Saturday, July 14, 2012

New World Order Impoverishes Everybody

The statistics are fantasy.

China is not number one.

China is not ahead of anybody.

Its people are one of the most miserable in the world.

The Chinese cannot have more than one child.

The Chinese have no trial by jury.

The Chinese factory workers are paid a pittance barely enough to cover food and shelter.

The Chinese live in fear of the police and secret police.

One thousandth of one percent of the Chinese population gets to enjoy luxury and these are called ‘the princes.’

The Chinese peasants (90% of the population) live without land and without prospects working as vagrant factory slaves.

Most Chinese males are without hope of marrying a Chinese woman (and because of their poverty - any woman).

The mass of the Chinese population is a miserable and frightened controlled mass.

If you talk to the non-Communist Party 99% Chinese, they’ll tell you they were much happier on the farm than in the factory.

“Back in the farm we were free!” one Chinese told me.

Like our army, the Chinese Army is filled up with the destitute, the unemployed and the unemployable – the ‘war dogs.’

All the hullabaloo about China is nonsense.

China is a country of misery for the overwhelming majority.

China is climbing the  economic statistics tables on the backs of its miserable people – who do not get to partake of its ‘progress.’

In Europe things are not much better.

The geographical place known as Western Europe has become overrun with brutal, ignorant and unassimilated foreigners.

Heathrow Airport looks like the Middle East.

Marseille looks like North Africa.

The Western European people are a cowed, impoverished unemployed mass, which now seems to have become stupid as well (its young have become drunk, drugged out and restless).

European healthcare is a hell hole of endless waiting, non-deliverable care, sub-par treatment and justified euthanasia.

I don’t even have to describe to you the conditions in the rest of the world, but I will tell  you, it's ALL going down hill.

It doesn’t matter if you talk about Brazil, Venezuela, Kenya, India or Russia.

The people in those countries will tell you they had it much better in the freaking 1970’s.

The truth is the masses of the world are being turned into impoverished, unemployed, ignorant, brainless, hopeless masses.

All of this is being covered up with PROPAGANDA about how much better they are.

Venezuela is described as a new socialist paradise under Chavez.

Have you talked to an expatriate Venezuelan lately?

Wasn’t Cuba described the same way?

India is now being advertised as the new up and coming world economy?

Meanwhile the Indian people have become so destitute and miserable that Indians are committing suicide at record rates.

The up and coming China is a lie.

The up and coming India is a lie.

The up and coming European Union is a lie.

And yes…American greatness is a lie.

What is America today?

It’s a de-industrialized country where corporations and people line up in front of government to get welfare or get ‘employed’ in some manner.

Most working Americans are employed  under public or private institutions which are on the government dole (schools, contractors, bureaucrats, hospitals, police, etc)

Let’s make it clear.

The New World Order is bringing EVERYBODY down.

It is bringing down Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Americans, Europeans, Indians, Latin Americans and Africans down to levels of deprivation never known before.

The populations of the world are getting poorer and more miserable – everyone is.

In some places like China, India, Russia and Latin America, propaganda and psyche operations are being launched to convince the population they’ve never had it so good.

This is typical Marxism.

Marxism celebrates every government decision, ordnance, program, initiative and project as a huge step forward – a glorious victory!

This is what they’re doing in Venezuela, Russia and China and in large portions of the Third World.

The new government programs are advertised as some sort of great step forward towards a new shining future…

…while their populations reach new levels of deprivation.

Even here in America, we are still trying to ‘get onboard’ while waiting for ‘change’ to happen as we wallow in poverty and diminishing civil rights.

This type of Marxist propaganda is likely to increase as governments, organizations, regions and eventually the New World Order itself comes up with new programs to ‘get things rolling again.’

But don’t drink the Kool Aid.

Don’t believe this population or that population is getting better at our expense.

We are all losing our wealth, our property and our rights – worldwide.

The public officials at the helm of the governments of the world are working in conjunction with the New World Order elite to bring us all down.

The plan of the New World Order is to put all wealth, all property and all rights in the hands of an elite few.

The government of China is as much an enemy of the Chinese people as our own government is an enemy of our own people.

They work in conjunction towards the same goal.

As should we (regardless of race, creed, religion or nationality) work towards the same goal of sovereignty, liberty, property and rights that is our God-given inheritance on this planet

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