt by 1914... was soon understood that this debt would be unpayable.

Thanks to the abuses and “I’ll do whatever I want” attitude of the Russian Oligarchy-controlled Government the economy had become unstable.

Unemployment, homelessness, poverty, inflation, shortages, high prices and instability had all combined to cause economic stress and collapse...

...which the government tried to mitigate with a primitive type of welfare - free bread for the masses.

The might of the Russian Army was basically something existing only in the Russian imagination.

Falling back on Russian military "exceptionalism" based on the past military glories of the Napoleonic Wars...

...the Russian general staff and population convinced themselves of the invincibility of the Russian armed forces...

...with very little basis to back up this belief.

Indicators of Russian military incompetence, weakness and failure were simply glossed over, justified and forgotten.

Meanwhile the Russo-Japanese War of 1905 was an astonishing embarrassment.

Not only did the Russians lose Mongolia and Port Arthur...but the entire Russian Pacific Fleet was destroyed by the upstart Japanese navy.

Troubles at home (riots, protests and debt) made the Russian oligarchy decide to end the war and sign a peace treaty with Japan.

As for the defeat, the Russian Government merely concluded that it was never defeated...and could have won given more time...but chose to withdraw from the war because it did not have time to fight over petty holdings in Asia.

With this justification, the Russian’s went back to believing they had the most powerful military in the world.

Russia always had a draft, but seldom used it to any large extent.

But view of the European augmentation of their armed forces, Russia introduced a universal draft of all military age males...and enforced it.

Needless to say, the draft was unpopular, especially amongst a population that had not really been drafted for over a hundred years.

Russia entered WW-I in 1914 and immediately began to lose ground to the Germans.

Instead of finding a careful way out of the war, the Russian Government doubled down...

...even to the point of sending soldiers to the front without guns...and having them collect weapons from the dead.

Meanwhile the losses on the front were massive, as Russian corpses began to pile up before the enemy trenches.

And as all this was happening, the corruption within the military-industrial complex controlled by the oligarchy (which was making money from the war) made things even worse.

After three years of this type of war and the scarcity it caused, the Russian population had enough and rose up in massive protests.

Due to the ‘war on terror’ and the First World War, the Russian Government saw fit to expand its system of ‘gulags’ or concentration camps in Siberia... which all critics of the Russian government were placed...

...and many allowed to die of exposure.

Unwilling to own up to its mistakes...

...unable to balance its accounts...

...incapable of paying its debts...

...unable able to run itself or keep itself solvent...

...incapable of winning the war...and unwilling to surrender...

...the Russian Government decided to pass on all its problems to someone else.

The Russian oligarchy retreated to its luxurious villas (in Russia and abroad) to live out their rich lives, washing their hands of the problems they themselves had caused...

...while the Russian Government abolished itself and gathered the delegates to write up a new constitution and start a new government.

Even the Czar resigned his throne and distanced himself from the mess.

The new government - the Russian Provisional Government - lived up to its name by shortly thereafter collapsing into chaos.

New, well-funded and foreign-directed groups like the Bolsheviks took over within the chaos with their well-armed militias and limitless supplies of foreign money.

It was the Bolsheviks who soon walked into the vacuum left by the collapse of the Russian Government....through well-financed brute force.

The Bolshevik takeover provoked a civil war involving the Bolsheviks against basically everybody else.

The only difference was that the Bolsheviks were the only ones who had the organization and financing to win.

The result of the Bolshevik ascension, as everyone knows, was the establishment of the bloodiest tyranny the world had ever seen.

After assuming power, the Bolsheviks launched a gigantic purge...

...killing all police, teachers, politicians, rich men, intellectuals, journalists...amongst many others.
They are rumored to have killed 20 million Russians...

...leaving the rest as obedient, frightened sheep completely under their control.


It doesn’t take much imagination living in the year 2016 to see the similarity between Russia in 1917 and America in 2017.

The only similarity not OPENLY OBVIOUS is that of the draft... the unpopular war...and the gulag concentration camps.

But those will be at our doorstep soon fact, you might have heard of all the plans to implement them.

The draft has not only been unpopular with the American population, but straight up unacceptable after Vietnam.

Americans aren’t only against conscription...but flat out against it.

The population is much more comfortable watching the paid professionals go out to kill and get killed than participate in any war.

They consider flag waving, putting up ribbons and applauding the soldiers as the full extent of their military obligation.

So it is VERY puzzling to see the US Government not only pushing for war with Russia and China...

...but pushing not only for a DRAFT...but also for inclusion of women - a working plan to draft both genders...for war!

Now imagine for a moment the soft, pudgy, selfish, childish, never-conscripted American going to war holding hands with his women co-ed battalions...

...backed up by almost no production capacity of a country which has exported all its industry to China.

Can you imagine the outcome?

I sure can.

The biggest disaster ever - with piles of body bags.

Can you imagine the reaction at home?

It'll make the Vietnam War protests look like a walk in the park.

And how about all those FEMA camps being activated to handle the rioters?

Well, if you can...then you have imagined America’s equivalent of Russia’s collapse in 1917.

Will the US Government do this?

Well, nothing has stopped it from creating and maintaining 300 military bases across the world...creating a fleet it can’t support...and getting involved in quagmires across the world.


Because the American Government is as degenerate, corrupt, owned and CLUELESS as the Russian Government was in 2017.

It has completely lost touch with reality.

Our military's non-functionality has only been matched by our delusion of being the greatest military in the world - a view based on our performance in the Gulf War and (amazingly enough) WW-II.

Our government’s flat out corruption will make the coming war even worse.

What, you don’t think our government is that corrupt?

How about killing 3000 Americans in a staged terrorist attacks on 9/11 to start bloody wars in the Middle East... make trillions of dollars in these wars?

You don’t think that’s corrupt?

How about letting private contractors make billions by overcharging the military outrageous amounts of money to supply and support the soldiers  (something the military could do itself for a tenth of the cost)?

Every hear of Vice President Dick Cheney's connections to Halliburton and Kellogs, Brown and Root...companies which made billions over wars HE helped start?

Last I heard it costs $1 MILLION DOLLARS to deploy ONE soldier to Afghanistan for ONE basically rotten conditions.

You can't deny SOMEBODY is making money off of that! fact...our next war is likely to be such a big, horrible, terrible fiasco for us...that I think I will simply turn off the TV, turn off the radio...turn around and...

...NOT watch it happen.

My stomach has a limit to how much establishment created crud I can digest...or view...and my instinct is the American Government will double-down with the draft...

You know, the way it doubled-down with the stupid Vietnam War swine flu vaccination...hate speech...drug offenses...

Yes, the American Government IS dumb enough to double-down on a draft with another "Zero Tolerance" set of policies...which will bring the whole situation to a boil... especially if we are losing the war.

But when it all goes down... can bet the American population will rise up in sheer outrage.

Look at where WE'RE going today.

It’s all been done Russia.

It's the same program of collapse, just run in a different the same groups

 Now it just looks like it's our turn.

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