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Illegals: The Wards of the State

It was a while back in the 80's when I noticed my high school hosted a group of Mexican no-speak kids who had their own special classroom.

When I asked what they were, I was told they were 'migrant workers.'

When I asked what a 'migrant worker' was I was told they were traveling seasonal workers who picked fruit and agricultural goods at our farms. These kids were their children.

And so began my exposure to the practice of legally accommodating illegals.

A little bit more study brought me face to face with the fact that farm owners DEPENDED on these Mexicans who crossed the border 'seasonally' to pick our produce.

Much later, historical study revealed that California built ENTIRE RAIL LINES to bring these people in for seasonal picking in the 1940's.

But these were the true migrant workers: they came in, worked, and then left when the work was done.

It never occurred to me back in high school how bizarre it was to educate the children of migrant farm workers, who would all be going back to Mexico at the end of the year.

I even thought they had special permission to be here.

The paradox that they and their families were in the city was never a contradiction to my simple mind (shouldn't they have been some place further in-country?).

Anyway, remember the rail lines we built in the 40's to import Mexicans for temporary seasonal work?

Well, it seems the illegals got a bit fresh by the time the 1950's arrived when they decided to stay here following their fruit-picking temp jobs.

They suddenly discovered they could stick around and flip burgers, or do yard work for more dollars...maybe even get an apartment...bring family.

So things started to get a little bit out of hand.

President Eisenhower saw the situation developing, so he launched OPERATION WETBACK.

That's what it was really called.

(I guess things were a little bit more direct and less politically correct in the 50's)

The business owners who had illegally hired foreign labor, however, were left alone.

The economy was booming, why mess with it?

But that was the past. Through my study of the illegal labor phenomenon, I ultimately discovered that THEY ARE HERE BECAUSE WE WANT THEM HERE.

Or better said, American business owners, farmers and corporations and the Government want them here.

Much, much later, when, having moved out West, I discovered the children of illegal immigrants were getting educated at our public schools.

Why? I asked.

These children have no papers.

Their parents have no papers.

We don't really know who they are.

Yet we spend millions of dollars in special bi-lingual, special ed, multi-cultural, English language learner to accommodate them.

From my understanding, people caught illegally living and working in a country not their own were supposed to be apprehended and deported back to their country of origin.

My surprise only grew form there.

  I discovered these 'illegals' were not only getting their children educated at our public schools, but they were getting free lunches as well!

And the surprises did not end there .

I eventually found out they were also getting free health care!

And by looking at them, driving in their SUVs, visiting restaurants with their large families...

...I came to the conclusion many of them were LIVING BETTER THAN I WAS!

As for work, they seem to have special spots where they can get phony IDs.

And the business owners accept these fake IDs no problem.

The business owners pretend to be fooled by these IDs as an excuse to legally cover their asses.

By now you might have heard of REAL ID act, in which business owners 'call in' all applicants to the Federal Government to 'make sure' they are legal residents.

Turns out  I see these illegals working at the same places which proudly put up posters of using REAL ID.

Which just comes to show you what you get when you go to a government (which can't even put on its own bloomers) for help.

In reality Real ID is just one more scheme to track YOU, my fellow American, instead of keeping illegals from getting jobs.

And don't worry, in the near future, if you are listed as a 'patriot,' 'tea partier,' 'paulist,' 'trumpist.' 'constitutionalist,' 'sovereign citizen' etc, the REAL ID will MAKE SURE you do not get that job you are applying for.

One more government SCAM to track us...posing as a way to protect us.

But back to illegals.

My entire point for writing this entry is...

...the Illegals are here...have been here...and continue to be here...

...because the we make it possible for them to stay here.

Or better said, our GOVERNMENT does.


Why the States?

Because they will dunk for shit balls if the Federal Government told them to...and gave them a nice grant to go along with it.

The States are totally SOLD to the Feds!

We accommodate, educate, feed and take care of our illegal population.

They got it made here.

We have been perfect HYPOCRITES on our illegal immigration policy.

While on the surface we pretend to be outraged, under the table we TAKE CARE of these people when they come in.

A REAL illegal immigration policy would consist of the following:

     -no schooling of illegal immigrant children

     -no health care of any sort without proof of citizenship

     -no facilitation in native language for anything

    -background check of prospective employees including citizenship and proof of identity

     (you telling me we can't do this in this 21st Century in this police state we live in?)

   -severe fines for businesses hiring illegals

And you know what?

If you don't build it...they won't come!

I still remember the huge OUTFLOW of immigrants from Arizona a few years back when a few anti-illegal immigrant propositions were passed.

The Illegals didn't even wait for the propositions to take effect.

They left immediately!

Suddenly slaver businesses and cheap farmers had no more workers to exploit.

Where did all the illegals go?

Would you believe to more friendly Illinois!

In case you haven't heard, Chicago had the largest Illegal Immigrant parade, a while back when they were openly demonstrating...larger than California!

And these people are EVERYWHERE.

I hear complaints from people in New England complaining about all the illegal immigrants there.

In short, we are cram-packed with illegal immigrants...and there's even more coming.

(Are you starting to see what the North American Union will look like?)

The only bright side is that our Mexican illegals are hard working...and not like the Islamic Fundamentalist PLAGUE infesting Europe at the time.

But there ARE side effects.

Our food is getting obnoxiously spicier.

Our stray dog population is getting out of control (these people  breed dogs for fun and then kick them to the street). Los Angeles can no longer control its stray dog population.

Our gang problem is out of control. They actually have illegal Mexican gangs now.

Our bedbug, lice and rat problem is out of control.

Our TB and leprosy problem is increasing.

Our street violence problem is out of control.

Our celebratory stray shooting-into-the air problem is out of control.

Our signs and recordings in Spanish is ubiquitous.

Our scholastic performance rate is going down the toilet (as we accommodate these people's children)

Our infiltration from the Cartels is out of control

Our drugs on the street problem is out of control.

Our hostile Mexican ghetto problem is out of control.

Then you have the illegal children all grown up.

It has happened to me more than once that when I ask someone's ethnicity, they tell me "I'm a Mexican" in perfect English.

"You mean you're Chicano?" I ask.

"No, straight up Mexican. Never became a citizen. Got here at 3-years old."

Yet these people speak perfect English and cannot be differentiated from the Chicano population.

These are the new 'shadow Americans.'

Virtual Americans with no right to vote or make a difference in this country, but carrying with the stigma of illegality for the rest of their lives.

These people are in fact more American than Mexican.

They would feel as out of place in Mexico as your or I.

Yet they continue to exist as some sort of American sub-species.

This is dangerous.

Feeling unaccepted, illegitimate, restless, these people without any loyalties are prime targets for recruiting by the Cartels, foreign nations...and terrorist organizations.

In short, they'll do anything for a buck...

"Fuck America" as one told me.

Many of them make up the ground troops for the new Aztlan movement which seeks to re-unite the Southwest with Mexico...whatever the cost.

My advice to the US Government is to make these people citizens as soon as they reach the age of 21.

But it has taken too long.

These people now make up a gigantic detached  part of the American population...

...and you couldn't tell them apart from an American if you tried.
 They are the main reason behind the surging 'Hispanic' hostility towards white Americans.


In reaction to our illegal immigration problem, the US government has  begun granting "refugee" status to immigrants from Latin America, opening the border, and increasing the inflow of illegals with the vague promise of granting them residential rights.

Our Government (if you can still call it that) has not only created the problem and increased its dimensions (all at taxpayer expense), but  is now increasing the problem to a crisis proportion which threatens the stability of American society itself.


Our illegal population problem has been created, supported and maintained by GOVERNMENT policies.

The anti-Illegal immigrant tirades used in political campaigns should in fact be anti-GOVERNMENT.

The GOVERNMENT created the Illegal immigration problem.

The GOVERNMENT is to blame for the instability created by this underhanded, under-the-table policy...which the American people have gone along with by being uninvolved, and probably uninformed.

GOVERNMENT is the problem, not the MEXICAN illegals.

The policy of allowing Mexican illegals to reside in the US is a direct fulfillment of the New World Order's North American Union project.

 It has brought instability and degradation to the American system through decades of its use. And it is time for it to end.

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