Sunday, May 17, 2015

Putin, Russia and the End of America

And the Putin propaganda machine continues to march relentlessly forward.

It has indeed been a surprising ride to watch the head of the Russian KGB turned into some sort of international messiah for all those opposed to the New World Order.

Anti-conspiracy websites like Rense continue to trumpet the man as humanity’s last great hope for the entire world.


I lost faith in Putin right from the beginning.

I lost faith when he let the entire crew of the Russian submarine Kursk die slow suffocating deaths even though they had survived the initial ‘accident’ that put them at the bottom of the sea.

I lost faith when he had his own FSB initiate brutal terrorist attacks on his own people in order to sanction a war in Chechnya.

I lost faith when Putin’s Chechnyan war involved the massacre of entire towns and cities, not to mention mass torture and executions of innocent Chechen civilians.

I lost faith when his brutal ‘rescue’ missions repeatedly ended in the death of all the hostages along with the terrorist hostage takers.

I lost faith when Putin kept Russian monuments celebrating Russia’s most notorious mass-murderers like Stalin and Felix Dzerzhinsky well maintained, guarded and protected.

I lost faith when Putin kept the Communist red star on all his military equipment and regularly plays communist themes at this parade.

I lost faith when Putin began showing great admiration for Stalin...a monster he regularly likes to quote.

I lost faith when (after a symbolic refusal) he put on a Yarmulka and went to symbolically prostrate himself at the Wailing Wall.

Which is not so far fetched, because Putin’s mother was a Jewish convert and most of his foreign ministry staff, like Lavrov and Medvedev are Jewish.

And...I can keep losing faith until hades freezes over.

This man is a disaster, and he was appointed to power by the same Jewish oligarchs who appointed Yeltsin and who run Russia and the world.

But that does not keep his propaganda network, Russia Today (which likes to go by the name RT News) and a league of collaborating ‘anti-conspiracy’ websites from repeatedly acclaiming him a political messiah to the world.

But the ‘network’ seems to go much deeper than that.

Recently, Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show anti-conspiracy website was ferociously hacked and then death-threatened  when he dared write against Putin.

Which sounded familiar to me because the computer from which this blog had been written was TOTALLY DESTROYED right after I wrote a piece criticizing Putin.

Meanwhile Dave Hodges traced not only the death threats, but repeated trolling hacking of his site directly to RUSSIA.

And just like Dave Hodges (and myself) anyone putting out any anti-Putin articles is mercilessly hacked, trolled, criticized and sabotaged by what I can only call a gigantic and well-run counter-intelligence operation

The computer used to write this blog was hit with a very advanced Trojan virus which totally destroyed it...following an article which heavily criticized Vladimir Putin.

The most bothersome aspect of Mr Putin is his COLLABORATION with the Obama administration when it comes to squashing Americans.

You might have heard of the Russian troops who regularly train in America, who have been allowed to participate in US military exercises involving on our power grid, and who are hanging around to staff the upcoming FEMA death camps.

David Hodges believes this is the key to the hysterical suppression of his website and others by the Russian FSB when it comes to articles criticizing Putin.

The sensitive subject is not Putin himself, but that Putin’s troops are already inside America ready to round up and kill Americans in full collaboration with our President Barak Hussein.

In other words, the very theatrical US vs Russia face-off over the Ukraine is a gigantic scam.

The US Government is in full collaboration with Russia (through the UN) in bringing in Russian troops into the US (during a condition of civil war) to shoot and kill Americans.

What other reason might there be for our President pretending to escalate against Russia while simultaneously inviting Russian troops to do security at football games and participate in national security exercises?

Alex Jones (who refuses to take sides in Putin-mania) says that when he visits New York he is accosted by Russians who state things along the lines of ‘Putin good, yes? Putin is friend!”

I stopped visiting my old stomping grounds in New York when I found out it had turned into little Russia, complete with suspicious looking  people and obvious Russian mafia-types.

I returned from my last visit only to find the Russians were already here in Arizona - all acting the same way: low profile, quiet, careful of what they say, aloof.

One housewife in the Northwest had a Russian child tell her his father was here to SHOOT AMERICANS...and when she questioned the child’s mother, the Russian mother broke into tears and turned away saying “It’s true.”

Oh, believe me, when the time comes,  you will get to see all these Russian ‘neighbors’ again at your local FEMA Camp, where they will (unlike fellow Americans) have no compunction in putting a bullet through your head.

Not to be outdone, the Obama administration has recently unveiled plans to familiarize Americans with these Russian killers by having them do security at sporting events.

But back to Putin.

Putin’s international popularity is no accident.

It has been systematically built up by a huge and covert propaganda machine assisted by several so-called anti-conspiracy sites and covert Russian media operating in the US.

On the other hand, the Communist Chinese have not been left out as mis-informants like Benjamin Fulford trumpet them as the last great challenge to the Illuminati.

Meanwhile Putin is being presented to the world as the last great hope against against the West’s central bankers.


Then whey does Russia still have a Central Bank?

Or, for that reason, why does China?

Could it be that they are both still belong to the same system after all?


Putin’s ‘popularity’ in the world is no accident.

It is being pushed by an international propaganda machine which pushes a positive image of Putin (through supposedly independent channels) while squashing any true criticism of the man.

Putin has a role to play in future world affairs - this is why he is being presented as the just-challenger of the ‘corrupt’ West.

To the contrary of what the hope-filled masses of the West believe, Putin is a monster and an open Communist.

He works hand-in-hand with the Illuminati masters who are trying to bring in a New World Order and are fixing to use Russia as the main piece of WW-III.

Russia as a liberator?

It’s been done before.

My crucial article on Putin can be found below:


  1. The illuminati will win which ever direction the world takes. That is the fact and it will remain like that.

  2. Hakeem you have such solid faith in the Illuminati! Does it exceed your faith in Allah?