Saturday, June 18, 2016

Orlando: The Era of Make Believe

By now you must have heard of all the FACTS leading many to believe the Orlando Shooting was one more false flag operation.

The footage of TV 'documenting' this event was truly pathetic (as if in a drill).

Unconcerned victims and cops going through the motions.

No bystanders or onlookers.

Masses of police cars...and not a single ambulance in sight...for the 100 'victims.'

No crime scene footage.

No footage of a single corpse or body.

No blood.

Scant cellphone call recordings and cellphone footage.

The same 'actors' who appeared in passed false flags appearing again.

The truth is the Orlando Shootings looks like another false flag...

...and not a very good one either.

"But what about the names and pictures of all the victims?" many may ask.

Listen closely...


How many of the 9/11 terrorists were found later to be alive and totally innocent?

How many Sandy Hook victims turned out alive under different names?

Whatever truth comes out of this phony event won't matter because THE MEDIA WILL NEVER COVER IT, ALL WITNESSES WILL BE TOTALLY IGNORED.

Please understand that a totally controlled media has the ability to TOTALLY ignore news and facts.

The paid 'actors' of the false flag event can even be getting together to have a huge demonstration proclaiming "We acted for the cameras at Orlando! It was a drill!" and the media will IGNORE IT COMPLETELY, just like they did with all the other peculiarities at 9/11, Boston, San Bernardino and now, Orlando.

The totally controlled media has reality in its pocket, and it totally ignores what it does not want you to know.

But the most incredible thing is not the false flag itself...

...but the apparent ability of the New World Order to totally control reality.

Now reality is MANUFACTURED, not recorded.

The NWO has come a long way from manufacturing the Moon Landings to manufacturing daily reality for the population at large.


Through total control of realitly by way of 6 interconnected mega corporations which control reality.

I got sick feeling about reality when I discovered there really weren't any planes on 9/11.

The buildings were simply blown up.

The footage of the phony Computer-Generated-Imagery (CGI) can be found on YouTube...

...and explains the in-coherencies like the hole in the Pentagon, the no wreckage crash of Flight-93. and the lack of aircraft wreckage at the World Trade Center itself.

Now we are forced to go through all these staged tragedies like the Sandy Hook Shooting, Boston Bombing, San Bernardino shooting and now the Orlando Massacre... well as the forced posturing, plastic emotions and propaganda we have to endure on the TV screens for an entire month after the event.

But the worse thing is political policy.

Our political decisions, laws and policies are actually being affected by all this make believe!

One thing I remember from my reading of the Protocols of Zion is the necessity of "make-believe" in controlling the masses.

Make believe indeed.

I personally am left wondering...'what next'?

A phony moon landing on Mars?

Aliens warning us to accept environmentalism?

Maybe make believe footage of melting ice caps and acres of dead sea life?

As if our world is not messed up enough without it.

Masses of the enemy in full retreat before our glorious armed forces in wartime?

The sky is the limit, really.

For we have entered the Era of Make Believe...

...where reality is not recorded, but manufactured...

...and government policy is based on theater.


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