Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Federal Takeover: Why The States Do Nothing

A strange phenomenon plagues America today.

As the government descends into tyranny, the states, the counties and the cities remain strangely mute.

As the Federal Government deploys the TSA (a Federal militia) first at airports, then a train stations and finally in malls and highways, local government do nothing.

As NDAA 2012 passes, little alarm is raised at the state level and below.

Local law enforcement happily combine with Federal police assets to create joint fusion centers where FBI, CIA and NSA sits side-by-side with local police.

State’s compete for the honor of getting their hands of Federal drones to use on their own populations.

Local authorities bend over backward to place cameras on every street corner.

State and local police receive Federal ‘anti-terrorist’ training that indoctrinates them to consider every American as a potential enemy combatant with full support of local authorities.


Why aren’t the states standing up for their own sovereignty if nothing else?

Why are the states not even standing up for the rights the Founders guaranteed them under the 9th and 10th Amendments of the Constitution?

The answer is quite simple.

The states have become dependent on Federal money.

They have become dependent on Federal money to the same extent any unemployed welfare recipient has become dependent on Federal money.

As such, they have become wards of the Federal government.

The Federal Government has been Daddy Big Bucks ever since it started borrowing money created out of nothing from the Federal Reserve…

…and in so doing, gaining the capacity to operate with complete independence from tax money.

Yes, you heard me right.

The Federal Government does not need taxes to operate.

It borrows all the money it needs from the Federal Reserve.

And not only does it NOT need any tax money to operate, but it has enough largess left over to BRIBE the States into obedience.

This is why Washington insiders laugh when they hear people say “its our tax money and we should have a say on how it’s spent.”


It’s debt money borrowed from the Federal Reserve and it is all the Federal Government needs to function and even thrive.

This is why we don’t have any say…but the banks do.

And the States (those illustrious and sovereign institutions praised by the Founding Fathers, who also guaranteed their rights) have become the happy gofers for the Federal Government, going along with whatever unconstitutional (illegal) Federal laws and programs the Feds pull out of their behind.

The States depend on Federal money to maintain their police departments, their highways, their school districts, their universities, their ports and airports, their bridges, their stadiums, their infrastructure (water-electricity-communications), their libraries, their parks, even their government bureaucracy

To put in bluntly, the States are dependents of the Federal Government.

They exist in an ostentatious manner, with modern buildings, gigantic stadiums, pristine super highways, gorgeous parks, luxurious state welfare programs…

…all with the help of a continuous flood of Federal money.

If the States had to rely exclusively on their own local tax monies to survive they would be a lot humbler institutions.

No big gigantic high schools, no new shiny police cars and choppers, no sparkling white highways, no futuristic stadiums, no fancy modern universities and state bureaucracy buildings.

But the states have been living large and they have been doing so on the Federal wallet.

They like it that way, and they think nothing of accepting any Federal program that comes down the road – in fact they RUSH to get it before some other state snatches it up.

They jump up in the air like hungry monkeys.

Why do you think they have all installed the omnipresent non-recording, non-supervised ‘traffic control’ cameras everywhere?

The reason is they were offered the cameras for free…and that was good enough!

(the cameras are presently useless, but will soon become part of a totalitarian control grid when recorders, license-reading and face-reading capabilities are added).

The States are Federal money welfare junkies.

They don’t want to give up all the largesse and the luxury they have been accustomed to for the last 40 years.

This is why the States are going along with the Federal destruction of the United States of America as we know it without batting an eyelid.

One can only hope the States will wake up in time to realize that their rights, their sovereignty, their wealth and their very existence are in danger and are not worth the welfare they are receiving from Washington.

But more likely they will just become perturbed when the Federal money dries up and they have to begin looking elsewhere for free money –  in places like China for instance.

But whatever factor causes the great awakening, one can only hope it happens soon, because to overcome the growing tyranny of the Federal Government, we are going to need the support of State and local governments and police.

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