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America Being Prepared to STARVE

When it comes to producing chaos while simultaneously making the population dependent on the government, few situations lend themselves better than hunger.

In revolution after revolution hunger plays a dominant role in destroying society while driving the population into the arms of the new revolutionary administration.

The French Revolution (1794), the Russian Revolution (1918), the Chinese Communist Revolution (1950) and a plethora of other revolutions were all provoked and exacerbated by provoking hunger.

Hungry people are unsettled.

Hungry people riot.

Hungry people are ready to turn to anyone and anything who will give them food.

Historically hunger was THE defining factor which signaled the fall of Chinese dynasties.

So hunger plays an important political role in ‘change’ (as the Communists like to call it), especially political change having to do with the complete re-making of societies.

This is why it worries me when I see our country being prepared for starvation for the last 10 years.

That’s right: the American economy is being slowly changed, twisted and manipulated (some would say destroyed) in order to starve us.

And this mega-important fact is being swept under the table and ignored even by famous conspiracy pundits.

You think the starvation in Venezuela is an accident?

The Marxist government there is making the people suffer in order to prepare the way for TOTAL government confiscation of every business, factory and farm and the taking of total control.

Of course, under Communism, there would never be enough food, and the food lines would go on forever, but at least there would be food.

Remember...any outbreak of hunger here in America will be a calculated move in order to get Americans to accept a totalitarian Marxist-Socialist style government.

The tactic is always the same.

But that being the case, how in the world to produce starvation in America, the land of plenty?

Well, THAT is what this article is all about.

Remember, Russia was a land of limitless farmlands in 1918. The Russian economy produced more that the population could possibly eat.

Remember, the French population was the best fed population in Europe at the time of the French Revolution (this is how the French in general got a historical taste for fine cheese and wine).

Yet when the time came both of these societies starved.

How did it happen?


The conspirators didn’t even need to use the ecologically and economically destructive tools OUR government is unleashing on the American population, they just produced starvation through bribery and speculation.

The ungodly practice of speculation is one of those weird and destructive practices invented by the devil, which we accept as normal...just like Incorporation, Public Stock, and Compounding Interest.

Speculation is particularly destructive because it violates the laws of physics.

Simply put, during past revolutions, Illuminati with unlimited amounts of money bought up all the food and then either stored it, transported it elsewhere, or let it rot in the fields - anything that kept it out of the mouthes of the people.

Frequently this only happened inside cities targeted for revolution, like St. Petersburg or Paris.

Now, however, it has become obvious entire nations have been targeted for starvation by the Illuminati...including the United States of America.

Like in past revolutions, food shortages will be used as the means of political change.

But how are they doing it?

There has been a silent process within the last 20 years of building up the conditions which will lead to starvation.

Who has been leading it?

Government and Corporations (or better said, traitors therein).

The De-industrialization of America and the moving of all that industry to CHINA is well known.

However the De-foodification of America is less well known and less understood.

So what has happened to our food industry?

Would you believe it has been EXPORTED just like our industry?

Without Americans ever suspecting, it has become evident that most of the following products now come directly from CHINA:

-most processed breaded products (fish, chicken, shrimp)
-most fish
-most Apple Juice
-most orange juice
-most Honey
-most of the elements that go into vitamins
-most frozen strawberries
-most garlic
-most pet treats
-most dog food
-most spices
-most elements going into baby formula
-most powdered milk
-most fluoride (in your toothpaste and water)

The China food scam has secretly reached epidemic proportions, with “365 Whole Foods Market brand of fruits and vegetables sold as ‘organic’” coming from China...not to mention most of Walmart frozen food.

Check this out below:

Now as you know, most all Chinese products have been found to be TOXIC.

*Chinese apple juice concentrate has been found to contain arsenic.

*Chinese baby formula and powdered milk has been found to contain melamine, and has killed a multitude of Chinese babies in China

*Chinese pet food has been found to the same toxic substance - melamine - that killed our pets en masse a few years back and caused an uproar.

Well guess what.

Most elements that go into pet food (and in many cases the pet food itself) STILL COME FROM CHINA!

The pets are still dying, but this time the press has elected to keep quiet about all the deaths (it cost the industry way too much money the other time).

Keep this in mind next time you set out to buy your local brand of pet food or pet treats.

*Chinese honey has been found to be anything but honey

*Chinese fluoride has been found to be radioactive

In fact Chinese foodstuffs as available as they are toxic.


It hit consumers like a bomb when it was discovered that ALL of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets come from China.

And it hit them in a particularly disgusting manner when the video surfaced of Chinese McNugget factory workers scooping piles of spilled Chicken McNugget paste off the floor...and throwing it back into the giant McNugget blender.

McDonald’s didn’t know where to hide.

Suddenly the McIllusion had been blown wide open.

“So that’s why McNuggets are so cheap!"

In fairness to McDonalds, China is the place where ALL the other fast food places get THEIR breaded chicken products as well.

Anyway, it was the death-knell of McDonalds.

People don’t really take to eating reconstituted chicken paste from China.

McDonald’s has been losing money ever since.

In actuality, the McDonald’s scandal was the exposure that the US chicken industry had been in the process of being de-facto exported to China.

China was taking over chicken production as well.

They had to do something to cover up the exposure of this major operation, and they did so quite charmingly the way they always do - by LYING.

It was at this time that the plan had been broached to begin ‘processing’ chicken through China - that’s right - we will ship the frozen unprocessed bird carcasses to China and then China will process the birds and send them back HERE.

Does that make any sense?

A chicken carcass will have to take a two-way trip across the Pacific before we get to eat it?

You know, I have learned that when something does not make sense, it is either a scam, a deception...or a LIE.

Ergo the introduction to our next food scam: all our chicken will now be coming come indirectly from China.


What’s wrong?

Not enough underpaid illegal workers here in America to process all that Chicken?

Of course this is a scam!

The truth is our chicken industry is now being imported to China by DESIGN.

And this is a MAJOR operation.

In fact the exportation of ALL our industry to China has been just that - a major planned operation to bring down America.

The ongoing operation to DESTROY the American chicken industry kept going without a way of declaring an epidemic.

In December of 2014, the FDA declared a ‘bird-flu’ outbreak in the American chicken industry.

As has been documented, this mantra is a well accepted excuse by Illuminati-controlled governments to begin DESTROYING the population’s food supply.

They did it in England and they did it in Taiwan in previous years.

You might have heard of the ridiculous ‘mad-cow’ disease used as an excuse to end the British cattle industry.

The same bird-flu excuse was used to destroy Taiwan’s independent poultry industry.

(It is always amazing that in all these crises, it never occurrs to anyone that COOKING is the solution for all food-borne diseases)

In any case, once the ‘crisis’ began, it spelled the beginning of the end for American poultry industry.

The media mentioned the ‘culling’ a few times and then sent the story to the out-of-sight-out-of-mind corner.

Meanwhile the US Government has so far slaughtered 50 million chickens and 8 million turkeys...even as the’crisis’ continues.

The meaningless slaughter of egg-laying hens in particular,caused egg prices to skyrocket (not they are talking about $6.00 a dozen for eggs).

Which leaves the question of why chicken meat prices did not skyrocket  as egg prices shot through the roof.

Well, it all depends on whether you are going to believe the official story or your are going to believe common sense.

The chicken prices did not skyrocket because, believe it or not, most of that slaughtered chicken is being fed to the American public anyway.

Have you noticed how CHEAP chicken has become lately?

Reminds me of the bottom prices paid for beef in 2013...before the meat industry collapsed and beef prices skyrocketed.

And what makes you believe that all that slaughtered bird-flu chicken is not being process into your McNuggets anyway?

Did you notice that as the slaughter began, the price of chicken hit rock bottom?

Prices hit rock bottom when there is a shortage, not an abundance.

The Bird Flu culling should have produced a shortage, not an abundance...unless the abundance was being caused by all the slaughtered birds.

Do you really trust the Government and Corporate America?

The plan to have American chickens shipped to China for processing is a lie.

The American poultry industry has been destroyed.

In the near future ALL chicken will be coming from China.

Most of the chicken was already coming from China before the destruction of what remained of the American poultry industry began.

The phony Bird Flu epidemic simply put a capstone on the plan.

What is left of the American poultry industry will not recover from the Bird Flu inspired slaughter of its stock.

In its swath, the American Government is offering subsidies to move the poultry industry to China (where American food corporations already own poultry production facilities) instead of compensating the American chicken industry 100% for its loss.

With the exportation of our poultry industry, a major source America’s ability to feed itself will soon be gone.


America now imports its produce.

The problem began with the government cracking down on the hiring of migrant workers by the farming industry.

Which is a bit strange since the production of American produce has been dependent on migrant labor since the 1950‘s.

Please note that the crackdown on illegal labor did not extend to the cities of America...but concentrated only on farms growing produce.

The very quiet and very unreported result of this crackdown was the devastation of the American produce farm.

In other words, farms producing fresh fruits and vegetables had their produce rot in the fields as they became unable to harvest them.

The results being that year after year saw the systematic bankruptcy of American produce farms as season after season they were force to let their crops rot in the fields.


The result?

Most of our produce farms are gone.

That’s right.

Most of the farms and orchards that use to produce home-grown lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, onions, apples, green peppers, longer exist.

So how do we explain the abundance of cheap produce in our stores?

Easy....most all of our produce is now imported!

America has become a food-importing nation, beginning with our produce, which, for the most part now comes from Mexico.

Now do you know why a lot of our produce has become famous for being CONTAMINATED with bacteria?

Have you enjoyed your latest salad diarrhea?

It’s only because of all the fiber and ruffage, of course.


Gone are the old days of limitless head of cattle on limitless ranges in America.

The Bundy Ranch confrontation was only the last parting shot fired in a long and ongoing war between the government and the food producing ranchers of our country.
A war between government and farmers and ranchers over the production of American meat.

The result?

The American meat industry has been destroyed.

The destruction has been kept quiet by way of media silence and outright bribery to farmers as their meat production is curtailed.

Weather control and water restrictions have gone hand-in-hand in producing this crisis.

The drought which began in 2011 (perhaps through weather control) over large areas of the country led to the mass-selling off of the country’s cattle for slaughter as water shortages began KILLING the herds.

As the drought struck, government help to the beleaguered farmers and ranchers was ZERO.

In fact, the opposite became true.

In mid drought, the governments of various states (with Federal guidance) began PROHIBITING THE COLLECTION OF RAIN WATER even as they PROHIBITED access to rivers and creeks and denied any further drilling rights for water. 

Does this sound like a government who wants to save the meat industry, or a government who wants to destroy it?

A local incident here had the privatized water utilities denying the horse ranchers water and forcing them to close. No comment at all from State Government.

Which leads us to a great truth when it comes to the abolishment of our meat industry: it is being done through denial of water.

As mentioned, by 2013, the ranchers began selling off their cattle en masse for slaughter because there was simply no water to keep them alive.

What followed in 2014 were record low meat prices (from all the over-slaughtered cattle) as under-a-dollar burgers went flying out the drive-through windows.

This lasted clear through early 2015, when all the meat was sold or exported at rock bottom prices.
Then...all the meat was gone.

Meat prices began to balloon during the second half of 2015, and it hasn’t stopped.

Why should they.

All the meat is gone - slaughtered - because the cattle ranchers could no longer raise any stock on their ranches because they were DENIED WATER.

Simultaneously, the various states began a persecution of pig ranchers, ordering farmers to MASS SLAUGHTER their herds because they violated certain appearance codes which the Department of Agriculture (read department of starvation) had jotted down in its books.

What was wrong with these farmers’ pigs, that they had to be slaughtered and the farms shut down?

Uh...some of the pigs had hair on them...others had spots...etc.

These were erroneously called ‘feral’ pigs and the farmers forced to slaughter themselves into bankruptcy.

(Meanwhile the big meat packers were allowed to raise all sorts of non-standard pigs within their inhumane meat factories.)

See, this is the type of shit that leads to armed uprisings by the population.

The only difference with us is we are not starving...yet.

So why didn’t the farmers and ranchers rise up and protest?

Why all the silence?

Well, the Federal Government did what it has been doing since the days of Roosevelt: paying off farmers to destroy their production or keep them from producing altogether.

That’s right.

The farmers have been kept silenced because they were being PAID TO SHUT UP and not complain.

You might have heard that rancher Cliven Bundy was the LAST rancher remaining in his area of Nevada - all the others had been driven out of business by government regulation.
In a nation with its meat industry being destroyed, it was ironic to see the relish with which the Feds went about SLAUGHTERING Bundy’s remainging cattle before the cowboys decided to ignore Federal machine guns and round up their stock.

I repeat, at present, our cattle has been sold off for slaughter due to enforced non-availability of water.

Meat prices are sky-rocketing because there is simply no more meat.

So whey IS there meat still on store shelves?

Well...remember when I mentioned the fact we had become an IMPORTER of produce?

Well now we are officially an importer of meat products.

You might have noticed that Congress is now pushing to do away with “country of origin labeling” (COOL) of foreign meat products.

That’s right.

Now you will not be told, nor will you ever know where your meat comes from, whether it be beef, chicken, pork or fish.

This is necessary because from now on most of our meat will be coming from OUTSIDE the United States.

We are no longer a self-sustaining meat producing country.


This has been going on since Roosevelt.

Roosevelt paid farmers NOT to produce milk and NOT to plant, and even to plough their fields over.

All this done in an effort to “keep prices high”

Great for the farmers....rotten for the American people, many of whom were STARVING and unable to afford food.

This Rooseveltian plan has kept functioning, effectively diminishing America’s food production.

Farmers are paid NOT to plant.
Farmers are paid NOT to raise livestock.

Farmers are paid NOT to produce milk.

All supposedly in the interest of keeping farm prices high.

Also...farms are having their water access cut off by the government through a multitude of ‘environmental’ laws, regulations, policies and other red tape, which prohibit access to lakes, rivers, creeks, ground water...and even rain water.

In addition, farms are having their labor cut off through focused persecution of illegal labor. (It’s funny how they let all the illegals in...but then focus on persecuting those who are harvesting our food).

The results, when it comes to produce, have already become evident.

We are IMPORTING all our produce and are, for the most part, producing little of our own.

America has become a food-importing country, like Japan, dependent on the importation of food from other nations.

Our produce is imported.

Our meat is imported.

Our grain is vulnerable to sudden die-off due to it being genetically modified.

There is HUNGER in the equation our US government is following for the American people.

Can you imagine what will happen should the countries who produce our food suddenly decide to deny it to us?

Especially since so much of it is now in the hands of China...and the rest in the hands of Third World Chinese sympathizers?

Well, it’s true.

The slowly built infrastructure of hunger, which has been assembled piece-by-piece, unbeknown to the American people is almost ready to take effect, producing a surprising HUNGER in our country.

When and if it happens, now you know why.

Our own government has planned it that way...and we have gone along with it.


The preparations have now become obvious.

We are becoming a people who are... longer growing our own produce. longer raising our own poultry. longer able sustain a beef industry.

What is left of our pork industry is on its way out by way of stifling regulations, forced slaughter and water cut-offs.

What does all this spell?

Well let me put it to you in very simple terms.

Even though Americans are not yet aware of it...


The day is approaching when Americans will find out food is no longer available in sufficient supplies in order to feed all of us.

What little independent effort the American population is putting forth in order to grow its own food is being suppressed by local government itself, classifying agriculture as ‘weeds’ and ORDERING Americans to destroy their own crops.


Are these the actions of a government who is NOT planning for your starvation?

Well now you know.

When it finally will know why.

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