Thursday, August 6, 2015

Phoenix Police Chief SWAT Teamed!!!

Today one preferred method of legally MURDERING someone is to send in a SWAT Team to the ‘wrong’ address and have the ‘roid heads take the troublemaker out ‘by mistake,’

Inserted within the SWAT Team (as if the drugged out roided crazies were not enough) are actual hit men who will kill the undesirable immediately.

The American population today lives in terror of SWAT Raids (whether justified or not)  - both criminal and law abiding alike -because these crazies even hit the law-abiding by mistake.

The terror is augmented by the fact that SWAT Teamsters are not cold blooded professionals but panicky crazies who lose control, scream, shoot, and ask questions later.

How deserving then that on Tuesday (8-4-15) Phoenix Chief of Police Joseph Yahner was himself treated to a SWAT Raid on his own property.

Only that this time the SWAT raiders were not police at all, but privately contracted killers from two bounty hunting corporations: NorthStar Fugitive Recovery and Delta One Tactical Recovery - who were there to apparently kill the Police ‘mistake.’

Well, either kill or give stern warning.

SWAT teams are also used give very scary warnings to whistle blowers, critics of the police or investigators, by scaring he bejeesus out of someone and shooting all their dogs.

I can’t imagine a scarier warning than that.

And its just possible the Chief got a warning from the Establishment who really run this country.

You have to ask yourself: what are the chances?

Eleven heavily armed and armored Bounty Hunters surround, scream, go crazy and try to bust down the Chief’s door.

But the Chief’s house is a miniature fortress, complete with steel doors, impregnable windows and multiple flood lights and, of course...and a direct panic button to the Phoenix PD.

The bounty hunters don’t have much of a chance.

Pretty soon they are all arrested, including the owner of NorthStar Fugitive Recovery, who was apparently there to PERSONALLY direct the action.

Yeah, Police Chief Joseph Yahner escaped unscathed, but the warning had been delivered.


Anyone who believes that a dozen heavily equipped bounty hunters can descend on the house of a Phoenix Police mistake...has brain damage.

Apparently the entire raid was prompted  by...get this...a Facebook posting.

This poor joke of an excuse has obviously been crafted to provoke laughter. add more insight into just who works for these corporate law-enforcement companies, it turns out one of the heavily armed bounty hunters was a convicted felon forbidden to carry a weapon!

But there he was on the streets of America ready to legally kill Americans!

So much for outsourcing police work.

But going back to the subject at hand, Police Chief Joe Yahner is now scared (he would probably say alarmed, police have no fear, right?), he has received a WARNING from the establishment.

And therein lies the whole convoluted mafia-directed mess known as the Phoenix Police Department.

You see, just last year, a hardcore, honest, professional Phoenix Police Chief by the name of Daniel Garcia was suddenly FIRED by the City Manager in December.

The Police Chief’s only ‘crime’ was ‘insubordination’ to the City Manager (local Jew in charge Ed Zuercher).

The event itself brought to light that the Mayor is POWERLESS, it is the City Manager (an unelected appointee) and the Council Chair who really run the city.

This seems to be the model across the board.

That’s right, an unelected official RUNS American cities.

That’s right, an elected official appoints a dictator...over himself and the running of the city he was ELECTED to run.
Just one more way the Illuminati have deformed the local political structure.

And if you don’t like this, move to Russia! This is the home of the brave and the land of the free!

Anyway, Phoenix Police Chief Garcia was fired for basically reining in the Phoenix Police department, requiring his police to wear actual uniforms instead of hang out duds, getting rid of loose cannons and requiring offices to repeat their oath every two years.

In other words, Garcia began turning the Phoenix PD into a professional, accountable, effective police department.

It was too much for the Police Union and the Mafia that runs it.

They jumped all over Chief Garcia’s ass, with City Manager Ed Zuercher leading the charge with his maniacal Garcia-must-be-removed-at-all-costs-yesterday!!! attitude.

The axe fell on December of 2014, when Garcia, seeing himself being railroaded by the Police Union, the City Manager and the Media decided to make some public statements in his defense.

Apparently he didn’t realize that today’s police chiefs are simply the slaves of the City Manager and the Police Unions.

It was all the (lame) excuse City Manager Ed Zuercher needed to fire Garcia.

The MAYOR Phoenix tried to get involved (he actually supported Garcia) but he was cast aside like the rag doll which he was under a deluge of high class lawyers.

“Who is this guy? An elected official? Get this no account dipshit outta here!!!”

Let the non-elected City Manager do his duty - gut the Chief of Police!

Appointed in Garcia’s place was Assistant Police Chief Joe Yahner - an ever present gofer who had always been doing the rounds on top positions in and around the Phoenix PD.

Permanent standbys like Yahner are the commissars of the system that runs our country - particular people kept on and about to keep track of, inform, betray, and even arrest and replace superiors when they get off track.

These people are always around and are kept around to keep tabs on the leadership, frequently appointed to number two positions regardless of the leader’s opinion.

Nixon had his Alexander Haig, McCarthy had his Roy Cohn, the Czar had his Prince Lvov...and General Carter Hamm (AFRICOM) had his second in command,  (CIA asset) General Garcia, who relieved Hamm within minutes of Hamm's refusal to go along with the Benghazi betrayal.

Well, Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garcia had his Assistant Police Chief Joe Yahner, who was probably informing on Garcia all along, and was appointed to deafening applause by City Manager Zuercher.

The lesson?

Keep an eye on your number way of special investigators and informers on your own side.

Anyway, Yahner gets appointed Phoenix Police Chief and everything is great...until Tuesday night (8-4-15), when some entity decides to scare the crap out of him by launching a private SWAT team at his home.

Again, if you believe a Facebook posting sicced a dozen killers from TWO bounty hunting companies on the home of the Phoenix Police Chief, your critical thinking skills are non-existent.

So what happened with Yahner.

Well, frequently, the appointed puppets get their egos overblown and like to begin pulling their own strings.

Just look at CIA-assets Muammar Gaddafi. The CIA-granted position got to this guy’s head and he actually started believing his job was to make life better for his Libyan subjects. WRONG!

You know what happened to Ghaddafi.

So Yahner has gotten a virtual SWAT Warning - the same warning whistle blowers, investigators and Patriots get when they try to do the right thing.

Well, you know, doing the right thing all the time becomes somewhat difficult when your city is at the core of THE drug distribution center for the Southwest (Maricopa County).

So yeah, Police Chief Yahner, you’re going to have to be reminded now and then just who is the real boss through comical accidents and ‘whoops’ incidents like the armed raid at your home Tuesday night.

Please keep a close eye on your mafia-run Police Union (aren’t they all?) and take all your cues from them, THEY are the ones with a close pulse on brutalizing the police through murderous shoot-first-think-later training, drug running and corruption.

Oh...and you might not want to go too far down the rabbit might run into the Mafia and the CIA.

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