Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Oracle: Fire From Heaven

A Dream By Oracle (in relation to WW-III?)(edited):

"We were in the house late at night, I would say something like 3:00 AM, and outside was a huge thunderstorm, with lots of rain and lightning.

We were appreciating the rain and the lightning, when suddenly we saw high above us like a reddish orange streak descending down to the earth below.

It wasn't as fast as lightning, but it might have been descending pretty fast and seemed slower to due distance, but anyway, it was took like eight seconds to descend from the sky and hit the ground, and this was a long continuous streak.

We saw this thing hit the ground in the distance and where it hit everything just exploded and then there was this tremendous roar, and I noticed it had made a sound exactly like thunder as it descended from the sky and hit the ground.

It blended right in with the lightning storm, at least the sound did, because it sounded exactly like lightning when it struck.

We kept looking and we saw this happening again and again intermittently, here and there and we noticed the frequency of the hits were picking up.

We debated whether to hide inside the house or leave, and we finally decided to just leave and keep moving around in our car in the hope of the area we were in at the moment would not be hit.

We probably did this until morning, when we returned home and switched on the news, and they were saying it was freak lightning damage combined with gas vanes or something).

I was then given to understand that this weapon would be used openly in a coming war, and that other new weapons people knew nothing about would also be used unexpectedly, and i became very afraid and filled with foreboding."

 (Comment by Illuminati Conspiracy Blog: Orbital plasma or particle weapon? Its deployment in this instance seems to have been covert, seeing that it had been used in a thunderstorm. Us or the enemy? Who knows, but seeing that it was used covertly and covered up, it was probably us and probably some sort of test run. Our country or another? Oracle said he assumed it was America, but that he wasn't really sure. In my opinion, the preferred target would be a foreign third world nation allied to the US.)


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