Sunday, May 31, 2015

Saliva Drug Test: They Are Getting Our DNA!

In the movie Gattaca, it becomes important to guard your DNA if you are not one of the genetic elite.

If they find you out, you get kicked to the curve of the economic ladder.

Ergo the obsession of the main protagonist in gathering any strands his DNA that could be laying around and destroying it.

Fiction again imitates reality.

The reality is now that they are after your DNA...and have been for the last ten years.

By hook or by crook they have been obsessed with gathering everyone's DNA and it has been confirmed that they are gathering it into a gigantic worldwide database.

There are state level DNA databases which, in turn, contribute to a national DND database, which in turn forms part of an international DNA databases like that of Interpol and the UN.

Blood is regularly confiscated from newborn babies for DNA testing and filing in these databases.

A genetic obsession of this sort has not been seen on Earth since the days of Nazi Germany.

The DNA gathering began with that segment of the population that has the least rights - criminals (and today you don't really have to do anything to become one).

They began gathering DNA from the arrested at the turn of the century as part of the incarceration procedure.

Then they spread it along as part of special biometric IDs they were coming out with.

Eventually they began extracting DNA from EVERY new born about ten years ago.

(this went nicely with the SS ID number given to newborns fresh out of the womb)


Finally they graduated to roving DNA collection by police, with blood samples and saliva extracted at traffic stops (or by force at the station if you resisted).

It was only a matter of time before they would start extracting DNA from the rest of the adult law abiding population, and they have now started.


I was just watching and waiting for the time when they would start swabbing EVERYBODY...and that time is now here.

You must now be DNA SWABBED in order to get a job.

Of course, they don't call it  DNA swabbing, they call it a 'drug test.'

A drug test, of course, you MUST take if you want to be employed.

That's right, they have somehow inserted a DNA extraction as part of the already invasive drug testing procedure required to get a job.

I am talking about the new 'swab' drug testing they are doing now as a replacement for the 'piss test.'

That's right, the urine sample or  'pee test' used to be the standard testing procedure for job accepted job it has been replaced by the swab.

And it doesn't seem to matter that the 'swab test'  not only less effective than the pee test, but outright non-working. 


(The working drug users of America are celebrating...but what are we losing in the process?)

Our right to our own DNA.

I am no idiot, I KNOW what a DNA test looks like.

A cotton swab rubbed on the inside of the cheek.

That has been the standard DNA test for well over a quarter of a century...

...and everybody knows it.

How strange then that the new (and ineffective) drug testing procedure involves EXACTLY that!

The new 'saliva test' (strangely enough) does not involve you spitting in a container, but scraping a swab on the inside of your cheek.

How strange.

It has been advertised as being cheaper, faster and more convenient than a piss test (some employers do in their own office), leading to its popularity.


But you have to remember.

We live in a pseudo-national security state, where you have no right to know what is going on while corporations, employers and governments have all the rights, including that of knowing everything there is to know about you.

Just try to take your 'saliva sample' with you once the 'test' is over (given that you are even allowed to stick around for the results).

They won't allow it.

That's because your 'sample' in many cases does not remain in the office, but is shipped to a lab for 'official confirmation' (where they extract, file an document your DNA and make you part of the DNA database).

Is that really surprising, considering the swab test is a thinly disguised DNA extraction which is actually INEFFECTIVE as a drug test?

Would it be surprising if I told you your employer is being PAID not only to administer this type of test over the piss test, but PAID AGAIN for every documented sample he ships into the lab.

It has been no secret that the selling of private information has been a multi-billion dollar industry for the last ten years (why do you think everyone is asking for it? Because they SELL it, that's why!)

Your employer is simply continuing the trend by SELLING your DNA to the highest bidder - in this case, the Illuminati-controlled Federal and World government.

Hey, the Drug War was a scam all along, designed to take away your rights, your privacy, and ultimately your property.

And DNA is your property - your very private property.

No one else should have access to it.


Let's look into this for a minute


Your DNA has information of what medical conditions you might be susceptible to.

The Medical Insurance Companies could use this information to increase the cost of your medical insurance when covering these conditions...or better yet....not cover them at all!

It is no longer a conspiracy theory when mentioning that the gangsters known as 'police' have used and will continue to use frame ups to incarcerate innocent people.

It used to be phony finger prints.

Now it is DNA.

Why they don't even have to place your DNA sample at the scene, their 'forensics expert' simply has to print out a copy of your DNA report and state he got it from a sample at the crime scene. 

Now some of these 'forensics experts' have been found to be as rotten as a San Francisco Glory Hole for what their honesty is worth.

Many are just 'evidence-on-demand' bureaucrats who make pretty penny coming up with all the phony evidence needed to convict someone.

What makes you think that if someone in the police or government doesn't like you that they won't press the 'print' button on your DNA report (available from the national database)?

It is a well known fact that vaccinations containing viral and free standing DNA as well as microwaves are altering the human genome...probably into one the Illuminati want everyone to have.

If you are anti-vaccine, your DNA profile (or your child's) will probably be singled out as that of a misfit - a natural human being unaltered by vaccination.

You (and or your kid) will then be subject to all the plethora of government threat, harassment, incarceration and torture to get your DNA in order (i.e. vaccination with a vengeance). 

I don't know what is going to happen in the future, but with all the genetics and racism (have you seen all the forms asking you for your race?) it might just come down to who will live and will die or live as a slave.

Have you heard about the Georgia Guide Stones?

They insist the new population of the world must stand at 500 million.

We have 7 billion right now.

Who do you think the 500 million will consist of?

Do you think it will just be a random thing in which cripples, retards, and types of all sorts will be accepted into the new global population?

Or do you think only a genetic few will?

A specially selected few...with the right genetics.

They have been working for some time on a genetic disease that will only target a certain genetic portion of the population.

In other words, a racial disease that only kills off the undesirable races and leaves a given race intact (how much you want to bet it's the White race?)

South Africa and Israel have been working jointly on such a virus, and the rumor is they have succeeded.

In countries like the United States, where genetics are intermixed, this could become a problem...or is it?

Why not just create a disease that will kill the most mongrelized of us while leaving the lily white people with Mayflower lineages intact?

Long shot, but why not?

During the Middle Ages, the Illuminati hunted down and KILLED anyone with extra-sensory powers, calling them 'witches.'

This is probably why the Europeans are some of the least psychically endowed populations on the planet.

Russia, on the other hand, who did no such thing, is overflowing with psychics (i.e. humans with highly developed mental potential)

I knew there was a reason why 100 million Russians had to die under Communism.

What makes you think that some undetermined genetic gift or genetic fluke might not make YOU fit for murder in some uncertain future? 

No explanation, no court, no trial...just some knock on the door by killers who ask no questions and follow orders.


Was the Third Reich ridiculous?

What I see coming sooner or later for one reason or another is some form of genetic persecution.

I don't know the reason or the basis, but I suspect there is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT REASON for them to map humanity's DNA.

This is why they are so obsessed with deciphering every atom of human genetics through the  Human Genome project while creating a database with the DNA of every man, woman and child on the planet.


This is why they are creating genealogy databases and encouraging everyone to research their ancestry...or doing the research for them...for FREE.

Use your God-given primal instincts for just one moment.

Don't you feel in your gut the ominous parameters of what is coming?


For more than a quarter of a century, the powers that be have been on an obsessive campaign to get the DNA of every man, woman and child on the planet.

Recently they have introduced a universal DNA extraction disguised as a drug test for ALL new and prospective employees.

The mania to collect YOUR DNA will continue, with hospitals, insurance companies, police departments and employers DEMANDING your DNA in one form or another, whether secret or open, official or not.

This is a cause for concern.

What do they want our DNA?

Given the past behavior of the Illuminati, it would seem like an exceedingly good idea NOT TO LET THEM HAVE IT!


  1. I have no doubt about all this. watching the commercials for DNA testing for ancestry after hearing about the supposed "drunk" testing by cops it was easy to put two and two together . However, a person NEEDS to work, food wont come out of the sky so whats a person to do?

  2. Start your own business and work for yourself. Starting is as easy as putting an ad on Craigslist. They will make DNA testing obligatory sooner or later.

    I say to hell with them.

  3. If a person is seriously sought after by the government or a powerful corporation they can easily murder you in a number of ways to make it look accidental, suicide, natural cause, homicide, etc etc. Now, if they don't want to actually kill you but they want to collect a DNA sample in order to frame you for something, this is even easier to do. Unless you never leave your house, burn all your trash and never mail out anything, then it is is very easy to collect your DNA. But even if you never left your house then they would simply create some other situation where "they" are forced to come into your house, such as a fire and the "firemen" have to come in to your house. Then they collect your DNA from something they take back, all they need is a hair from the bathroom or a used fork, glass, etc. I agree that they are trying to create a mega DNA database, but if you really think about it, governments have always been in the business of gathering information and creating large databases. Whether it's for nefarious reasons or not, it's what they do. Should we be concerned? Sure. Should we be surprised? I for one am not.

    Anyway, back to my original point. If your DNA is wanted by government or some other powerful entity, they will find a clever way to get it.

  4. They want to know who has the pure reptilian blood line, RH negative. Remember the 12 year old who figured out the presidents were really selected by their blood type, and the famous people related too them? Remember in the days of Moses where babies were slaughtered but Moses escaped? This is a spiritual war and always will be.

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