Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It's Gotten Difficult : (

It’s been difficult to write this blog entry.

I just reached a point where it became hateful to keep writing about the systematic destruction of our country socially, economically, politically, psychologically, educationally and militarily.

You know...I never stop to look at accident sites..I don’t like the sight of mutilation, carnage and blood...I am not a sadist...I hate seeing pain and suffering...I never go to see the new fashion of torture films they are putting out these days.

I am basically enervated at having to write about a treacherous, murderous, blood-thirsty, arrogant elite does to the American people every day with the purpose of DESTROYING us...while simultaneously having to witness the American people marching in lock-step to their planned deaths.

And there is SO MUCH they are doing every day. The sheer mass of operations to bring down, degrade, enslave and finally destroy humanity are so voluminous that I am CHOKING on it.

I simply don’t have enough time to write about it all - the is simply TOO MUCH of it going on with more and more operations springing up every day!

Sometimes I just WONDER where they get all the “workers” to run all these operations. You know, to do things like:

    -dumb down our children
    -brain damage our children
    -corrupt our children
    -poison our water
    -make water scarce
    -poison our food
    -make food scarce
    -destroy our farms
    -destroy the dollar
    -demolish our industry
    -disassemble our military
    -mind-control us through Movies and TV
    -build concentration camps
    -let foreign troops into our nation
    -make our police murderous
    -protect the murderous police when they murder
    -bribe politicians from city to federal level
    -organize the replacement for our Constituion
    -assemble entrapment groups to gather patriot names and addresses
    -put cameras on every street corner
    -make Americans unemployable
    -raise taxes
    -assemble murderous SWAT Teams for EVERY town in America
    -protect the murderous SWAT Teams when the kill innocent Americans
    -destroy, incarcerate and murder whistle blowers
    -open up the border
    -accept illegals and make them into US citizens
    -poison the air through contrails
    -establish secret police headquarters in very city in America
    -increase the flow of drugs
    -increase the incarceration of people with drugs
    -export weapons to the Mexican Cartels
    -control the weather to destroy America
    -establish snitch networks across America
    -join local police to Federal control networks
    -establish cancer-causing checkpoints of degradement at all terminals
    -control the vote through electronically programmed black boxes
    -plan for the forced vaccination, incarceration and death of the American public.
    -label parts of America hostile, labeling the American people in those areas as enemy combatants and DEPLOY troops against Americans
    -abort babies and sell their body parts
    -sabotage our nuclear power plants
    -give technological secrets to the Russians and Chinese

...and that’s not even a complete list!

See what I mean?

It takes A LOT of people to run all those programs...and, it appears, they are all readily available...all very discrete...all very dedicated to their duties contributing to the DESTRUCTION of America.

So what does this say about us?

Is money really all it takes to get Americans to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING? 


No morality, no principles, no rules,  no basis?

“Gee, I have to kill my mother and my children tomorrow with my bare hands, but I got the $1 million grant to do it and they say its perfectly legal, so I opting in.”

And that’s just it.

It they PAY you to do something and they tell you its perfectly LEGAL, well, then its alright and you should just do it, right?


“The economy is sorta tight just now, so you might as well do what you can.”

Dead wrong.

Listen, too many Americans are doing too many unconscionable things without batting an eyelid...for money.

This is a generation that lacks any sense of morality, obligation, duty, right and wrong, decency or conscience...and whatever they might have left they wipe clean with their daily dose of Prozac and Zoloft.

And there’s way too many of them.

The Illuminati are basically hiring us to kill ourselves, and there is no lack of recruits lining up for the deed, including police, judges, bureaucrats, teachers, politicians, firemen, contractors, etc.

All you need is money...you know...the money they make out of nothing at the Federal Reserve every day to pay all the traitors.

This country has been hollowed out by paid traitors in the same way a mighty oak is hollowed out by termites.

This is because the mass portion of Americans are the equivalent of amoral and unconscionable mucous.

I have never seen such an unthinking, programmed, gullible, ignorant and apathetic population - real SHEEP - when it comes to their own instincts of survival.

So yeah, it was difficult to pull myself one more time into writing in detail about how they are hurting people again, destroying our country again, brining us down just one more step.

If you can imagine yourself witnessing an air-crash of a passenger liner from the inside,  in slow motion and being force to write about every visceral detail, you might get an idea about how I feel.

It doesn’t help when it becomes evident that only half of the ‘followers’ even bother to read it (why follow it then?).

Pull in all the feedback from all the trolls and know-it-alls and you’ve got a real shit sandwich as a reward for writing this information.

Ergo the reason for this rant.

I needed the psychological primal scream release.

They are doing so much to us right now that I am choking on all the information of stuff that is happening in real time while I am dizzy from all the indifference of a population whose country is being taken from right under their feet.

I WAS going to write basically about the  Starvation and Thirst they are about to scientifically inflict on the American population (each topic so voluminous it will require one separate entry for each one) but I decided to type out this rant instead.

You see, the problem with the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog is not that there is not enough to write about, it is that there is simply TOO MUCH...and too little human strength and human spirit to write it all while working a full time job.

I was reading a short story  the other day, and the main hero was regretting on how he had become sad, sullen and dark (and rather unpopular) after being granted the gift of wisdom from a magician.
“Oh how I desire the gift of marvelous ignorance!” the hero exclaims.

Sort of reminds me of that guy in the Matrix who betrayed everybody so he could continue enjoying its glorious lies.

There is so much truth in that.

People love ignorance.

They prefer happiness.

They don’t want the ugly details.

It used to be that I dealt with the unhappiness of all the ugly details in the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog with a healthy dose of sarcasm and gallows humor.

Then I got  more straight laced in the hope of attracting more readers and making the blog itself look more serious.

I now guess that was a mistake.

I slowly became more and more unhappy about having to write seriously about a species being slowly degraded, impoverished, deluded, and killed.

I guess you can’t do that for too long a period of time.

You can’t write about this circus freak show called reality without seeing the humor in it.

So my instinct tells me the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog will probably be drifting back to its iconoclastic and sarcastic roots.

If people get turned off by the cussing, the sarcasm, the disrespect and the ‘un-seriousness’ of the blog, then I guess...that is just a tragedy.

I don’t think I can continue any other way.

So, yeah...you guessed it.

The old Illuminati Conspiracy Blog is coming back.

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