Sunday, August 23, 2015

WW-III: The Idiots Prepare for War

Who are the idiots?

We are!

Certainly NOT North Korea, China and Russia...countries who have kept their war industries intact, continued conscription and increased war production.

Who are the idiots?

Well, the people who have refused to prepare for WW-III despite it being the number one topic from 1945 - 1995.

The same people who ended the draft (starting with America) and reduced their armies in the face of mere friendly rhetoric and semantics by the enemy.

That's right, the Americans and Europeans who ended all conscription in the 1990's and early millennium and cut down the size of their already pathetic armies.

You know.

The same idiots whose only real accomplishment within the last ten years have been  Gay Marriage and  Transexual Rights.

Well...uh...war seems to be knocking at our door just about maybe its time to start taking out our toy soldiers and get 'em ready for war.

Let's see what we got here (opens up box)...

...we got women soldiers...we got soldiers in skirts...we got soldiers holding hands...we got soldier couples...we got generals with money sticking out of their pockets...we got secreteries....bureaucrats...desks...plenty of trucks...and jeeps...OOOH!...I just found a $130 million F-35 Jet Fighter..but it's broken.

You know as much as I look through this pile of toy soldiers, its getting very hard to find a tank (guess my mom threw most of those away) or enough personnel carriers to put all my soldiers in. Come to think of it, where are all my cannons?

So yeah, the West is about as ready for war as I am for my next public Pole Dance.

You can't beat 25 years of cutbacks, shut downs, eliminations, discontinuations, firings and purges (check out the latest military purge we got going...just like Stalin in 1940) to totally floor a military.

And that is basically where we're at, with the Armies of Europe, Japan and the United States being token representations of what they were in 1990.

On the other side of the ring: Russia, China North Korea and Iran.

All countries who have not only kept the draft going, but a keen martial spirit to boot.

What? Oh, China.

Yes, China's army IS "professional" (just like ours...except better armed and more numerous) but what people forget is that China has an OBLIGATORY class every kid must take from Kindergarten to the 12th Grade called "military education" which involves continuous BASIC TRAINING....and that all Chinese males from age 17 to 50 form a part of the ready military reserve.

So now that war looms near, watch the idiots scramble!

The Navy just graduated its first female Rangers.

Also, women have just been allowed to serve inside Nuclear Attack Submarines.


Meanwhile the Army is purging itself of all that dead weight by getting rid of all those front line combat units and officers. turning itself into a mean green chauvinist killing politically correct machine.

Well...America...what can you expect when you've got a Communist traitor of obscure origin who can't prove who his father is...being PRESIDENT of the United States.

That President as "Commander-in-Chief" in the guy who decides where, when and how the Armed Forces will fight.

See the paradox?

We're getting ready to fight the Communist Chinese with a Communist Commander in Chief as our War Leader!

Haw, haw, haw...Mel Brooks could not have written anything funnier.

Meanwhile, let's see...

...we got Russia already infiltrating its Spesnaz special forces into Ukraine.

...we got North Korea mobilizing against South Korea.

...we got China mobilizing on the North Korean borders

(anyone notice all this is happening right on cue with the collapse of the Stock Market and the Chinese Economy?)

I am still waiting for the punchline - the CIA announcement that the Chinese mobilization on the North Korean border is there to RESTRAIN North Korea (insert laugh track here) instead of assisting North Korea to invade South Korea.

Whatever the case may be, the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog has ALREADY brainstormed the quite possible reality of a Third World War in a blog entry called "WW-III: the West Falls" (which can be accessed at the link below).

Please begin reading at the sentence which states "North Korea attacked South Korea" to dive right into the Korean-Sino-Russian topics of the war.


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