Friday, June 26, 2015

Disarmament: How Empires Fall

Some quick thoughts on gun control and mind control.

Anyone who studies history sooner or later sees  the phenomenon of giant sophisticated civilizations being CONQUERED by a few illiterate barbarians.

Whether it be the Akkadians being conquered by the Gutians or the Babylonians by the Kassites...or the Greeks by the Macedonians...or the Romans by the Goths...or the Chinese by the Mongols...

...what you have happening over and over again is the phenomenon of smallish groups illiterate and backward barbarians conquering complex civilizations.

How, pray tell, does that happen?

Well, the answer (which is never brought up by any ivory league group of historians) is arms control.

A few ignorant barbarians are able to conquer entire civilizations because the GOVERNMENT has basically DISARMED the people.

And not only have they disarmed the people, but in their limitless paranoia, have reduced the number of armies to a bare minimum directly under their control because they don’t trust their warlords or generals either.

So in their mind (an armed peasantry = peasant insurrections) and (too many armies = military uprisings led warlords).

So the result of these equations is simple.

The civilization’s population is made to disarm while the civilization’s armies are reduced to a bare minimum.

In this way the stage is set for barbarian conquest.

Normally one single decisive battle settles it.

The towns, villages and cities of the civilization are left open to attack occupied as they are by nothing but disarmed sheep (having been cowed into submission and uselessness by centuries of tyranny).

So when the barbarians venture upon these human population centers what follows is an easy mass enslavement and mass slaughter.

Can you imagine the Mongols trying to conquer China if every single Chinese village was armed to the teeth?

Have you ever seen the movie ‘Seven Samurai’? (that’s what it would have looked like, just on a grander scale).

But no, the Chinese peasant had been disarmed long ago and even his farming tools had been modified to make them totally useless for violence.

The results?

Total subjugation of the mighty Chinese Empire by a gang of illiterate barbarians.

It’s the same thing from the Babylonians down to the Aztecs.

I always wondered why the Europeans never did to the Africans what they did to the Aztecs in the 1500s.

The answer is, of course, that the mighty Latin American Empires of the Aztecs and the Incas were led by ‘God Kings’ who had disarmed their entire populations...

...while the African tribes consisted by and large of villages in which EVERY male member was armed and trained in the use of spear and lance.

Gee, where were all the Conquistadors when the gold, silver and diamonds of Africa beckoned?

I thought so.

It is always in the land of the ‘god king’ where the barbarian invader succeeds.

Did you see what the Vietnamese did to us during the Vietnam War? (and that was only the 10% of their population who were Communist!)

So you can see why the Founding Fathers put so much clout in local ‘militias’ as being the true vanguard against invasion.

As the American Civil War proved, civilians already skilled in the use of firearms can create HUGE armies in a short time (and this is not even true of the North who fought most of the war with only volunteers -  a small fraction of its total population).

And too much technicality has been given to the term militia of late.

The real truth is if you know how to load, shoot and maintain a rifle, you are already a prospective militia.

When the emergency arises, you will know who to join and what to do.

No further organization needed.

Future Russian and Chinese troops destined to patrol America’s streets, take heed: you will enter... but you won’t be leaving.

Which brings me to the phenomenon of Europe.

What a big example of a historical turkey THAT is.

Like all previous civilizations in decline, the Europeans have been disarmed and made into sheep people.

Their armies have been reduced to a bare minimum to guarantee their excessive welfare states can go on existing intact.

At present I don’t think Europe could even prevent an invasion by Muslims from Turky or the Middle East...much less Russia.

The Europeans seem to survive on a lofty platform of reason, humanity and self-importance.

The truth is the European goose is cooked.

Talk about a population with no spirit, no culture, no nationalism, no military.

All the Russian hordes have to do is drive across the undefended Northern Plain and reach the English Channel...and THAT’S IT!

So by now, I think you know what this entry is all about.

Any sovereign civilization needs an armed population to stave off the barbarian hordes.

Instead, what most civilizations end up doing is relying on small numbers of professional troops...who always FAIL to stop the barbarians.

It is typically sheepish human behavior that when a disaster occurs the population starts screaming for the police, the emergency responders and the government instead of dealing with it themselves.

This is the whole attitude now of Euro-American Civilization which has now come to depend on small numbers of professional troops instead of making THE PEOPLE a main part of the defense equation.

Any idiot knows THE PEOPLE will never organize, or plan, or scheme or come together into any sort of cohesive threat against any government unless one starts SLAUGHTERING, STARVING or ABUSING them. Then they will just revert to basic instinct and go ape.

An armed population is NOT dangerous at all...unless it starts being slaughtered and abused into the ground.

So all this talk about an armed population being dangerous is bunk.

The people will never fight unless they are put between a rock and a hard place...and even then the escalation will be gradual.

When the people are disarmed it is only for their preparation for the slaughter - whether by barbarians or conquistadors or foreign invaders.

This is the point that Europe has reached as its ‘conflict’ against Russia escalates.

This is the point our god kings in Government are trying to reach with the American public as they seek to disarm us while buying up all the arms and ammunition and preparing to call in foreign troops.

Let’s not be deceived.

An armed and trained population is sovereign, free, safe and totally NOT a threat to government.

A disarmed population is food for the wolves.

Unfortunately, the power mongers throughout history have striven to keep the population that way - disarmed and helpless.  

And that is what our American overlords are striving for now.


Throughout history governments have disarmed the population (because they don't trust their own people).

And then they have reduced the number of their armies (because they don't trust their own warlords).

Leaving entire civilizations open to 'conquest' by small numbers of invading illiterate barbarians...often at the conclusion of a single battle.

Presently, the United States of America and Europe are following the same pattern.

Presently no one NATO country has the draft.

Massive reserves of conscripts have been replaced by small professional armies.

Please note that the 'barbarians' (Russia, China, North Korea...and Mexico) have kept their conscription.

On top of this, the 'armies' US and NATO themselves are not only being reduced in numbers, but mutated into forces more apt at repressing the population than fighting battles.

History repeats itself...

...and soon you will see the barbarians arrive.


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