Friday, July 3, 2015

Obama: We Now Have A Dictator

Yesterday, July 2, 2015 it hit me.

We are  now under a dictator.

Getting 'hit' is an experience.

It is a heavy emotional, visceral, psychological rotten experience.

I can only compare it to finding out a spouse is no longer faithful, or your family conspiring against you...perhaps even to kill you.

We are under a dictatorship.

The complete psychological, physical, mental, and political realization hit me.

When something 'hits' you, it seems to have a texture, a smell, a feeling en emotion all wrapped into one.

We are living under a dictatorship.

You will forgive me if I seem to have felt this somewhat late in the game, but let me explain.

I had always accepted the mathematical and philosophical notion that we were not really a democracy.

The elections were fixed, our representatives were bought, our process controlled...but I never FELT that I was under the dictates of ONE MAN.

Now I do.  

I feel it, I smell it, I see it...and it is a dreadful thing.

Yes, we saw the Patriot Act,  NDAA 2012...FEMA Camps... checkpoints and Jade Helm...but have never seen the mere PROCLAMATIONS of a Caesar become law.

Now we have.

My God, now we have.

Let me explain.

I've had the opportunity to savor living under two dictatorships in the Third World.

I know the feeling,

And you know what....the feeling...the exact same feeling hit me yesterday.

The same cheap, dirty, hard, iron feeling I had experienced under Third World dictatorships hit me...HERE in my own country - the United States of America.

How can else I describe this feeling to you? 

There is a dread in the air.

People try to go about their daily lives, trying to ignore their plight.

The police are feared, heavily armed and brutal. They wear helmets and carry fully automatic submachine guns.

Some of them are very young, but all have that hungry wolf stare of someone just waiting to do bodily harm to you.

'Arrest' and 'prison' are four letter words.

You don't want to be arrested or imprisoned under any circumstances...because you don't know if you'll ever be seen again.

You ESPECIALLY don't want to be arrested over anything political...because your chances of appearing again just got cut by half. 

There are spies amongst the people - many of them - who report what you say to the government.

If you say the wrong thing, the police show up at your door in the middle of the night.

The people are afraid (though they try their best to feign they are not).

Every conversation is totally normal until certain topics emerge...then everyone' face becomes afraid and tones become hushed...and your are quietly advised to change the subject.

People 'disappear' and you don't talk openly about the people who have disappeared except in hushed tones to friends you thoroughly trust...and you keep the mention short.

There are places you don't go near.

There are places in the city that if you must pass, you pass quickly, without looking...buildings within which people are tortured and killed.

There are checkpoints at unpredictable places and unpredictable come across these checkpoints (especially at night) is a fearful and uncertain experienc.

Guns are forbidden...the possession of a semi-automatic rifle is a death sentence.

A wrong word, a wrong shirt, a wrong sticker, a wrong book...can get you arrested.

The face of the dictator is everywhere...on posters in walls, along the highway, on TV.

The TV is always gloating of what good thing the dictator has done 'for the people' lately.

He is shown cutting the ribbons to a school, a water plant, a bridge...

....the dictatorship is always doing something for the people...and they are always thanking him publicly for doing it.

And this is what I felt yesterday as I watched the TV proclaim our lord and savior Barack Hussein had 'ruled' an expansion as to who would receive overtime.

He just ruled it. 

He said it.

He proclaimed it.

He wished it...for the people.

And the TV was celebrating it... complete with fawning host, insinuating how our great leader had struck another blow for the good of the people.

And it did not end there.

The following day, it was reported the President was ruling through a series of secret executive orders and secret 'directives' called Presidential Policy Directives (PDDs), and Presidential Policy Guidances PPGs)...many of them kept from Congress and the people!

In other words, the man is ruling this country through SECRET DICTATES.

The decisions HE makes on behalf of the country are no longer your business!

(read about the PPDs below)

It was all so familiar.

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

We are now a dictatorship.

One country...under one man...governed by his dictates and proclamations...which are celebrated by HIS media.

No challenges from Congress, no challenges from the courts, no challenges from the people, no challenges from the media.

I looked around and I saw...concentration camps...police in helmets armed with sub machine guns, checkpoints, armored vehicles....the dictator on TV everyday shown benefiting the people.

Oh my God, it was here.

And the most sickening part...the most heart wrenching part... were the faces of the American people...those same forced smiles...that same attempt at forced normality...the same hushed tones.

The American people KNOW. 

They KNOW we have a dictatorship.

But they are trying desperately to pretend they are still living in 1995.

One more nation in this world is again under a 'dictator of the people' reigning on behalf of a nebulous impoverished yet supposedly supportive lower class majority.

People are now afraid to express their political beliefs.

Expressing them now could make you a 'terrorist.'

Did you hear the government proclaim preppers, home schoolers, tea partiers and conspiracy theorists prospective terrorists?

You either get with the program or you are part of the problem.

July 2, 2015 was a threshold for me.

The facade fell off the stage and reavealed the brick wall.

We are there.

We are at the feet of a dictatorship.

We are no longer a democracy.

The America of our Founding Fathers is gone. 

We are like a Banana Republic.

Americans are like the meek ignorant  minions of the Third World.

It is so hard to believe...and so horribly painful.



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